15 Curiosidades de Karate Kid | Cosas que quizás no sabías
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15 Curiosidades de Karate Kid | Cosas que quizás no sabías

January 26, 2020

Hi-hello, hearing people. Welcome to this video where we will meet 15 Curiosities of Karate Kid. The film was released in the year 2010. And it is a kind of remake of the
‘Karate Kid’ version of 1984 … But of course, with some differences, of the
which we will talk later. This new version was directed by Harald Zwart. Director of films such as ‘Agent Cody Banks’. ‘The Pink Panther 2’.
And ‘The Mortal Instruments’. It had a budget of 40 million.
And it managed to be a financial success raising
More than 350 million. At the beginning of the movie, we see the wall with some written things. One of them is Dre’s birthday, the main character … which is July 8. That date is also the real birthday
of actor Jaden Smith. Will Smith served as a producer on
this movie. After all, the protagonist was his own
son. So I wanted to make sure that this
I would do my best. He had to undergo a training of
3 months. Well, the movie was made for him, like this
He had to look his best. Jaden’s mother was also one of the
producers. And he was very present throughout the process
To support your son. In the original movie Mr. Miyagi
I was trying to grab a fly with chopsticks. To what your pupil says the following …
– It wouldn’t be easier with a fly swatter – And in this remake, that scene is parodied.
But Jackie chan doesn’t meander and directly uses a kills flies. Probably the biggest mistake of this movie is … its title. And it is called ‘Karate Kid’ When in reality what we see is Kung Fu.
And the tape itself somehow mocks that … – Didn’t you like that kind of Karate? –
– It wasn’t Karate, mom! The reason he decided to keep the
original title. It was of course as a way to attract
More people. To the people who grew up with the first movie. However, this resulted in a meaningless title. Since this version would focus more on the Kung Fu.
After all we were in China … – Mr. Han will teach me Kung Fu
– The maintenance one? – It’s China mom, everyone knows Kunf Fu You see? that’s racist… But you’re right In the original film, the first exercise Miyagi teaches his pupil, is the famous “Wax … Polish …” But for this new version, it was decided
Do something different, using Dre’s jacket. Jackie Chan himself was the one who devised this routine. I think we all remember this scene in which Mr. Han holds Dre. To achieve that, a rope was used to support the young actor. So it won’t fall into the water. A small screen was also used
Green behind Jackie Chan. To cover all the equipment that held it. Jackie Chan has so much respect and recognition in China. That thanks to him was that the production was able to obtain permission to film in certain places. Such as the Forbidden City, the Mountains
Wudang and of course The Great Wall. The woman who is seen making the move
of the cobra. On one foot and several meters from the ground,
He really did it in real life. Although of course, with the difference that it counted
With a safety rope. And that the cobra never really was there. In his early years as an actor, Will Smith came to share screen with the Miyagi
original. And is that in an episode of ‘The Fresh Prince
of Bel-Air ‘, it came to parody’ Karate Kid ‘ Where the actor Noriyuki Pat Morita participated as a special guest. Jackie Chan got very engaged with this tape And it was not only went to act and now. He shared a lot of time with Jaden off the screen, teaching him the right way to make some movements … He also collaborated in the handling of the camera of some scenes. In addition to being useful with the language barrier. Well, there were some present who only spoke Chinese and others who only spoke English. So Jackie Chan when handling both languages, he served as a translator and could facilitate a lot
things. The same director considers that there would be
managed to make this tape without your help. A little before the tournament, Mr. Han le
gives Dre a uniform, similar to the one worn by Bruce Lee. In fact, that is mentioned. – It’s like the one Bruce Lee had As a curious fact, Jackie Chan, in his early years When he was not so popular, he came to share a screen with Bruce Lee … And he has an interesting anecdote about that … If you look, the doctor who treats Dre,
He has a small flag on his robe. The reason for this is that director Harald
Zwart, is very faithful to the football team of his hometown. The Fredrikstad FK. So try to introduce it from some
Way in your movies. This can also be seen on the ‘Agent Cody Banks’ tape, where a flag of that team appears. As you know, the movie ends with Dre winning the tournament. To what the students of the evil teacher show their respect to Mr. Han. And then Han and Dre bump into fists. But if we look down, they will see that the evil master appears lying on the ground Something that makes no sense, since it does only a few
seconds was far from there. The reason for this inconsistency is that there is a deleted scene Where Mr. Han was facing the other teacher, to prevent him from continuing to hit his students. A great scene without a doubt, the only problem with this one was that it took a little bit of prominence from Jaden Smith And it made his victory not so relevant. That’s why it was decided to cut all this
battle. The ‘Karate Kid’ franchise has counted
With different sequels. The tails have not had much acceptance. In fact, this remake, with Jaden Smith, although it has not been to everyone’s liking The truth is that he achieved better criticism than the last sequels. But what do you think? … did you like this remake? … Let me know in the comments … If you liked the video, let me know by giving it a thumbs up and sharing it with your friends. And before I leave I send a big hello to … And well, this is it.
Thank you so much to arrived to until here. And I hope you liked it. Bye…

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  1. Si me gusto pienso que aun en estos tiempos modernos se pueden hacer películas de calidad de la época ochentera

  2. Ademas cortaron la pelea de los maestros.aun le quite un poco de protagonismo y que se el personaje secundario por un momento todo mmerecemos protagonismo :v

  3. La verdad yo creí que se llamaba Karate kid porque cuando Jaden recibe su primera paliza por parte d elos niños chinos empieza a practicar KARATE a traves de una cinta de clases de Karate. Y cuando el Sr. Han (Jackie Chan) llega a arreglar termostato de la ducha lo ve practicando karate. Incluso (aunque no estoy tan seguro) cuando le quiere dar instrucciones le dice "niño….tú….karate kid" (auqnue realmente no estoy muy seguro) y como el chico no le hiciera caso le lanza la tapa de la pasta dental

  4. Hubieran dejado la escena que sacaron,tampoco le iba a sacar el protagonismo a jaden ..si sólo fue partecita

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  6. Ya con el nombre para que la vean , chafiaron ( erraron ) , si se hubiera llamado Kung Fu Kid de entrada , seguro la hubiera visto ya que Jackie Chan es un capo .

  7. Jackie Chan tiene un gran carisma es sencillo es humilde aparte de ser un gran maestro del Kong Fu y eso lo hace a el ser grande.

  8. Esa escena final con el señor Han hubiese sido épica y no le hubiese restado nada a la película. Al contrario.

  9. Sé que no tiene nada que ver, pero hace poco ví la Karate Kid original, y el nombre del Señor Miyagi me recordó a Junjou Terrorist.
    (Sí, mátenme).

  10. Para mi, las tres primeras películas de karate kid, fueron excelentes. Lo que desinteresó y no quiero ser molesto con lo que voy a decir, es la inclusión de la cuarta película con una mujer. Se, que el protagonista aunque no lo crean era el señor miyagui, pero estaba acostumbrado a que daniel estuviera con él. Por eso la cuarta parte me pareció aburrida….,.

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