2016 Cod XP Champs Explained and List of All Cod Champs Teams And Rosters
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2016 Cod XP Champs Explained and List of All Cod Champs Teams And Rosters

August 22, 2019

What is going on guys, tiempo here and what
is happening with cod champs this year? Since this year is a bit of an odd one for
cod champs with it being at cod xp and it actually being the cod world league champs
I thought I would give you guys a small explanation. So as usual there will there will be 32 teams
attending this year. 12 of them will have qualified through their
cwl placements and 20 through online qualifications by teams that have earnt enough cwl points
playing gb tournaments. Cod champs will be held at cod xp from the
1st to the 4th of September in Los Angeles. This year it’ll be brought to you by the
ps4 and the prize pool will be 2 million dollars. This is not to be confused with the total
3 million dollars awarded throughout the year by the cwl. Now if you’re curious about the prize breakdown
I can’t tell you how it’ll be but it’ll probably be similar to the regular breakdown
you can see on screen with maybe each top 8 team
receiving 2 times more. Alright, so for all the teams that have qualified
to go to cod xp this year. There are two different types of teams, the
teams that qualified through their CWL points and those who went through the cwl championship
qualifier. In North America:
· OpTic Gaming : Scump, Karma, Formal, Crimsix · FaZe Clan
· Rise Nation · Team EnVyUs
· Luminosity Gaming · Dream Team
have qualified through their CWL points and the ten teams that have qualified through
the online tourney are: Pnda Gaming, Team Allegiance, Complexity, Team Kaliber, Corn,
Elevate, Cloud 9, Apotheon Gaming, Most Wanted and Livin The Dream On the EU side of things, we’ve got
· Millenium · Splyce
· Team Infused · Hypergames
That have qualified with their CWL points and ExertusGG, Epsilon eSports, SupremacyFR,
Vitality, TeamLDLC, Giants Gaming, Cappeh Academy and Revoltables who have qualified
via the online tourney. A lot of these teams aren’t well known so
that’s probably why you won’t recognize them. In Australia/New Zealand we’ve got · Mindfreak
· Orbit As the two teams to already be qualified via
their CWL points and the other two to be qualified through the tournament are: Champs Squad and
Chiefs ESC All the rosters of these teams will be in
the description, the video would be too long if I put them in here so you can check them
out if you want to. Well, guys that’s really all you need to
know about cod champs 2016, all the maps and game modes played will be those of the cwl
and all the cwl rules will be implemented if you’re curious to know. That’s been all from me. Hope you enjoyed and learnt something, if
you did don’t forget to like and subscribe for more, I’ll see you in the next video,
tiempo out.

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  1. Update on the prize pool distribution and a bunch of minor details and rules: https://www.callofduty.com/esports/story/2016-08/Champs-2016-Rules

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