#15 Visiting Osaka Castle No.1 Japanese Archery Shuriken 手裏剣 大阪城 忍家
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#15 Visiting Osaka Castle No.1 Japanese Archery Shuriken 手裏剣 大阪城 忍家

August 16, 2019

I’m Shogo. I’m Toshi. We are gonna go to Osaka Castle. What is that? So, we are going, of course. One custard please. I thought that custard is on it. But actually, it’s not. Please explain what is Kaiten yaki. It is a sweet. And there is custard inside. Why we call it Kaiten yaki is it looks circle. Kaiten means like this move. It’s like waffle. I think it’s Japanese waffle. We found interesting one. Okay I can help you holding it. It’s archery, isn’t it? Closer. Here you are. This is an exchange ticket for a prize. It’s fun here. Let’s get inside. They take our money. Now we’ve got inside. Do you know this? This is Billiken san. They are the gods of money. Hello. How about Shuriken throwing? We have no choice but to do this. Nice. Please try. Look! “Ninja Star Master 1st Stage is Michael from the USA” “500 yen for 7 Shurikens” Is there a score or something like that? If you hit one of the targets, you’ll get like 200 points, 50 points. If you’re good, you will be on the ranking. Definitely you should be on that. But first, I have to practice. This is 5 points, right? Really? It’s 10. We suck. We got maybe15 or something. You can chose iPhone case or Japanese gold coin. I think this one is much better. Thank you very much. We need to find this kind of places. Oh, Katana. Japanese sword. Can we kill people with this ones? No this is fake. Okay, let’s move on. That was nice.

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