20 More Best Indie Games for 2019 | PS4, Switch, Xbox One & PC
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20 More Best Indie Games for 2019 | PS4, Switch, Xbox One & PC

August 27, 2019

hi there and a warm welcome to get indie
gaming where we look at a further 20 indie title as possibly out over the
course of 2019 were most excited about looking forward to playing as in our
previous video in no particular order first up and coming from a single
developer um no is a 3d explorative puzzle game with a nod towards journey
and more recently rhyme with its design use of shading and its color schemes
you’ll play through a number of different biomes seemingly without
conflict or enemies to fight with your magic staff to help you try forwards
expected on the PC and consoles this September sable looks like a graphic
novel and sees players assume the role of a young wanderer having found
themselves in a large strikingly rendered open world barren planet
it said players will be able to meet and befriend other characters and while you
explore the landscape you’ll learn the history of the world inhabitants and
Sables place within it it’ll be coming to the PC and perhaps consoles at some
point in 2019 taking place in the northeast of England in October 24th
1987 the occupation sees you play as a journalist investigating what’s been
called a terrorist explosion which has caused the government to instigate an
oppressive protective act of law the game plays out in real time where you
talk snoop and pry on people to help uncover the truth in this classic
looking adventure game set to pick up where the original left off although
thus far for a games had to be out in 2019 there’s minimal available gameplay
footage to judge how this might turn out still after a 13 year wait with a sequel
we’ve crossed all our fingers and toes in the vain hope by this time next year
this quirky platformer will have delivered upon the 3.8 million dollars
pledged to it on Figg back in 2016 the fifth game in this countdown Somerville
looks to offer something of a War of the Worlds type of atmosphere with it being
a sci-fi action adventure game chronicling the lives of a number of
people after a global catastrophe one half of the team behind summer
Deno patty who many of you know oversaw the work on inside and limbo and with
this heritage we’re expecting an RK type experience with stealth and action
sequences set in ancient India with its hand-painted environment Raji and
ancient epic sees you play as a young girl chosen by the gods to defend the
human realm and rescue her brother from a demonic invasion our interest in Raji
comes from the character art with its inspiration from South East Asia
together with what appears to be a fluid and sublime set of combat mechanics Raji
an ancient epic is expected to arrive sometime in q1 for PC and Xbox expected
to come to the PC and perhaps consoles night Call with its broody and highly
noir adventure stylings we’ll take you into the driver’s seat of a Parisian cab
driver you’ll criss cross the city digging up information on a number of
interconnected murders of customers your taxi firm have recently ferried around
the capital by listening to your passengers and collecting the clues
you’ll help stop the killer spelunky 2 the sequel to the much-loved original
will come to the PlayStation 4 and will feature a new hero Anna spelunky the
daughter of the original character will make her way through randomly generated
tombs caves and more the trailer footage so far highlights the online multiplayer
aspects of this sequel where players will choose from a selection of
characters to explore the game and discover hidden treasure taking the form
of an emotional survival game within a randomly generated City neo cab launches
on February 5th onto the PC you players Lina the last human rideshare driver in
a city disrupted by automation with a diverse cast in game economy and emotion
system having been labelled as something that’s completely original this
story-driven adventure has a papers please feeling to it where the job is
the driver of the events and the narrow halfway through the run down a tone is a
2d story driven puzzle game based on north mythology players will solve
puzzles navigate through conversations and of course there will be fighting
these fights appear to have elements from rhythm games each having their own
distinct musical components that change with the players input so far a tone
looks and sounds impressive with it coming to the PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox
at some point during the year give us a decent top-down racing game and we’ll
play it for hours and with apex racing League presented here in the hope that
it might come in 2019 this 3d semi isometric affair just looks so wholesome
and warming with numerous car classes different circuits and weather scenarios
and an online multiplayer we would be very happy to see and play this as soon
as possible coming to the Sega Megadrive with ports yes that does sound quite odd
on to the PlayStation 4 switch PC and others Zeno crisis as an arena shooter
taking its cues from Contra Smash TV plus many others of a similar type then
those stal jahir is high in zener crisis with its looks and sounds pulling us
back towards Saturday kids TV shows and afternoons convincing oneself altered
beast was worth putting up with Harold halibut features characters and
backgrounds created from clay cloth wood and other materials and it’s something
quite unlike anything we’ve seen before the gameplay mechanics we suspect might
be fairly simple although that’s not necessarily a bad thing if implemented
with care and skill we understand from those who have spent some time playing
early versions Harold halibuts wow factor comes from the narrative which
keeps players invested and seeking more Felix the Reaper is a romantic comedy 3d
shadow manipulation game you’re responsible for making sure the right
people die at the right time and at the right place using professional dancers
and stop motion capture methods to match their movements onto Felix as he throws
some shapes around the board gives feeling
the reaper that touch of class we’ve not seen in a game for a fairly good while
now Felix the Reaper will come to PC and all the major consoles our 15th game in
this rundown pepper grinder will have you in a set of space pirate shoes with
a drill called grinder you’ll use this drill to cut through the earth and get
around the levels aided with a grappling hook to swing to places you couldn’t
normally get to while there’s no firm date for its launch we expect this
fighting game come platformer should make its way out at some point during
the second half of 2019 with its stunning visuals and isometric
perspective each year lands on the PC and PlayStation 4 with a tail like a
tone that steeped in Norse mythology given the combat seems based on learning
attack patterns and monitoring your stamina there’s no other comparison to
make here that makes as much sense as calling it a pixel driven souls like it
seems riveting and while a long time in production it’s perhaps our most wanted
game of this whole show real and now something completely different the
stillness of the wind said to be out when it’s goats are ready is a farming
type of simulation where you can make your own routine you’ll tend to go to
make cheese with their milk amongst other things collect eggs and
barter with visitors to your remote farm billed as a quiet game of life and loss
with an ominous looking shotgun featuring in the trailer the stillness
of the wind will be on the PC via Steam later in the year in other waters is a
highly stylish looking game about finding life and a missing biologist
within an alien ocean all while looking at and into the relationships between
you and an AI coming from a small team led by Gareth Martin it might be a
little too early to call this as coming out in 2019 although were keen to raise
its profile for others to see with a demo available via the game’s website
you can get a taste of how this plays and looks today
blood-stained ritual of the night as a side-scrolling platformer with RPG and
crafting elements it’s being developed for the PlayStation for PC Xbox and the
switch your players Myriam and orphan scarred by an alchemists curse that’s
slowly crystallizing her skin to save yourself and in keeping with such tales
all of humanity you’re going to battle your way through a demon filled Castle
to confront and destroy the source of the evil and finally the last of our
games were most excited about seeing next year is Oobleck often described as
one of the leading indie game darlings of recent times and a game that will
feature gameplay in line with Harvest Moon mixed with Pokemon plus a dash of
animal crossing it’ll come to the PC and Xbox and looks all rather cute and will
be published by Double Fine all in well it just looks so very very pretty well
that’s it we’re all out of games for our 2019 preview videos and while there’s
going to be a fair few of your choices we missed why not take a moment to let
us know which games you’re most looking forward to down in the comments many
thanks for watching we really appreciate you coming along and if you haven’t
already now would be an awesome time to like the video and subscribe so you
don’t miss out on any indie game news reviews and countdowns until next time
we hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you back here

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  1. Hi there everyone – many thanks for the tips, hints and suggestions for this follow up video of the best looking most exciting indie games coming out in 2019. See anything you like? Be sure to let us know down in the comments.

  2. well so far 2019 is sounding like a really good year, Xeno Crisis for sure is in my radar now and so is Pepper Grinder, Bloodstained and Psychonauts 2 have been there from the very beginning

  3. So glad Raji made the second list, it's a very important game for us here for finally putting India on the map for serious game development, as Unreal even partly funded it. 🙂
    As for others on the list, much thanks for broadening my own!
    You guys continue remaining the best indie games news channel 🙂

  4. Can't wait for Psychonauts 2. I'm replaying Psychonauts right now.

    Also, I thought of Eitr today but couldn't remember the name. Thanks!

  5. Ooblets looks like it'll be good. The visuals and music just have this feel good attitude to them. I'm defintely gonna pick it up.

  6. Eitr is going to be a must play for me, but its development has been so long that my hype levels have died down a bit.

    Thank you for showing us Atone. I don't know how I haven't heard about it before.

    Would you consider doing a top upcoming pixel art games? I love pixel art so much, so that would be awesome to see. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for making these lists and all of the rest of your content. There are so many indie titles that fall through the cracks, so it's great to see smaller projects get a little spotlight from a channel your size. I wouldn't have even heard of some of these games without your content, so thanks again for doing what you do. Peace.

  8. I think you missed CHILDREN OF MORTA, TALE OF RONIN and NARITA BOY. Or maybe those games aren't coming out in 2019?? (^o^)'

  9. Woo indie games! Even more great titles here. Atone, Ooblets, Bloodstained, Omno and Spelunky 2 are those I'm especially interested in!

  10. I'm gonna put my votes for Part 3 on both Rhythm Doctor (play the demo, it's fantastic!) and Wattam! 🙂
    They are both technically still scheduled for a 2018 release, but yeah… most likely not 😀

  11. I'm not sure which came first, but to me Pepper Grinder looks like they saw the trailer for Ori 2 and made a game based around some of the mechanics.

  12. I'd like to add Narita Boy, UnDungeon, Temtem and RITE of ILK, hopefully all of them coming in 2019!

    Narita Boy:



    RITE of ILK:

  13. And there goes another year.. Really well made like always! Like last year, I wish you luck with your channel in 2019! Last year I said I hope you'll make it to 50k subs at least, but even though you didn't hit it, don't be disapointed, you are doing a great job! You already have a great following, which always come back to your videos, a community, may I say, which is better than hollow masses, trust me! Hopefully this community will keep growing in the years to come, but one thing is sure, I and many others will still be here! I(we) apreciate everything you do, even though it takes time, your work will always be apreciated. Thank you for making these videos, and wish you a rich and growthful 2019! Also, will this be the actual year EITR will be released in? I think it will be the 3rd year i see it in an upcoming indie games video. :)) Guess time will tell..

    P.S: If I may ask a question, answer only if you wish: how many people is your team made of and do you ever plan on doing a Q/A type of video?

  14. Oh, is knights and bikes coming 2019? I feel like that game has been in developement forever. Double fine is fine. So fine.
    Can't wait for Psychonauts 2, as the first one is my all time favorite Game.

  15. again, as I said last video… I want to play every game featured here. 2019 looks to be even better than 2018, so im excited!

  16. I'm looking forward for Damnview. A depressive furry harvest moon/stardew valley game. 😀
    Thanks to this and the prev video, i've filled my steam wishlist…. again. XD

  17. I'm looking forward to Noita and Griftlands as well. Though to be fair, neither of those has been confirmed for 2019. From the list I'm most excited about Sable, Atone and Eitr, more Spelunky should be great too.

  18. I don’t know if it counts as an “indie” game or not (though I think it will), I’m most excited about Daemon X Machina for the Switch.

  19. Baba is You is still the game I'm looking forward to most next year (except Psychonauts 2, I guess). It's coming out in February!

  20. Great list! Thank you for sharing. I would like to add two more: Desperados 3 and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.
    2019 is going to be another incredible year for indie gaming and also for this channel!

  21. My list of games (maybe) coming 2019

    1. A Plague Tale: Innocence – you play a little girl caring for her brother in a 13th century France, ravaged by war and plague. Charming!
    2. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – medieval fighting and commanding armies in real time. With a lot of interlocking systems from character stats to trade and politics.
    3. The Executioner – a text quest with turn-based torture system, where you play as an executioner in a kingdom torn between old and new: science or magick, monarchy or revolution. Basically, what medieval detective would look like.
    4. Spire of Sorcery – a simulator of a renegade mage. Train your disciples, send them to perform quests, grow in power. From a creator of Eador: Genesis
    5. Grimshade – indie rpg with a light heroical tone.
    6. Road of Dust and Rust – a wasteland car chase simulator. All Fury Road in feel.
    7. Ultra Strangeness – a handmade clay game. Very beautiful and quite strange
    8. The Uncertain: Light At The End – quest with a sad story of the last humans surviving in a world overrun by robots.
    9. Pathologic 2 – a narrative experience of living through a Plague in a mystic town lost somewhere in the Steppe. You play as three different doctors: the rationalist, the traditionalist and she, who believes in the miracle.

  22. Found some great new stuff in these 2019 previews! Really excited about Sable.
    Radio The Universe is my most anticipated 2019 game. It looks amazing!

  23. All titles may not be in my games list but I can see something for everyone.

    If nothing appeals to someone, well you're an impossible gamer to please(if you are a gamer)

  24. Great list, just stumbled onto this channel. The cool thing about the indie sphere is that there are so many different games of so much variety that there will always be something for someone, no matter what their "speed" (as in taste) is. So there are a lot of great looking games expected for 2019 which weren't mentioned in either of these lists:

    Of those, the ones which most stuck out to me were Druidstone (from the makers of the Legend of Grimrock games), 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, Gravity Circuit, Void Bastards, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Mosaic, Mundaun, Blood Will be Spilled, Slug Slasher, Fading of Zarya 7, BloodRoot, Super Crush KO, Sparklite, We. The Revolution, Yaga, Wytchwood, Zoroastra, Grimo, DARQ, Avernus, Sand is the Soul, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Night of the Blood Moon, Dark Devotion, Iron Danger, Plague in Us, God's Trigger, ZED, The Peterson Case (not that Peterson), Apocalypse Cow, MONOMYTH, Polyroll, EarthNight, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, Gato Roboto, Re-Legion, and Gibbous.

    Haven't watched the video yet, but did read the description. The Steam store page for Raji says it's going to come out in 2020, right? I know those can be wildly off, so maybe the devs have given a sooner ETA. Looks good, nevertheless.

  25. I think you could add Manifold Garden, a first person puzzler (“portal-like”) inspired by Escher Architecture. If I remember well, there are no game of this category on the list !

  26. Feels like i have been waiting to play as the shield maiden forever, lol a lot of these look really good as well. But Eitr is the one iam most looking forward too.

  27. Hi Bro! I live in Moscow and love your channel! This is my "Wish List" in 2019 – if you're interested.
    1. Othercide

    2. Bury Me, My Love

    3. YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

    4. Unholy

    5. NetherWorld

    6. Little Misfortune

    7. Baba Is You

    8. Apsulov: End of Gods


    10. Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

    11. Blackout: The Darkest Night

    12. Overland

    13. Eastward

    14. Living Dark

    15. stikir

    16. The Stillness of the Wind

    17. The Bradwell Conspiracy

    18. Lost Ember

    19. Sable

    20. Off Grid

    21. Sable

    22. DYSTOA

    23. Paws and Soul

    24. The Quest Giver

    25. Void Bastards

    26. Prodeus

    27. Cloudpunk

    28. Draugen

    29. Neon Sword

    30. Maid of Sker

    31. Observation

    32. Eastshade

    33. Solace State

    34. Neo Cab

    35. Yuppie Psycho

    36. Colony Ship

    37. The Lighthouse

    38. Night Call


    40. Rainswept

    41. Hell Let Loose

    42. Mosaic

    43. Tales of the Neon Sea

    44. N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action


    46. Family Man

    47. Minotaur

    48. Bum Simulator

    49. Control

    50. Necrobarista

    51. Endling

    52. Afterparty

    53. The Occupation

    54. Star Renegades

    55. Prison Simulator

    56. Disco Elysium

    57. The Beast Inside

    58. In The Valley of Gods

    59. The Last Night

    60. Orphan Age

    61. Due Process

    62. Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

    63. SMALLAND

    64. Among Trees

    65. Rain of Reflections: Chapter 1

    66. PARANOID

    67. The Endless Mission

    68. ASYLUM

    69. Unto The End

    70. Pathologic 2

    71. Memory of a Broken Dimension

    72. NYKRA

    73. Hot Lava
    Games that came out here: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/32281579/

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