15 Minutes Of Gris PC Gameplay | Meet 2018’s Prettiest Platformer

September 10, 2019

Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. This is Matthew and today I’m looking at
the staggeringly beautiful Gris. It’s a platforming adventure from Nomada Studio, which is a new Spanish indie outfit made up of former Ubisoft and Square Enix
talent, who are putting aside the weapons of Far Cry and Hitman for something a bit
more delicate. It plays like Journey in 2D, with hints of
Metroid and a dash of Super Mario Galaxy – which is one of my favourite games of all time,
so I don’t make that comparison lightly. I don’t want to jabber over the incredible
music, so I’ll let you enjoy this demo in peace. Please do subscribe to the channel and hang
around at the end where there’s a teaser of more cool Gris delights to come. Enjoy! I actually played the demo four times over – the
bit where you swoop around the sky and dive through the pools of floating water are wonderfully
playful – I’m looking forward to lots more of that good stuff in the final game. The footage you’re watching now is hinting
at all the jolly adventures to come – Gris is clearly rammed with ideas. If you have any questions about the game,
pop them in the comments. And please think about subscribing to the
channel for more access to PC delights such as these. I hope you enjoyed the demo as much as I did
and hopefully see you around these parts soon. Bye for now!

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