15 New PC Games For 2019 We Still Can’t Wait To Play
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15 New PC Games For 2019 We Still Can’t Wait To Play

September 5, 2019

Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. E3
has been and gone, leaving us with a better idea of what the rest of 2019 looks like for
those of a PC gaming persuasion. We did one of these round-ups at the beginning of the
year and a few of those games ended up shitting the bed – thanks for that Anthem – but we
are feeling more confident about these picks. So here are the 15 PC games we’re watching
out for during the rest of 2019… Doom Eternal reminds us that it’s always
good to catch up with old friends, as it brings the Pain Elementals and Arachnotrons back
from Doom 2. Eternal leans heavily on nostalgia and is a slightly more arcadier game than
the 2016 reboot as a result. This means big glowing power-ups, retro enemy designs and
a few new acrobatic moves to limber up what was already the best dextrous first person
combat out there. The E3 demo was brilliant, bloody fun and the trailer shows a game with
a lot more ideas than its predecessor – hopefully that will stop it from just becoming a parade
of combat arenas in the late game. Throw in player-controlled monsters for new 2-v-1 multiplayer
and campaign invasions and this looks hellishly good. First of all: thank you to Frontier Developments
for releasing Planet Zoo four days before my birthday. Thank you. I bloody love animals,
and I love Planet Coaster, and I loved Zoo Tycoon, and– yeah, it’s safe to say I’m
well excited for Planet Zoo. UI-wise, it looks pretty much the same as Planet Coaster, but
now you can build lovely environments for a whole plethora of animals. You’ll have
to make sure enclosures are close to their natural habitats, you’ll need to research
different species, and you’ll help your animals raise future generations. Each animal
will have distinctive looks and personalities, as well as its own thoughts and feelings – though
I expect most of these will be: ‘I wish i could eat that plump child on the other
side of the glass’. If you like pretend animal prisons as much as I do, this’ll
be fab. Fallen Order wins our E3 award for most misleading
demo – not because it made the game look better than it is, but because it makes it look dumber
than it is. Respawn showed off a linear combat corridor that could have been The Force Unleashed
with a spot of polish. Sure, a big part of the game is about throwing lightsabers around
or freezing time to Force Pull a Stormtrooper into his own laser blast, but it’s not just
an A-to-B action gauntlet. The game takes cues from Metroid as you explore planets,
amassing new skills to open up new routes, and the duelling’s focus on breaking an
enemy’s stamina is gentler version of Sekiro. There’s more than meets the eye here – oh,
and that goofy robot buddy is cute, too. A new Remedy game is always something to get
excited about. And this one doesn’t come with a weird TV show you have to watch in
the middle. You play as Jesse Faden, an accidental employee of the Federal Bureau of Control,
which studies phenomena which violate the laws of reality. When Jesse finds a shapeshifting
gun she becomes the new director of the Bureau – not dissimilar to how I got this job – and
also gets superhuman powers like telekinesis. Who needs a shapeshifting gun when you can
throw fire extinguishers at the weird spirits invading your office? The game cuts out the
hand-holding, asking you to navigate by reading the world – and trying not to get lost when
walls and floors begin to shift. It’s an intriguing world to explore and a neat story
to unravel. But they might need a better hiring policy. If you ever fantasize about listening in on
stranger’s Skype calls, then Telling Lies should sate those needs ya mad pervert. If
you played Her Story, you’ll know how this works: it’s an investigative game where
technology is your friend. Instead of picking through the archive of police interviews we
saw in Her Story, Telling Lies sees you trawling through secretly recorded video conversations.
You’ll have to piece together a story, where you’ll see two years of four people’s
lives unfold in front of you, all of whom are linked by a shocking incident. You can
search the database for various terms, and watch clips where they say these words, get
the context, and get closer to understanding what happened. You’ll be the one to decide
the truth, and you’re going to be in for an intimate and intense experience. Our resident JRPG fiend Katharine says it’s
the best Final Fantasy, so is obviously excited about the remaster. With spruced up textures
and high definition character models, moody protagonist Squall can finally show his true
emotions to the world instead of having every expression lost behind a frown of fuzzy pixels.
What’s that? He’s still massively unimpressed, even with his own remaster? Some things never
change. Aside from the facelift, Square Enix are keeping their remaster plans quiet. Will
Rinoa’s Angelo still be the best dog friend of all time? How scary will the giant spider
assault mech be? And most importantly, will Triple Triad still be as addictive as Gwent?
Hopefully we won’t have to compress time before we find out. With a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port yet to
show itself it’s down to Desperados 3 to give us a cowboy hit. Made by the same team
behind the incredible Shadow Tactics, this is another real-time tactics gem. In a world
where everyone has an itchy trigger finger, stealth is your best friend as you lure guards
away with whistles or seduction, throw coins to distract or throw them at horses to make
them buck their legs and hoof a bandit in the face. Action takes place in huge social
hubs where you can survey your targets and pick-up gossip about weaknesses – it’s basically
Hitman, but you’ve got a whole team of wild west assassins who can be programmed to act
simultaneously. It looks incredible, so click on the on-screen link for our in-depth video… Triumph Studios swap wizards for mechs as
Age of Wonders heads for sci-fi realms. This isn’t just Age of Wonders 3 in space – it’s
tweaking both its empire building and turn-based combat to fit the setting. Combat is more
dynamic, from battlefields with mixed elevations and destructible scenery and units that can
be endlessly modified for every possible encounter. Zoom out and you’ve got a planet to colonise
– the empire that once ruled the galaxy has collapsed, leaving formally conquered factions
to duke it out for supremacy. One of which includes amazonian warriors who ride dinosaurs.
Throw in talking planets and mutant jellyfish and this has the colourful character to go
with the world-conquering smarts. Perhaps too complicated to explain in 50 seconds,
so do check out the full demo going on the channel later this week. Not sure why the Blair Witch is getting a
game in 2019. Maybe she’s run out of campers to eat and needs an injection of cash. Who
knows? Bloober Team, the gang behind Layers of Fear and Observer, are developing the game.
And it looks like a whole spookfest. The game is set in 1996, which is two years after the
film The Blair Witch Project, and takes us to Black Hills Forest in Maryland. You play
as former police officer Ellis and join the search party for a missing boy. Before long,
Ellis gets lost and only has his dog, Bullet, for company. Maybe we can give him to the
witch to buy our freedom? Either way, expect puzzles, environments that change as the Blair
Witch does all her mad bullshit and a camcorder to look through. Not spooky at all. All games
with camcorders are not spooky. At least you can pet the dog. It feels like we’ve been waiting ages to
play a game about a stealthy asshole goose, but 2019 looks like it’s going to be the
year we’re finally going to get our hands on it. If you’ve not heard of it, the entire
premise is to piss off human characters. You’ll be able to flap your wings, honk at things,
and grab items. You’ll need to complete a set of tasks as the goose, which could be
stealing a hat, stealing some keys, setting up pranks, and just being a mean old goose
who’s hell bent on ruining everyone’s day. If you squint, it kind of resembles Hitman,
if Agent 47 was a goose. It will probably be a nice way to let off steam after a bad
day in real life, where the humans are the assholes. The Outer Worlds is a delicious ‘what if’
of a game. It asks what if the original Fallout team had stuck with the series as it shifted
into full 3D. So while The Outer Worlds has the looks and feel of the Bethesda Fallouts,
it has the dark humour and weirdness of Fallout 1 – the stuff that kinda went missing from
Fallout 3 onwards. And so we’re on a planet owned by evil corporations, dealing with the
capitalist cruelty – like a pig farm where animals grow bacon tumours to feed the masses.
If you weren’t vegan before, you will be now. It’s delivered with vicious wit and
heaps of player choice, as you choose to go in shooty-shooty, sneaky-sneaky or talk-talky.
Throw in slow motion time dilation to line up those space laser headshots – not to be
confused with Fallout’s vats – and this is basically everything Fallout 76 wasn’t.
Shame it’s limited to Epic Games Store on PC – I guess the big corporations win again. Greedfall developers Spiders don’t have
a stellar track record – they’re the masters of the six out of ten budget RPG – but this
adventure could scratch a particular itch. It’s an RPG in the vein of BioWare before
they went a bit mad – a linear story told in a large-ish world, where the fun comes
from the companions you meet and relationships you build. Apparently you can upset allies
to the point they’ll leave your gang and become antagonists, which sounds quite spicy.
I also like the setting which mixes monsters and magic with an 18th century colonial vibe,
meaning you get to kick the arse of giant monsters but also wear a snazzy tricorn hat
at the same time. And who wouldn’t want that? With Cyberpunk and Vampire The Masquerade
asking us to wait until 2020, this might just fill the RPG hole in your life. Monster Hunter: World’s newest expansion
is Iceborn, it brings a new region Hoarfrost Reach, which is a frozen forest. The cold
brings new challenges to looking after your character, as stamina will deplete quicker,
but this can be combated with using hot peppers to make warming drinks. It introduces new
monsters too, including the deer-like Banbaro, the carnivorous fishy known as Beotodus, a
new elder dragon Velkhana, and a fair few others. The campaign unlocks after you reach
Hunter Rank 16, which means you’ll have to complete the story and defeat the final
boss in Monster Hunter: World. It comes with a new Hunter Rank, known as Master, which
looks to act a lot like the G-Rank in previous Monster Hunters. Annoyingly, we PC players
don’t get it until winter – it comes to console in September – but at least it’ll
be a good tonal fit for the weather outside. Police Stories encourages you not to shoot
first, ask questions later, but to make sure you’re choosing the right path. And with
Police Stories surrender system you can do just that. Neutralising criminals in the most
effective way for each situation gets you the high scores needed to move onto the next
mission – super aggression will be punished. You’ll come across hostages to rescue and
criminals ranging from petty to terrorist to go up against. Scenarios will be different
every time you restart – criminals, hostages, and evidence will not always be in the same
place. You’ll have gear like motion detectors and tactical cameras to help you scout out
any potential threats before you reach them. Imagine Hotline Miami but with serious consequences
for your actions – we are well up for this. When it first came out 2011, Ni No Kuni looked
like pure luxury – cutscenes by Studio Ghibli, music by legendary composer Joe Hisaishi and
RPG smarts from Level-5, the brains behind cult PS2 gem Dark Cloud. But it wasn’t on
PC, until now. Well, technically until September. Not much is changing since its first release
apart from a boosted resolution and frame rate, but considering the game was already
beautiful way back in the day, it doesn’t need much. Ni No Kuni has pausable real-time
combat, though most of the heavy lifting is done by magical familiars summoned by your
party. It seems that the heavy amount of fighting meant not many actually finished the original
game. So here’s hoping the remaster also brings some way of moving through the sloggier
bits. Truth be told, boiling down the next 6 months
to 15 games is dumb, given the riches on the way. So I’m going to hammer through some
other treats that caught Rock Paper Shotgun video department’s eye. There’s Etherborn,
which you may have seen at the RPS sessions back at Rezzed – a brain-flipping puzzle platformer
that sees you running on the walls and the ceiling like that chap from Inception, only
without an expensive suit. It’s like an Escher painting come to life and we love it. Another one for fans of impossible physics
is Superliminal, a perspective puzzle game that plays with objects size based on how
far you stand away from them. Pick up a tiny doll house and place it close to your eyes
and it’ll be big enough to walk around. That noise is your brain melting out of your
ear. Or if you just fancy a bit of a boogie, Felix
the Reaper has you jiving through the shadows as you try to sneak up on people who need
sending to the afterlife. You’re basically the invisible spirit from Final Destination,
setting up accidental deaths, while also… dancing. It’s weird. Speaking of the Afterlife, I also can’t
wait for Afterparty where two recently deceased souls are trying to beat the devil in a drinking
competition. It’s made by the very clever people who made Oxenfree, so I hope they are
still clever with several pints of virtual booze in them. Speaking of hellish delights, Matthew asked
me to include Blasphemous in the list – it looks fricking horrible to me, with gruesome
execution animations and boss designs that are pure nightmare fuel. But if you want a
Castlevania game with a bit more bite, this’ll likely do. A bleak note to end the video on, but I hope
you found this video useful – we always warn people off getting sucked into the endless
hype cycle, but it’s good to know what the next six months are looking like. Please tell
us the PC games you’re excited about and I really hope you’ll join us for the rest
of the year as we cover these games – please do subscribe and join us for more. Hopefully
see you soon. Bye for now!

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  1. The Outer Worlds is also available on Xbox game pass for pc! Can't wait to for it to land on my birthday too! For other games I'm excited for this year, it'd be Doom Eternal, Halo Reach, the upcoming expansion for Metro Exodus and the Modern Warfare campaign. 2020 is going to be quite a busy year though with Bloodlines 2, Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2.

  2. Too many… System Shock, Atomic Heart, The Forgotten City, Synther, Starbase,
    Hellbound, Prodeus,
    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, Nightmare Reaper
    , Destiny 2 and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

  3. Control is definitely my jam. Looking forward to it and I’ll keep the others in view as they launch…can never have enough good games to play.

  4. Fall Guys, the colourful party battle royale looked like a lot of fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgQFEQ5NLSw

  5. Nice list 🙂

    I'm still hoping biomutant and Atomic Heart make it out this year. And I'm weirdly interested in Blacksad, but not sure why.

    Also looking forward to After Party and Phoenix Point, though I suspect I will be bad at the later, having had my arse handed to me many times by the backer builds. I'm hoping Kine will be fun – I've been following the development and it actually shows a positive side to the Epic Store (am I allowed to say that; feels like I'll be drummed out of the master race for even entertaining the notion…).

    But Outer Worlds is my most anticipated (for anyone not wanting to buy on Epic, it's on MS gamestore and will be part of the PC game pass).

  6. GreedFall, Biomutant (hopefully), Doom Eternal…. those are the main ones

    There's also Remnant: from the Ashes, The Surge 2, Devil's Hunt and Code Vein.

  7. Great video RPS! I'm looking forward to the new ff14 expansion shadowbringers ☆ also wanting to see if the uplay plus will be worth the subscription with only ghost recon breakpoint as there only new title until 2020… (i think) 🙂 also some of microsofts tiltles: gears 5, halo games ☆ take care!

  8. Really great writing on this video – I laughed at both the “that’s how I got this job” and the “big corporations win again” lines ?

  9. Cyber punk 2077, will be no doubt an incredible experience, I see you guys left it out of your e3 observations? Why?

  10. @The Last Jedi: Oh please, they've shown us that they have an entire, hyper-linear levels in the game. Let's not pretend like the gameplay demo shows something so vastly different than the final game. In fact, over the history of E3 we've seen time and time again that those demos are either showing the best of the best parts of the game, or, in the worst case: how the average gameplay will look like. They never show the worst parts. Hyping yourself over this title is foolish.

  11. There's something about Blasphemous that reminds me of the art style in the I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream videogame.

  12. games i'm looking forward to :
    1) 'Cyberpunk 2077'*
    2) 'Last Of Us Part II'
    3) 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order'
    *P.S. : on April 16th 2020, i'll be calling in sick [cough, cough] VERY sick. loll

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