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October 15, 2019

hello friend it’s Boris Legend here and say it’s time for a new tutorial on my channel and this will be a special one because fever 19 has been out for a couple of months now we had a lot of patches and now it’s time to embrace the meta in FIFA 19 today I will simply give you the 14 best tips to quickly improve in FIFA 19 enjoy starting from the back we had a right stick a goalkeeper movement a big new feature of FIFA 19 that is super important to master if master to its full potential you’ll be able to find these extra wins simply hold down the right stick and move but don’t move too early wait until you think the opponent picked his corner a good player will go more for the near post while a less experienced rather will go for the obvious for false choice and be active on set pieces as well use the keeper to help out on corners and even on free kicks to cover the obvious areas this is your eleventh player and use him to full potential a very interesting technique is to also go down the line in one versus one situations like a handball goalkeeper it will surprise your opponent and gave you more time to act when he decided for a corner right stakes switching is a big key in a defense this allows you to close the gaps quickly here we are quickly spotting this gap and with the right stick switching we can simply step into the path off the Poland before he gets a chance to control the ball the right stick movement gives you the chance to be one step ahead of the opponent and is a must to master in the defense don’t be lazy with covering the deep pass activate the defender and try to close down the through ball a manual action here is always better than to just rely on the AI here we are out of position with our centre back but we’re quickly tracking back and closing down the dangerous option the golden distance is it try to be 1/2 meters ahead of the Poland’s run this allows you to calculate a pass but also to apply pressure if he goes with simple ground pass learn to cut the passing lanes properly learn the patterns of your opponent and try to step into that path of his players try to find that invisible passing lane and step into it when the opponent already decided his action here we have a dangerous opportunity but we’re spawning this quickly stepping into that invisible passing lane and easily retrieving the ball in this sequence instead of being aggressive with our wing back and just pushing up we’re lurking in the middle and cutting off the dangerous passing lane and when he decides for section yes then we simply just step into that Lane and take them all back where it belongs don’t contain with your defenders there’s no need to do it in FIFA 19 you can do perfectly found without the contained button when you contain you gave the opponent time on the ball and a chance to dictate the gameplay you want to be mobile and read a gameplay instead of just relying on the AI plus it is super boring use the help of the l to jockey button to be accurate in your defensive movements all the best defenders in the world or defending went out to contain and there is a reason why take the next step and be in control of your gameplay instead of just rushing with your defenders try to use help from the midfield and strikers try to activate as many players as possible in the defense when you get the chance the prime example is to simply just give support with your CMS and track back but you can also do it in more attacking positions here we’re using our team to its full potential and checking back with our striker simply try to defend with your whole team activate as many players as possible and play as a collective surprise surprise the time finish shots are definitely the most dangerous attacking weapon practice them and try to hit as many green bars as possible but what makes the finesse version so powerful is that even though you miss time it you have a big chance to score you simply don’t get punished by the game when hitting that yellow board even though it might get patched but enjoy the feast while it lasts and just spray as many time finish shots as possible the patches set doesn’t seem to help the first time shots are super effective still they had extra velocity to the shot and it often doesn’t give the opponent time to react with his goalkeeper here is of course preferable to try to hit a time shot for the extra accuracy but this doesn’t only go for the finesse shots regular first time strikes are very powerful as well especially if he hit the green bar this sequence we’re almost breaking the net with Erickson and there is simply no chance to react first time shots are a must in FIFA 19 pay attention and don’t shoot blindly more and more players are learning about the goalkeeper movement which opens a lot of space at the near post just have some ice in your veins and wait for the opponent to expose that near poles and you’ll be able to score the simple goals even know an opponent doesn’t move the goalkeeper the near post finish is a great choice which you can see here with Thole so but if he is moving the keeper it becomes even easier no special strike required just a simple shot and prepare for that l1 r1 skip celebration use the metal corners as much as possible they have more precision than the regular ones and you can choose exactly who you want to aim for select the taker with good passing attributes and flick with the right stick to the biggest aerial threat and just aim for the open areas around the penalty spot where the goalkeeper can’t reach a good tactic is to also aim for the small players of your opponent’s team power up lightly and try to perfectly time that second press with the run of your own player headers are very powerful in FIFA 19 you can bang them in from crazy distances but it requires a girdle every which the manual corner guarantees for more info about the metal corner check out a previous tutorial which I linked in the description in FIFA 19 there is no real consistent way of crossing but the closest you get is a low or won’t cross this will make the ball travel rapidly on the ground and is a great choice when you have a counter-attack it is very precise and the velocity makes it hard to catch for the opponent’s goalkeeper just use a very high power and aim towards the player in the box which are left stick when it comes to the finishing just try to shoot a ball backwards came from if the opponent isn’t moving his keeper the l1 micro movement was introduced in FIFA attina is still very good it gives you the chance to dictate the midfield and keep the ball very close to the feet of your player the best thing about l1 dribbling is that it works with all players is a good way of control the ball closely in games but a lot of latency when you left stick doesn’t always respond to your actions it works best on the wings when you are working with small spaces to turn around from the defenders and find that path back to a teammate here we’re using it with a technical player like Pele you can see how fast he manages to turn and twist try to implement it naturally in your gameplay in situations when you’re working with small margins the last sequence gave your hand about what is about to come yes la croqueta the best kill move in FIFA 19 just hold l1 and make a ball roll motion with your right stick it is very rapid and quickly opens up a new lanes you can also do it to work yourself into a financial position it even works in one versus one with the goalkeeper if you have the right timing but the best the usage area is to use it on the wing to find yourself away into the box as you lose the game of FIFA ask yourself the question data I do enough to get us in the game last but not least we want to create motion most players knows about the l1 pass which makes you play around forward after pass this is a good way to find one who passes into a dangerous space birthday can also use it to activate the player that is standing still here we have been header who is already thinking about vacation but we just press l1 and we activate him to make a dangerous run behind opponents defense it is very easy to defend against a team that is standing still but the l1 button gives you the chance to create dangerous movement but sometimes they are simply moving too much and then it’s time for or one button instead this will make the players from to watch the bondholder n is a great tool to find players that are running into useless spaces here we’re looking for the first time finish shot but our player is in a bad position so we just point towards him and press the or one button when he raises his hand we know that we succeeded with direction and you can see how he’s moving back into deadly space and bam there you go FIFA 19 guys that’s it for today hope you appreciated this video if you did so make sure to drop a like if for some more tutorials on my channel thank you so much for watching as always you know until next time

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  1. thanks for the video is great, I'm going to put it into practice with what I'm learning https://bit.ly/2uIsfZU to improve my results.

  2. All scripted shit that's all Fifa is if you can't see it you fucking stupid the ball is the most scripted part of the game that's why 6 million have stopped playing its money making model for ea sport

  3. How many offsides oooo yer you have peel so offside dicisions are not giving., so how much are you making from ea sport

  4. Thank y. Unfortunately, you do realize Americans will be competing against the Chinese?

    Just joking. The Chinese are communist that will disable their servers.

  5. wow. others showing skills playing in amateur mode. this guy show showing techniques by playing multiplayer games. very good tutorial. subscribed

  6. This game is incompetent as fuck I have just lost a player having made a fair tackle so I just quit thanks to ea incompetence

  7. I must be the unluckiest player ever I do most of these, but most interceptions and tackles I do rebound back to the opponent

  8. I am trying to pass and cross but the other guys r too better than me
    Getting possession but not winning
    Feeling like I can never win in this ๐Ÿ˜

  9. Can someone help Iโ€™m totally new to fifa. How come on my screen I canโ€™t see the player info tab at the bottom left of the screen? You can see him charging shots and the bars there. How do I turn that on? Sorry for dumb question trying to get better

  10. Quick question, does anyone else get the fifacoins19.com advert cuz it kinda looks legit im full on bafgled can someone help me out with this

  11. I just started playing fifa. Amazing tutorial I can go beat my brother now. If I get the game I'll come back and subscribe!

  12. Hi could anyone help me as to how to put players into your active squad when brought in transfer market or other purchases as I'm very stuck.๐Ÿ˜ด

  13. After playing this game for a while, I can say that is absolutely the worst online multiplayer experience ever. After years and years of playing against friends in face to face matches, I tried the online features and I can say it's pure garbage. The game seems to tune down the time scale according to the latency, so in one match you play in regular speed and another is VERY SLOW and that totally kills the pace. Some of my games are played frame by frame, lol. The game also favorites the tackles over anything, I mean, you can pull the other guy shirt all the time and get away with it. The finesse shot is also OP.

    I bet EA only has 1 global server somewhere. I'm playing against people all around the world, so that's wrong already. It has to use the same model as Dota2, where their servers are spread around the world and people play by location. If I want to play against someone far away, it has to be by invite and then the game creates a tunnel between the 2 players to minimize the lag even tho there is still the data traveling distance barrier.

  14. Dont play Juventus for some reason E.A think there a good club well in Italy yes but outside they have won the same amount of cls as Nottingham forest so basically they are shit

  15. It's all very well but the higher up the more cheats I've come across this game is shite you can tell e.a. that I could give a damm

  16. Great video. I agree with a comment I saw on here – No long intro, no shouting. Just giving great, straightforward info. Nice channel. I really struggled with my defense until I saw your tip on staying two steps ahead of the attacker and it really clicked with me after playing straight after this video. Thanks for the info!!

  17. One of the main things in Fifa is that you must have luck to win.Sometimes i play much better then my opponent i lose bcs i am unlucky.

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