2015 IPC Paralympic Sport and Media Awards
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2015 IPC Paralympic Sport and Media Awards

November 16, 2019

Tonight is proof, that what might not seem
possible, is possible. Welcome to the 2015 Paralympic Sport and Media
Awards, brought to you by Allianz. I’d like to thank Allianz for their continued
support of the Paralympic Movement. Tonight marks the fourth time they have supported
these awards. They are a highly valued partner and it gives me great pleasure to introduce
Bernd Valtingojer, Allianz Executive Director Life and Health, to say a few words. Over
to you… It is my great pleasure to attend this wonderful
gala and present an award on behalf of Allianz. This evening, we will honour outstanding people;
people who dare, people who dare to be different. Please give a warm round of applause to a
man who will help me tonight doing the shortlists and the interviews. Please welcome Mexico’s
very own Lester Guantanamera. Best games debut – Alexey Bugaev! When I got my medals, I understood that I
cannot stop and I should achieve other high summits and I started to work even harder
and it gave me a lot of inspiration. Best team – USA Ice Sledge Hockey team! I also want to thank the IPC and all the great
players that I’m here representing and fantastic coaching staff and I think both teams really
represented the sport very well. Best male – Roman Petushkov! I saw the faces of all Russian people who
were supporting me and I felt so proud for our country and for our people as well. Best female – Anna Schaffelhuber! I have to say a big thank you to the big German
team who supported me and of course to my family and the fans. And thank you to my Mexican
Allianz fan club. BP courage award. It goes to a team, an individual
or an organisation that best represents the following three attributes. The first one;
reshaping possibilities, the second one; helping change perceptions and the third one; excellence
in the face of challenge. Unfortunately, Bibian is unable to join us
this evening here in Mexico City, so we would like to invite Wim Ludeke. Best photography – Naoki Maeda of Yomiyuri
Shimbun Japan! It was the second Paralympics for me. In Sochi,
the weather changes a lot – sunny, raining, fog and snowstorms. And it was difficult to
cover for media. Best written – Ben Shpigel! Covering the Paralympics was such a rewarding
and wonderful experience and I hope to receive the opportunity again, to meet such inspiring
athletes and tell their stories. Again, thank you so much. Best radio – Ronny Blaschke of Deutsche
Welle, Deutschlandradio! I tried to put a spotlight on the societies.
It was very important for me to show what people in Russia with disabilities face. That
was important to me to show if there is diversity. Best broadcast – Channel 4! I know I speak for the whole team here when
I say how excited we are for Rio next year, as we proudly continue as the home of Paralympic
broadcasting in the UK. Best official – Hans Peter Neeser! Things like this, it’s never just one person
to put it up, so I would like to include the whole IPC Nordic Sport Technical Committee in this
award; they all worked hard towards the games. Thank you all for your company this evening
and I’d also like to thank Allianz for their continued support.

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