2015 Montana Bear Hunting Video – KUIU: The Road
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2015 Montana Bear Hunting Video – KUIU: The Road

November 19, 2019

BRENDAN: We’re gonna still hunt this log in road.
We’ve got some history here. We’ve killed a couple bears on here.
I shot one with my bow about three years ago. A couple a hundred yards down the road here. We’re gonna wait a little while and let the sun thermals get going a little bit Notice I’m wearing orange. In Montana it’s required. So, we’re gonna do it, but uh… It usually happens pretty quick when it goes, so… should be good. We’re gonna still in for about an hour and a half. Big chocolate bear on the same road we’re on. It’s feeding towards us. Unless the wind goes bad, we should be… we should be getting in on it. Big bear. Well… This guy’s the best bear guide
on the history of the planet. JERROD: So, Lights Out Louis over there?
BRENDAN: Oh man! JERROD: Nice shot! BRENDAN: So this is the third time I’ve been on this road… Third bear I’ve shot. [laughing] BRENDAN: Oh man. Beautiful bear! Big ol’ chocholate [Jarrod laughing]
JARROD: Yeah, they don’t get prettier. That the kind of bear that a guy… most of these guys… dream of. BRENDAN: First, uh…
JARROD: Think we’re gettin’ too sloppy. BRENDAN: First shot at an animal I’ve ever taken with this bow. I don’t even have my peep tied in.
[Jerrod quietly laughing] I just got the shoot good and went… You know what? I’m takin’ a bow. Um, great stalk. Perfect spot. Gonna be a bit of a late night but, we’ll check him out. JARROD: Well worth it. JARROD: That’s a lot of bear laying there! BRENDAN: Man, this is a slug of a bear. BRENDAN: Well… Here’s the culmination of… one afternoon of hunting here in Montana when you pick the right time. We uh… make this a yearly trip and we wait until it get nice and green and sometimes when it pops,
the bears are just, they’re just on these roads and tonight was one of those nights. This dude was the first thing we spotted.
Jerrod spotted him actually. We knew it was a great big bear. Moved in on him and You know, if you’ve got the wind right on a bear
and you’re being quiet Um…it’s almost too easy. And this one, you know,
I wouldn’t say it’s too easy but slid right up on him. Made a great shot at 40 yards. Shot clean through him and he was dead in three jumps. Just a great big ol’ bear and a fun evening so… You can’t ask more than that.

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