2 Tips for Beginners | Archery Lessons
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2 Tips for Beginners | Archery Lessons

August 17, 2019

Alright there is some beginning in archery
just like any other sport , the best thing to do is to get professional help. The earlier you seek it out the better your
gonna be . You don’t wanna start something and go in a wrong direction because then if
you get serious with it, it’s gonna be that much harder to turn you around and start with
over you again. here at queen’s archery we have our great
introductory program , were you come in, enter the bowl and we give you the lesson . The
lesson only takes about fifteen minutes, it’s a simple lesson on the basics of archery. What you learn from your first fifteen minutes
of your experience, you will carry with you for the rest of your life so when your gonna
start any sport and especially archery you wanna get professional help right from the
beginning , when you come in to queen’s archery , that’s what we do. We give you that basic lesson, in fact if
you come in the queen’s archery and learn the bow , you are mandatory given the lesson,
you don’t have a choice, we give you the lesson and we don’t charge you for it, it’s free. Except the greatest adventure you ever had,
we’ve been here for 23 years in this location, I can’t even tell you how many lesson we’ve
been given, it’s just not able to be calculated thousands and thousands and of all the lesson
that we’ve been given I have never experienced one person leaving here without being excited
about the sport and also expressing their gratitude in the way we present and introduce
them in sport. SO what to expect your first visit, terrific
experience, a lot of fun and also a learning experience that you will carry for the rest
of your life.

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  1. Well, for one thing, I'd like to know why the hell she doesn't have her fingers placed above and below the arrow. I've been shooting since childhood, and admittedly I was trained to use traditional longbows, but still…. your release of the arrow is going to bloody terrible if you pull the string back from that position.

  2. He said: You don't want to start wrong and that's exactly what he is teaching you. Everything she does is wrong. Gripping the bow, release, no follow through… are the things that apsolute begginers do, and here they are presented as by "trained personell"

  3. where are the 2 Tips?!?

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