2017 Overwatch World Cup | Here’s How We Play  (EN subtitles)
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2017 Overwatch World Cup | Here’s How We Play (EN subtitles)

November 5, 2019

The 2017 Overwatch World Cup
is now withing reach and the world’s best will fight but only one team will succeed. Here is how we play. Only the top 32 advance to the group stage
of our world competition. Players and fans from each country vote on their committee candidates to select the best 6 competitors
to represent their country. Our qualified teams
are seeded through a snake draft based on their country’s initial rank into 8 groups with 4 teams in each group After each team
plays a full round robin battle in their group stage,
the top 2 teams from each group will advance based on placement rankings
determined by overall scores across their 4-map series. The top 2 teams from each group will make up our final 16 teams and will compete
in single elimination playoff. Only the top 8 teams
will advance to BlizzCon and be our 2017 world finalists. At BlizzCon
the first team to win 3 matches will be
the 2017 Overwatch World Champions. Get ready to witness Overwatch history
in the making.

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  1. Notice no outside countries like South Africa. We arent good enough to get a server close by so must survive on pings of 200ms. Come on blizzard, if you want a real world cup, include the whole world!

  2. I speak for all South Africans when I say this is really, really fucking unfair. We will NEVER get a fighting chance until you, Blizzard, install SA servers for us. With pings of 200ms+, it's impossible to play against the pros. FFS, invest in SA so we can also have a chance.

  3. If a scandinavian country won, would you consider shipping over some statues here?
    – Every scandinavian

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