1970 Shelby GT500 Convertible | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 36
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1970 Shelby GT500 Convertible | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 36

December 18, 2019

(rock music) – [Tom Voiceover] Driving
down this country road for our late afternoon appointment, and I saw this out of
the corner of my eye, I suppose its a ’65,
although I’m not sure. – Let’s see, it’s a 5T. I think five probably means ’65, but I’m not sure. But that 5T07C, so it’s a C code, which means it’s a 289 and I think that means it’s a two barrel. This one’s been souped up. And it has a four barrel on there, but from the factory it had a two barrel. It’s got, you know, hypo air cleaner. It’s got air conditioning,
which is interesting, but that looks like a later
model air conditioning unit. Power brakes, it’s an automatic. If you look it’s got
the fog lights in front, so that was part of a GT package and a lot of times they had dual exhaust. Let’s see if this car has dual exhaust. So we’re just driving down the road, I knocked on the door and a woman answered and said that her husband and her son– yeah, it’s got dual exhaust. Her husband and her son fixed it up and the son drove it nearby and somebody backed into it, and so they towed it here. The son moved to Atlanta and now her 13 year old grandson would like to fix this car up, but they can’t find the title. So I guess there’s a
continuing saga with this car, but that’s a good car. Kind of period-correct
bullet mirrors here. Very common sports car
accessory in the day. I know they were on
Cobras as well as Jaguars. So it’s a black car with black interior, really musty in there, look at all those spiderwebs
and stuff going on. Automatic, looks like
it’s got factory air. Although that may be an add on. It’s got hot rod gauges in it. If it had the original
gauges, I could tell you if it’s a ’65 or ’66. The ’65 had a horizontal speedometer, and the ’66 had a circular speedometer. But those gauges were
removed, whatever they were, and a panel has been installed
with after market gauges. (car door shuts) You don’t find old Mustangs much anymore, just sitting in the yard like this. It seems to have a solid body but you can see that moss
has kind of taken over. It wouldn’t be a big deal to replace the panels in the front here
that need to be replaced, in fact the right front
fender is still solid. So you need a left front fender, a bumper, a valence, a grill, probably a hood. And this is actually pulled out here. In fact, there’s inner fender damage here. This inner fender panel is buckled, so this has to be pulled out and a new cross brace put
across the front here. But still, that’s not a lot of work. And those parts are readily available. That’s a good car. I’m gonna see if I can
go talk to the woman and see if, you know, if she’s interested in selling it. We hit the gold mine. – Remember what I said about x-ray vision? Just look in the window here. Isn’t that amazing? You know, you ride down the road, okay well, we’re hungry,
we should stop for lunch. But let’s go take a look
at that old Mustang. The lady said we could
take videos of the Mustang, and I just happen to wander around wishing I had x-ray vision, but now we have permission
to be on this property, look in the window and there’s a Shelby Mustang in here. I’m gonna ask her if I can, you know, we can include
this car in the shoot. All right, I gotta call her husband but I don’t need to do it now. He gets home at, well maybe I should do it now. Because if he says, “Go ahead and do it,” we’re already here, right? So let me call him right now. Hi Rick, my name is Tom Cotter. I live in North Carolina, but I drive around the
country in an old Woody Wagon looking for old cars
for Hagerty Insurance, just to videotape old cars. And we roll down the road here and saw the Mustang in your
driveway and your wife said we could take some video pictures of it, so we did that. And while the cameraman was shooting that I just wandered around and peeked in the backdoor of your garage and saw that there’s another
interesting car in there. So I looked in the window, wanted to see if we could
videotape that car as well. Not identifying who
owns it or where it is, so I look forward to talking to you. Tom Cotter, I’m a Ford guy too, so I appreciate what you got here. Thank you, buh-bye. Hit the road. (engine revving) Two days ago, we were
driving down this road in central Florida and I always turn my head
back this way and this way to see what cars I drove behind, and in like a flash of a moment I said, “There was a Mustang.” Probably was crashed, I saw fog lights, that means a GT package, so we made a U turn up
there and came back. So while the camera people were
taking pictures of this car, videotaping it. There happened to be a garage over there, and I like to snoop around in garages, so I peeked in the back window and could not believe what I saw. The woman in the house gave
me her husbands phone number and she said, “Make sure you tell him I didn’t say you could look in there.” And I said, “Okay,” so I said I was poking around. Well he could have been really pissed off and said, “Don’t come back.” But he said, “Yeah, come on over, I’ll show you the car.” So Rick Lockhart– – I thought about that. (laughing) – Rick Lockhart, thank
you for inviting us here. – You’re welcome. – So we looked at this car, so give us the thumbnail
quickly on this Mustang, your son’s car. – [Rick] Yeah, this is my son’s car. This was a reward for good behavior. And he was making some
unintelligent choices for a while. And so we made him a deal and he kept up his end of it, and we had this made for him. I said, “Look, you get to pick the year, and then we’ll go find out what it cost. We’ll find out.” So he says, “I want a ’65 coupe, and I want a 289, an automatic, and with air.” He was happy with it, he drove it all through high school. When he graduated college, we got him a new to him car, more dependable than this. And this was parked at his mom’s house and somebody ran into it one night. – [Tom] And that’s what happened? – [Rick] That’s what happened. – [Tom] Hmm. So I haven’t told the viewers yet what we’re about to see, but can you walk us back–
– Sure. – Now legally. – Legally.
(laughing) – You don’t have any guns on you, do you? – No I do not. (banging on door) – Okay. – [Rick] Yeah. – [Tom] Shelby GT500 convertible. Man, oh man. Last on the road in ’81? – [Rick] No. – [Tom] No? – [Rick] No, it’s a couple years ago. – [Tom] So is there a story to this car? – [Rick] Uh, (sighing) the way I ended up with it was I picked it up in 1972 during the first Arab oil embargo. – No kidding! – Yeah, I had a, I was originally driving a 442 in ’68 with a four speed. And I injured myself and
ended up losing my right foot and my parents said, “We don’t feel good with you
driving a manual transmission.” I said, “It’s my right foot, though!” (laughing) And they said, “We don’t
feel comfortable about that with insurance and stuff.” So I said okay, and a friend of mine was a salesman, car salesman, I met at the car club
at the Ford dealership. And one of the salesmen
who was in the club, part of the club, that worked there, went and got a job up
at the Chevy dealership. I talked to him and I said, “What do you got up there?” He goes, “Well, we’re
getting a lot of stuff in.” He says, “I got an LT1
Corvette that’s automatic, why don’t you come up and look at it?” And I said okay, so I drove up there and that thing was pretty rough. But we’re walking around the lot and we saw the Shelby here. I said, “Well what’s this?” He goes, “I don’t know.” He goes, “I guess it just came in today.” And I traded in my ’68 442 and $1,500. And I had this, and I’ve
had this ever since. – [Tom] And it’s a ’69 or a ’70? – [Rick] This? – [Tom] Yeah. – [Rick] This is a ’70. ‘Cause of the black hood stripes. – [Tom] Oh, that’s a difference. – [Rick] That’s the only difference between a ’69 and a ’70. – [Tom] So you bought a two-year-old car? – [Rick] Right. (laughing)
– How many miles were on it? – Um, jeez, I don’t remember. It was only about 30,000 maybe at most. (chuckling)
– [Tom] Wow. – [Rick] So yeah, I’ve had it and– – [Tom] Was he a daily driver? – [Rick] Oh yeah, it was for a long time. – [Tom] Yeah. – [Rick] ’78, ’79, I wanted to
get it just painted and stuff and it’s been, I had one guy up here
who went out of business, pulled the motor out, and he was gonna have it rebuilt and I had to track the motor down– – [Tom] Oh man. – [Rick] To the machine shop who had it, who never got paid to
start the work on it. Even though I paid the mechanic. Make a long story short,
I did find a guy I trusted and went through it all. And I drove it, I drove it around for a couple days, and I got pictures of me with my grandson. Drove it around and pulled it in. Shortly thereafter, my wife got ill and my daughter needed
some financial help. And so then couldn’t justify taking it out and putting
wear and tear on it, and I probably oughta just put it up on jack stands and start it and put it in gear every once in a while. – [Tom] Yeah, so it’s the original
motor that was rebuilt? – Original motor. – So it’s a 428 Cobra Jet? – Correct.
– Oh, okay. – [Rick] C6 transmission, I think it’s a 308 gear in the back? – [Tom] Let me tell you what, the research I did. Now Hagerty’s got an
online auto estimator, and it’s based on the
values of cars that sell in auctions around the
country and around the world. So let me tell you what this is worth, this car in fair condition, now that means a running car. – Right. – But this probably would be a running car without much work. – Oh yeah, we can just charge the battery. – [Tom] So, Hagerty’s price
guide says that this car is worth about $74,500 in fair condition. – Fair. – Fair.
– Fair. – In good condition, and
maybe it could be washed up to be in good condition– – [Rick] Oh yeah, it needs– – [Tom] $93,600. – Well I got a cover
around here somewhere, I should probably– (laughing)
– All right but hang on, wait! – Okay, all right.
(laughing) No, it’s… – In excellent condition, which is probably… – Less than this. – Yeah, probably– – No, this is less than this. – That’s right, 117,000. And concours, which is not, and it would take a lot
of money to get it there. $155,000. Then there were additions and deletions. Such as, add 20% for drag pack. Does it have a drag pack? – [Rick] No. – [Tom] Okay. Add 10% for AC. – There you go. – 10%, well it’s got air conditioning. Minus 20% for automatic. So you just lost– (laughing)
– [Rick] That’s okay. – [Tom] Your AC– – I’m never selling it,
doesn’t make a difference. – So all that being said,
no matter what condition. The car sold for $5,027 new, without the AC. 5,027. How many of these were made? – [Rick] About twos– – [Tom] Total Shelbys in
’69 and ’70 were 3,294. However, of the GT500 convertible, I did my homework! – I know, there are about 270– – 335, 335. Which is the same as the horsepower. – 335 horsepower, and 335 made. ’69 and ’70 Shelbys have hood locks, it’s like those little round keys. And Rick, the owner, has
an idea where they are but he’s not quite sure where they are. So we couldn’t open the hood to show you, but it is a 428 Cobra Jet, it’s all original except
the air pollution pump has been taken off, and an aluminum intake
manifold has been put on instead of the cast iron manifold. But it is a 428 Cobra
Jet with 335 horsepower. It’s gonna be rejuvenated mechanically and washed up, and put back on the road again soon by the guy who’s owned it and driven it since it was a three year old car. So the car in the driveway
might not be the one that’s the real treasure
that you’re driving by, there might be something behind that car. Happy hunting! (rock music)

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  1. The guy next door to my child hood home would bring in old cars and trucks and just park them, over the years my brothers tried buying some of the old cars from him but it was ,"NO NO AND NO", now the guys in his 70's and still almost an acre of old cars and trucks. Google earth him, he is the fisrt house North of the old Fountaintown Ind 46130 School. not sure if you can even see them because its so over grown.

  2. Why dont they fallow up with the restoration and let someone with love for the car do it because why you're letting it sit there you just creating more damage and it's harder and harder to find those parts people are having the original bodies when you look underneath the hood there's all kinds of Parts picked and pulled from other cars because they're so obsolete to find

  3. When i began watching this episode and saw the 65 i was like omg, that is the car near my home. I have seen that car sit for at least 20 yrs where it is, Before that it and a cuda were in the yard when i was young. I am 50 now. Never did i imagine there was a shelby in that rickety old garage I see that my efforts wuold have been turnned away if i had stopped as others friends had said they had been. Now i know the story at least what he want s to say it is.

  4. A 65 Mustang GT is my dream car I just want in in a metallic red and in manual. I LOVE the body style of that year.

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    There is nothing fake or scripted about it, it is all real content.

  6. Guys like this anger me so much. That car deserves so much better. He says his daughter was hurting financially, WELL??? You have a car that is valued at about $80,000 as is. Give it a good home please! Find someone who will actually care for it and cover it up so cats and other animals aren't walking all over it. What a crying shame.

  7. I immediately subscribed once i realized he wasn't trying to buy the cars. Thank you for keeping the true appreciation of cars alive

  8. Hagerty, please contact me as I know someone in my town with a similar car and enough NOS parts to build another one. I have pics.

  9. The man that owns that fine ride, owns it. He can do whatever he pleases. All the “purists” out there, just sit yourself down. You have no say and no sway. He owns the car and you don’t, live with it.

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  15. After 67 or 68 when they were were being built by Shelby & just going down the line at Ford's they stopped being crafted race cars & became more or less just special editions with badges

  16. Easier ways to tell a '65 from a '66 than the gauge cluster. The honeycomb grill is '65 ('66 had horizontal bars). Those side scoops are '65 ('66 had 3 rays pointing forward). And the gas caps are different: '65 was clear plastic center with the logo inside vs. '66 being solid chrome with logo on top.

  17. While the 69/70 shelby's are my all time favorite car (I remember when they were new)
    However they are not considered to be true Shelby's
    and in the 70's and 80's they could be bought for less than half of the earlier versions and that's probably still true, sad but
    that's the way it is. B.T.W. my Daughter's name is Shelby and yes named after Carroll but that's another story

  18. Absolutely ? awesome job . This needs a full time show on motortrend . Way better then chasing old cars , that only ever have a couple of cool cars in the show . And usually nine times out of 10, it’s two cars that are in the background, at the same auction or show he’s at, but they’re not the cars he’s debuting.

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    Which it probably will.

  20. Everybody's missing the point grandpa is going to restore car for him just as he did for kid that crashed it but kid needs to clean it and get away from the tree

  21. 66 Mustang has the fake brake louvers with three prongs. 64 1/2 & 65 either have this style or they don't have the piece at all.

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    When he died his “boyfriend “ sold it probably for next to nothing!

  24. Why do owners store and allow their cars to get into the sad shape as this one? I see black mold on the interior, but it is Florida. Owner after hearing the cars book value says "yah but I won't sell". Hell but I will let it rot here that's just fine I DON'T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE!

  25. I had a 64 1/2 Mustang 289, 4spd, with center console, 4-barrel, convertible with the factory tach gauge thing on the steering column. No power anything. Bought it for 600 dollars and it needed everything in 1970. I learned how to fix everything on that thing down at a friend of my father's junkyard in the Bronx NY. It was a miracle…that I did not kill myself in it. I drove like a madman at 18 yrs old.

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