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  1. 4:20 “Brackets”
    Me: Dan those are parentheses…
    Dan: Rages
    Me: These are brackets —> [ ]

    Im not sorry. =•D

  2. I liked the end of the video until he apologized for it. Why apologise for the true? We are going to watch anyway. Lolzor

  3. wait… did Dan edit this video in the section with the page pop up cuz i swear he read through all of it and now its speed up tf have i missed something

  4. i actually accidentally download the yakity sax song in dan's website when i visited it in wayback machine, still haven't deleted it

  5. "bookmark that for later" hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DANIEL, DONT KNOW aBOUT tHAt AFTER YOUR NEW VIDEO (jk i love you dan)

  6. this is sad to watch now that ive seen the new video…dan, whatever you went through, especially as a kid and a teen, you didn't deserve to and i am so happy you've arrived in a place where you're happy and you have a safe place. thousands upon thousand upon thousands of people love you and never want to see you hurt.

  7. I now feel so emotional after The Video.
    Looking back at this video now makes me more emotional and aware that this included a dark phase of his life.
    Dan you are really an inspiration . For anyone who has been bullied for being different, for any one who's have had self esteem issues, any one who was aware of their flaws. Hats off to you.

  8. It's crazy to hear him talk about this page and how much he treasured it in his recent video, to now get a look into what it was through Dans eyes in this vid

  9. Oh my god i havent watched this since i was 15 i remember it sooooo well wtf i was so impressed im 20 now btw

  10. Lots of people here comment on how it's sad the teenager Dan was going through this whole shitphase but to me the saddest thing is that 2014 Dan was still so far away from accepting himself that even this slight bullying of self has so much hidden shame and sadness to me. Maybe that's what I personally saw and I am wrong but…

  11. DanielWhatTheFuckFlashGamesWhereGreatAlsoYouAreBeautifulThisIsCompletlyUselessButIKnowSomeoneReadItAnywaySoHelloToWhoeverReadThisAlsoWhyWouldYouReadSomethingBySomeoneWhoDoesntEvenHaveAProfilePicture

  12. Looking back at this now is kinda sad, knowing that this was a dark time for Dan. But at least now he can be happy, and the past is behind us. Onto the future, and, Dan, it’s looking great! ❤️

  13. would i be friends with you? ANYBODY and i mean ANYBODY who watches happy tree friends is my friend.

  14. I made a website when I was 10 in coding class and I'm unable to view bc my school deleted the damn short cut

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