2017 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship
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2017 Chief, National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship

November 15, 2019

So this is my first time doing a biathlon. I came in the summer and did the summer training camp, but that was just on the roller skis and the shooting. And then this year, this winter finally got out on the snow. So it’s been a challenging event but a lot of fun. So you have two individual events and you have to team relays. So first what we had was the individual sprint followed by the pursuit, and then two days ago we have the team relay, and today we have the team patrol race. It’s been a really good experience. It’s been just a chance to do something new and exciting for the guard. You know, it’s just been a really good time. I think for me the most difficult part has been the shooting just because when you’re going through basic training and BRM with your unit, you’re really focused on keeping calm, you know a slow heart rate and you know concentrating on that shot. While here it’s the same concept except you just skied you know two and a half to three kilometres and your heart rate is up in the air, your sweating, and you got try to just calm down within a short span of time to really get that that perfect shot right in the center of that target. So this biathlon competition I think is a great thing for readiness of our Soldiers. Readiness is one of my top priorities. It’s physical fitness, it’s doing things under pressure, it’s everything that we want to make make us better at as far as being a Soldier. On top of that it helps us develop leaders. It helps with the leadership piece of this of working together as teams who are coming together and refining your skill in this in this under pressure kind of environment makes us a better leader for grooming future Soldiers and Airmen coming up behind us. Personally for me I think my favorite part has been just working with all these people. It’s a chance to do something different for the National Guard. It’s a chance to push yourself physically and mentally; give yourself a chance to just kind of put yourself above your fears. I should be coming back next year for sure. I mean obviously life is crazy we never know what the future holds, but I have full intentions to be back next year. I plan on working on my butt off this summer and this upcoming a fall; and come next year winter I want to get back and really try to get myself on that podium.

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