2014 World Cup Brazil Sweepstakes
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2014 World Cup Brazil Sweepstakes

October 10, 2019

This is just a short video clip to show you
how to use the world cup sweepstakes spreadsheet which can be accessed from our website www.AuditExcel.co.za.
So when you get the download you will receive 2 separate files, 1 called Soccer world cup
spreadsheet sweepstakes input and the other one is just sweepstakes.
The input is the file you are going to send to all the participants.
What they will receive is a spreadsheet that looks like this.
They need to capture their name over here, so let’s just put one in for now and then
they need to capture their scores. What you will notice is that as you capture
the scores, the colours change and you can see what the tables are going to look like
and you need to do this for all the group stage matches.
Once the person has captured all their predictions, it shows the colours of who you think is going
to win and what the groups are going to look like and for the benefit of the participant
they can even go down here and see what the likely knockout stages are going to be. But
this is not the main focus of the spreadsheet, the main focus is predicting the group stages.
You will also notice that we have included the FIFA rank of each team just to make it
easier for people who don’t know the teams that well to assess who may be the better
team. Once you receive the predictions back you
will come into this main template and you need to capture the predictions so here you
would go and copy and paste the predictions in and perhaps put that players name there
and you can do this for all the participants. Just to give you an overview of this template,
there is an instruction sheet which tries to explain in words what we are putting in
this video clip. You will see that you can specify the scoring. So that way the scoring
has been set up as a default is that if the person correctly predicts the result as in
a win loss or draw they get 3 points, furthermore if they get the team 1’s correct score they
get another point, and team 2’s correct score they get another point. But you can change
this to reflect whatever you want it to be and you can also specify how the time of the
matches are shown. You will see there is another sheet which
shows the overall scores for the various participants and it will rank it in order of who’s first,
second. The rest of the process is very simple.
Whenever you open up the spreadsheet or else if you go to DATA and REFRESH ALL the spreadsheet
will go, look for any actual results and if there are any results that have been recorded
it will then put them into the spreadsheet and these points will be recorded
So let’s for example do the following You will see that we have now captured a number
of players, there are four players, and we are pretending now that the tournament is
already underway You will notice that where the actual results
have now come into play they turn black, this says actual and the predictions are greyed
out You will also see that depending on the actual
results versus the predictions we now have our various scores and if you go look at the
overall points you will then see the various people in rank order and you will be able
to see their total points and also the points they got for the correct result , how many
they got for getting the first score correct , how many they got for getting the second
score correct and these are all automatically generated so again either when you open it
up or when you go to data , refresh all it will go to the internet and get the latest

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  1. Is there a version available where you can predict all of the games (up to the final) before the tournament starts?

  2. Teflon, we have a new version up. You can see the video clip at Brazil 2014 sweepstakes spreadsheet . This one allows you to predict all games up to the finals

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