$1200 PC Gaming & VR Build!
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$1200 PC Gaming & VR Build!

February 16, 2020

The Define Nano S is quiet, compact and is built for mini ITX, watercooled systems just like this one but watch out, if you get one Josh might just show up at your house randomly *awkward silence* *transition noise* The Fractal Design Define Nano S is is small, quiet and built for mini ITX, watercooled systems just like this one but if you get one than watch out because Fractal Josh might just show up ant any minute … *more awkward silences* well Kyle’s full of shit *sci-fy noise* agh well that was immersive Paul’s still not here yet, we’ve been here for like an hour dude lets get the hell out of here *into noise* excellent *intro noise* hey whats up guys and welcome to my build video for July I planned out all these parts at the begining of this month in my July builds video so check that out and stay tuned for my August builds video where I am going to have a couple more builds for you and you can help me decide which one I will put together for next month links to all these parts are in the description below and there is also a like button, you should click that if you enjoy monthly build videos okay lets go over all these parts before we move on to me actually assembling the thing this is a $1200 build that would be awesome for pc gameing and VR by the way and the case is going to be the NZXT S340 this is the black and red version and I am told this is a slightly new revision with some upgrades so I will show you guys what those are of course we need a processor so that’s going to be the Intel core i5 – 6600k the most reasonably priced overclockable quad core intel processor yeh that’s reasonable to cool it we have the CryoRig H7 because these unlocked versions of the Intel processors do not come with coolers this is a very nice air cooler looks pretty sweet its only about $35 for our motherboard we have the MSI Z170A Gaming M3 which is a sort of mid range Z170 board has all the features we need its black and red it matches … um you know *inaudible stuttering* what else … what else do you need from a motherboard and its MSI so it will match with the graphics card which is right up here This is the MSI Geforce GTX 1070 probably the most expensive part of this build but well worth it because it is a very powerful graphics card and MSI’s cooler on this one does a really good job I already tested it in SLI so if you want to check that video out I’ll put a link to it via a card in the top right hand corner the power supply is the EVGA 650 GQ 650 watt power supply it gets the job done pretty quiet all black cabeling partially modular too what else do you want finally we have our memory and our storage and these are actually slightly different from our parts in the parts list just for the sake of putting this together not too much different but this Sandisk Ultra II, 960 gig though I actually got on amazon prime day for like $165 it was a really good deal I don’t think that it is available anymore anyway this is a stand in it is still black and red so it will still match and then for memory, instead of a red with black accents 2X8 GB kit i have a black with red accents 4X4gb kit so it’s still the same amount of memory just two more sticks and … and its black it’s still G.Skills Ripjaws 5 so you know it will get the point across anyway those are the parts I’m going to build them into a computer so let me quickly run down the updates to the S340 case here first off the ever so popular cable management bar very distinct right here to manage cables has been made a little bit narrower by about 5mm this is to allow for thicker raidators so such as the Kraken X41 you can now fit it in, up, in, you can, you can, you can fit it in there a little bit more easily which is always helpful the next update is on the bottom the power supply filter on the bottom has been upgraded so I guess they maybe made the plastic a bit sturder or sort of re designed it, to make it more sturdy more easy to make it actually pop on or off and again it goes on and off pretty easily there so that’s nice and finally we have a PCi-E slot base cover that has been added which honestly I am not 100% sure what that means because I don’t have that much familiarity with the original S340 the original S340 had a gap though , or so I am told and this was re designed with the Razer version of this case first so um … things look pretty clean down here as far as i can tell you do have this panel down here which can be shifted back and fourth this, this, this side panel and you can remove it too if you want um, other than that everything’s pretty tidy down here so can you guys let me know down in the comments let me know what is different about this one compared to the original S340 because I can’t really tell and the build is complete let me just wrap up with some closing thoughts here guys and some comments on how this build went I really, really like how it turned out especially these being all off the shelf parts its kinda got the black – main colour red is the secondary and then some white accents and highlights in there as well even goes very well with the red LEDs and the white LEDs on the MSI graphics card which I think in this situation is actually a perfect combination of course this white LED on the MSI 1070 can turn RGB but I think white is probably going to be the best option for it as far as the case I have figured out I believe what they where talking about by the PCI-E express brackets there is an extra piece that kind of goes vertically here just provides some cover instead of a gap and you do have to remove it to install graphics cards probably depending on the graphics cards since this was a taller one I did have to pop that one off to remove it but all in all it kind of just cleans up the back I believe that the CryoRig H7 seems to be doing a really good job everything is really quiet right now I havent installed windows yet I will be installing windows 10 and doing a few basic tests to give you guys some performance and following up on that with another video but installation for the CryoRig was not that bad at all espically if you have installed an aftermarket cpu cooler before it’s got a plastic base plate and you kinda gotta poke the screws through you do um … have to um screw the thing in from the back of the motherboard which is a little bit less convinient but it does give you the option to um … actually not remove the fan i guess, i guess you could go that route if you wanted to other than that though i think that anyone who happens to get this particular setup and build this particular system will be very happy with it I’m expecting it to be very powerful as well if I was to do anything different with this build i would probably take this 140mm fan from the top and move it to the front right now there is no front intakes so it definitely has negative air pressure I still think it’s going to work fine but that’s just something I would do out of preference anyway guys let me know what you think of this build and if any of you are planning to build it give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching stay tuned I will be back with more very soon

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  1. Guys I really need help where do you plug in the power switch cord
    Onto a h170 pro gaming motherboard

  2. I am looking at building a Gaming PC in the ballpark of this price. Being that this video is close to a year old is there a different build you would do as of now? Maybe something a bit faster or stronger with newer parts or is this still up to date with everything? This is my first build being I've been a mac user for the past 12 years. Please and thank you for the help!

  3. ok so i wanna do this same build but instead of gtx 1070 i will use my old gtx 770 ( i will upgreade soon to 1070 in about 2 months) also i would like to use only 8gb but will also upgrade to 16gb in acouple of months. oh and i dont want sli. thanks for any help

  4. I have this exact build and why when I play GTA or some other games it makes this weird noise and on GTA I get 24 FPS.
    Please respond lol

  5. My build is very similar but a bit worst because I included other things that would also take up money such as a monitor. A week in and i am very happy. Was it worth the price? Anyone Please reply! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qQRQWX

  6. Is there any other gtx GPU models that would be good for this build, I feel that I'm the only one that doesn't like the way MSI gtx 1070 looks.

  7. icore 5? damn thats low. Got to describe more detail bro. Was really interested in the pricing but no details on why you chose the lower end processor for that type of board. :/

  8. guys DONT BUY THESE PARTS ! this is a sponsored video, for 1200 you can get a 1600x with a 1080. this is a bad build

  9. Did this build myself shortly after this video came out. Changed a few things and it came to a little over $1500. its basically the same tho. super happy with it. vr on the vive is outstanding with this build. Probably wont upgrade for another year or 2

  10. love it im building the one bitwit did the ryzen 5 ill try let my friend build this one because he like intel 😀 great vid

  11. the most painful thing about buying and then building the pc for me is not the parts being an extra 100-200 bucks higher than before bitcoin mining its buying all the parts and then paying an extra hundo for an okayish case

  12. Are you actually sure this is 1200 dollars hahahaha. What if i just need a good case with no displays(needs good ventilation) and thats it. All the good design is not nessassary. Will it be cheaper? Hahaha.

  13. Well, In my country, the limit to a $1,200 Gaming PC is:
    8GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
    RX 580 8GB Graphics Card
    i5 7400 3GHz Processor (Stock Cooler)
    CoolerMaster MasterBox Lite 5 Case
    Asus H110M-K Motherboard
    240GB SSD
    1TB Hard Disk
    Seasonic S12II-520 (520W) Power Supply
    Rate, 1-10

  14. Could I do the same exact build but with a Ryzen 5 1600, MSI tomahawk Artic motherboard, Corsair h100 v2 cooler and a Ftw gtx 1070. Im new to pc technology and I want to know if this is a good mix that still allows over clocking. Which is better for gaming the i5 or Ryzen 5 1600? Thanks🙂

  15. Quick question Paul! So I bought this case for my build and I was wondering if you were initially having a problems with the top exhaust fan. I plugged it into my power supply and it didnt work so I did some research and people were saying just unplug it from the molex cable and take the 3 pin connector and plug it directly into the motherboard itself. I took that 3 pin connector and put it in the Chassis Fan 1 slot and still I am not getting any power to my top exhaust fan. Paul, and anyone else, know if there is anything I may be doing wrong?

  16. Ryzen 5 1600
    Asus ROG GTX 1060
    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
    Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 16GB
    EVGA BQ 600W Hybrid Modular 80+ psu
    Seagate 1TB 3,5
    NZXT S340 Elite Mid Black/Red

    Medium budget pc

  17. Went to order these exact parts but my total was about 1,500 dollars instead of 1,200… do you all think it’s just because of the holidays and if so is it a good idea to wait?!?

  18. Just ordered all these parts! I my country i cost 1700 USD. Fml Sweden sucks! But i guess i got a pretty dope pc now!

  19. Hey Paul, I'm planning on building the PC shown in this video. Though, I was wondering if it would be fine/safe/possible that I swapped the Intel Core i5-6600K for a i7-8700K, and the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8Gb Video Card for a MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb Video Card? I really appreciate the videos you upload. They're really informative and give me the confidence I need for my first build.

  20. I have the same case and it came without a bracket to close the back 🤨 now it is an open gab .. why they didn’t think 💭 off this and included one ….

  21. Paul whats your opinion on the MSI motherboard MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR …with a Ryzen 5 processor??? jw

  22. I got this one, just upgrade the i5 to i7, and a better ram. about 1400 total. A beautiful and quiet built. I can't feel its exist anymore. Thx mate, impressive video.

  23. Lowkey i hate these types of comments but i actually fucking love this pc for this price!!! Definitely my dream pc

  24. Someone please help !
    I know little to nothing about building a pc but ive been doing some research on it and its a bit overwhelming because theres so much to know. Anyways i tried my best to come up with parts and need some suggests on it.
    Only going to use the pc for gaming such as fortnite , overwatch and future games, i am also going to stream on twitch so i would like it to run with no issues. Im going for a white and black look and i dont want to go over 1300 dollars. Please give me some suggests on if i should add or change anything . Thanks you so much !


  25. How much would this system cost now? I did this build back then, want to sell and build another but not sure what to sell it at ? Any ideas would help thanks

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