15 New PC Games For 2019 We Can’t Wait To Play
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15 New PC Games For 2019 We Can’t Wait To Play

September 5, 2019

Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. It’s the end of 2018 which means I’m legally
obliged to start hyping all the games for 2019. And there are so many games. February alone is looking busier than 2018’s
pre-Christmas period – mainly because everyone was scared to release their games next to
Red Dead Redemption 2. It means we’re going to have a spring stuffed
with post-apocalyptic adventures and deadly samurai. Which sounds like a pretty good spring to
me. Here are my picks of the 15 games to watch
out for in 2019. And thanks to Shadow for supporting the channel
– for more information on their impressive cloud-based PC, check out the link in the
description below. Oh, and if you enjoy this video as it goes
along, do subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun – but only if you’re enjoying it. That way you can follow all these games as
we cover them through the year. Now, onwards to the future! If Fallout 76 has left you with the bitter
taste of molerat steaks and mediocrity, you can wash it away with a swig of Metro Exodus. 4A Games post-apocalyptic survival shooter
isn’t an open world like Bethesda’s, though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was. It’s more a series of very fat corridors,
keeping you on the tracks of a compelling story but opening up into wider areas that
let the environment artists conjure some amazingly bleak landscapes and gives you the chance
to choose your approach. Do you customise weapons for quiet creeping,
or beef them up so they do as much noisy damage as possible? Either way, those radioactive bears won’t
know what hit them. This has always been a series that has used
cramped settings to justify a beautiful level of detail – we can’t wait to see how, and
if, it scales up. If you’ve been watching Rock Paper Shotgun
this year you’ll know why we like Resident Evil 2 – it’s all about the limb damage. The horrible, graphic limb damage. Yes, you can put a bullet between the eyes,
but these zombies keep getting back up. Better to shoot off an elbow or knee and watch
all the strawberry jam come squirting out. Just remember where you left the legless undead
– they’ll be waiting for you on a return trip. Okay, there are loads more reasons to be excited
for this gorgeous remake of the 1998 classic – the way it borrows from Resident Evil 4
and 7 but keeps the shape and feel of resi 2 is very clever. But sometimes it’s something as simple as
a swinging arm that catches your imagination. If Bethesda aren’t scratching your Fallout
itch these days, you’ll be all over The Outer Worlds – headed up by Fallout 1 and
2’s original designers, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky. It’s a gloriously pulpy sci-fi first-person
RPG. There’s a fair bit of Borderlands in its
looks and the idea of space owned by evil mega corporations, but the focus is entirely
on doing things your way: you can go in loud, sneak through the game or try and overcome
problems with wits. It does handle more like a traditional shooter
– if you line up a shot it’ll always hit – but you can go more granular by slowing
time to target limbs. It’s very Fallout then, but with a bigger
emphasis on weird humour, player choices and storytelling. I am stupidly excited for this one. Fellow RPS word person Brendy calls Sekiro
‘jumpy Dark Souls’ and he’s not wrong – it’s Dark Souls goes to Edo Japan, which
means skulking about on rooftops and pulling rival samurai to their deaths before leaping
into larger fights. Combat is faster than From Software’s previous
outings, with a focus on quick killing blows after clashing swords in the right way. I’m not exactly sure what that right way
is – we spent most of the demo being gutted by an eight foot warrior with a blade bigger
than we are. Whisking up to safety with a grappling hook
let us ponder where we went wrong and drink in the stunning Japanese architecture. We hope we’ll be brave enough to come down
from there when the game releases in March. One of my new year’s resolutions for 2019
is to punch off more demon heads, and Doom Eternal looks like it fulfil that goal in
about a minute of play. It’s more of what made 2016’s Doom fabulous:
more demons – some borrowed and revamped from Doom 2 – new weapons and new gadgets. You have a grappling hook this time, which
should take the already quick flowing combat and stick it on fast forward. And while you still can’t talk to the monsters,
you can become them – with a new invasion mode that lets you jump into a friends game
as the legions of hellspawn trying to bring them down. In this age of never ending battle royale,
it’s awesome to see Doom stick to its guns. And they are VERY big guns. We’ve seen Control in a hands-off demo and
it took every ounce of our own control not to try and play the demo by force. It’s third person action with a surreal
supernatural twist, as you explore the Federal Bureau of Control with a gun that shapeshifts
in your hand. There are strange floating bodies on the ceiling
and one of your colleagues can’t stop staring at a fridge. I’ve always thought of Remedy as gaming’s
answer to genre filmmakers – from the noire of of Max Payne to Alan Wake’s pulpy Stephen
King flavour. This is David Lynch meets The X-Files and
I can’t wait to get lost in its confusing corridors. Far Cry New Dawn is another post-apocalyptic
shooter helping us get over Fallout 76. But this one will also help us get over the
ending of Far Cry 5, which rubbed us up the wrong way with its bleak nuclear payload. This spin-off takes the nuke as its inspiration,
dropping us back in Hope County 17 years later. What’s changed? Well, weapons are cobbled together with a
greater degree of customisation, you get a wild boar sidekick named horatio and can expect
to meet relatives of the companions you met in Far Cry 5. You can also hop in a helicopter to visit
self-contained missions in areas dotted around post-nuke America, just in case you get tired
of Montana’s scorched plains. This looks fun. Am I a sucker for still getting excited about
BioWare games? It’s only really Mass Effect Andromeda that
missed the mark for me, but reports of internal turmoil and creative talent leaving the studio
does give you the fear. On the other hand: jetpacks! Never underestimate the simple pleasure of
hooning around the sky in a giant rocket-propelled exoskeleton – our brief hands-on at E3 confirmed
that they’ve nicely captured the weight and heft of these Javelin suits. The big question is whether Bioware have found
interesting work for us to do in the suits. They keep trying to convince us that there’s
cool storytelling happening back in the home city of Fort Tarsis, but it looks limited
to to us. No, this will live and die on the satisfaction
of smashing endless aliens for shiny loot. Fingers crossed it works. The original Ori is probably my favourite
Metroid clone ever – apologies to Team Hollow Knight. All this sequel has to do to succeed is to
give me more of those gorgeous animated worlds, that soundtrack and some of the most fluid
platforming outside of Mario. All this looks present and correct, but with
a heavy dose of new ideas. Combat has been completely revamped, Ori gets
a lighting spear and samurai sword that look too dangerous for a creature this cute. Oh, and if you can’t jump over a obstacle,
why not drill under it? Add a playable baby owl and this is another
amazing combination of adorable and hardcore. Come on, we all know owls are hardcore – they
can twist their friggin heads backwards. Total War does Romance of the Three Kingdoms
is a fascinating pitch. The Chinese novel is where history clashes
with legend, retelling a century of military turmoil through the big personalities involved. It’s almost like the Marvel Cinematic Universe
of its time – reframing historical figures as legendary warriors. The game takes all this in with a big focus
on these superstar generals of the battlefield. They able to charge through entire platoons
and enter one-on-one duels with other generals. Away from the battle you then have to diplomatically
balance all these fiery personalities or maybe pay the price in future fights. Or you can ignore all that and play in classic
mode – but come on, who doesn’t want to fight as a mystic warrior of legend? The reveal of a Desperados revival was one
of the best surprises of 2018 – even better because it’s being handled by Mimimi, who
made the amazing Shadow Tactics. This sees them apply their real-time tactics
brains to the slightly creaky cowboy classic and the resulting game is looking great. Levels now have big social areas where you
are free to walk about and sniff out opportunities to reach your targets, before breaking into
hostile areas where it becomes about view cones and carefully hiding bodies. Listening on conversations to discover weaknesses
in people’s defences gives it a real Hitman vibe. Matthew loved the demo he saw – click the
on-screen link to find out loads more. Okay, my fellow RPS vid bud Matthew forced
me to include this one, as he’s a huge Ace Attorney dweeb. It’s a PC port of the original trilogy,
first seen on the Game Boy Advance but looking slightly swisher here with HD do-over that
Capcom first put together for the iOS version. You play as a defence attorney with pointy
hair and an even pointier finger, which you use to accuse people of lying in a series
of twisted court cases. It’s basically like watching an amazing
legal anime drama, but with odd bits of logical deduction to keep your brain engaged. Very strange, very shouty – I can see why
Matthew likes it. If Ace Attorney is right up Matthew’s street,
then Flotsam is right up mine. Only there aren’t any streets in Flotsam
as it’s a city-building game set in an ocean world. There are three things I like about this one. One: you have a helpful guide called Steven
Seagull, which is a pun I have deep respect for. Two: I love a cute city builder/management
game, and this one is particularly quirky and colourful. Thirdly, I really dig its message about pollution
and waste. I mean, if you pay any attention to the headlines
you’ll know that we’re basically heading for a Flotsam style situation – I’m hoping
that playing this will give me a headstart when the water begins to rise. Enjoy life on the seabed, suckers! Because those maniacs at Nintendo won’t
make any more Advance Wars games, the team at Chucklefish are basically stepping in and
doing it for them. Their 2D turn-based tactics lifts most of
the formula from Nintendo’s GBA classic, but throws in all the mod cons you’d expect
from a game in 2019 – it has over 45 different kinds of PVP maps, a versatile map creator,
a campaign creator and a puzzle mode that gives you one turn to win, which sounds an
awful lot like Into The Breach, which was amazing and should be ripped off more often. Oh, and one of the commanders you can play
as is a dog. I would call him a good boy, but he’s technically
responsible for hundreds of deaths. Bad dog! No biscuit! Heaven’s Vault is the next game from Inkle
– the galaxy brains behind 80 Days and the Sorcery trilogy. This one is about an archeologist trying to
make sense of an alien ruin by deciphering the language carved into its buildings. I think this is going to do for translation,
what Return of the Obra Dinn did for nautical insurance claims – and there’s a quote to
stick on the box. It’s all about drawing out a symbol’s
meaning from its location, and then watching a linguistic domino effect as it changes how
you read other messages in the world around you. I’m making it sound a way more dry than
it actually is – this is going to be a brilliant mystery from one of gaming’s most distinctive
storytellers. And those are just a few of the hundreds of
interesting games on the horizon – it was a bit of a nightmare whittling them down. I’d love to hear your personal picks for
the year, so definitely put them in the comments – then we’ll do our very best to make sure
we cover them in detail as the year unfolds. And thanks again to Shadow for sponsoring
this RPS video. Shadow is a high-end, cloud-based computer
available on any internet-enabled device. Just like any Windows 10 PC, you can use it
to work, play or browse – it has the specs to handle any game, and comes with an integrated
fibre connection, perfect for downloading any game or uploading a video at the speed
of light. For more info on Shadow – and a discount for
RPS viewers – click the link in the description. I hope you found this video useful – I know
it’s dumb to get sucked into the hype cycle, but it’s nice to have something to look
forward to, right? I really hope you’ll join us in 2019 to
cover all these wonderful PC games – we’ve been having loads of fun on the channel in
2018 and we’d love for you to subscribe and join us for more. Hopefully see you soon. Bye for now!

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