2 Balayages KARATE sur Mawashi Geri avec Lionel Froidure
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2 Balayages KARATE sur Mawashi Geri avec Lionel Froidure

November 16, 2019

Hello and welcome to Thursday Karate, today we continue on the series of sweeps. This one was asked by the community, it’s about Mawashi Geri (circular kick). Christophe is going to do a Mawashi Geri, I’m going to get off the axis. The first thing to do is to block it but not like this. If you do this, when the circular kick comes in and you grab it like this, and if really kick hard, he will break all your ribs. So my safer idea is to come here, like a Gedan Barai and after I raise my arm to hook his leg. I do not stay on the spot like an heavy bag. He has a big tibia and you only have small fore-arms. So it’s not good! When he kicks Mawashi Geri, I grab it while moving, while turning. Go back a little. Thanks. I go inside. From here, several options. I come to grab his karate-gi if he has one, and I come to hook his leg of supports to sweep it and I finish with my counter-attack. Then I take a safe distance. What is important in this notion when he sends his circular kick … Let’s move because we are a little far. When he sends his Mawashi Geri I come here to get him back. What is important is not just to push here. I really have to come behind his buttocks and at the same time, I push with my right arm to make a leverage. Think that when you drop him, do not place yourself like this, otherwise you will hurt your lower back. You have to stay like this. Like this, it’s good. If you go down more, you will get hurt yourself. The second possibility of sweeping on Mawashi Geri is that instead of coming outside, it is done inside, as I show you on the Mae Geri take down. You got the link up there. On Mawashi Geri, I come to grab his leg and I take off his balance. Boom. Always very important this notion of balance. I lift the leg and I push his chest, and I take off his center of gravity. He land his kick, Once in this position, I do not try to pull him up on the spot, I’m just trying to unbalance him. I protect him so I keep my hand in his back. At the same time as I unbalance, my knee comes to make the pivot point and then I hit him on the ground. Is it okay? Once again at a regular speed. Step back a little. I hope you enjoyed these sweeping techniques on Mawashi Geri, if so, give me a like and of course, if you want to know more, see more: subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching, see you soon and good keiko.

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  1. Osu from Brazil, Sensei. These kind of mawashi is thudan. What if the attacker throws a mawashi geri Jodan? How to protect the face? Thanks from Rio de Janeiro.

  2. Hello! je pratique le Nanbudo où nous retrouvons ces 2 types de balayages sur Mawashi Geri. Du coup, je m'interroge sur les origines potentiellement communes de ces mouvements. Est-ce que ce sont des techniques shotokan ou issus d'un autre style ?

  3. Merci Monsieur ; un instructeur de krav maga me soutenait qu'il fallait bloquer comme vous dîtes qu'il faut éviter de le faire. Je me faisais fusiller les côtes en réalisant correctement sa technique, il ne voulait pas entendre la version que vous proposez également. Donc content de voir ce mouvement sur le net, il est important de montrer ce qu'il faut éviter et pourquoi. Bonne continuation.

  4. excellent explanations, my question is about using karate against let's say a boxer, what do I do to land my punches, and how to prevent that left hook counter, is it quick -out footwork after going in or pivoting to the side after going in or maybe trapping lead arm? Thank you

  5. bonjour ,très bonne explication du balayage je fait du goju ryu,en débutant et j'ai une noir en KYOKUSHINKI DEPUIS 1986 Donc un peu oublier ^^^bonne journée a vous

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