12 Types of Students Before Exams
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12 Types of Students Before Exams

November 4, 2019

[Captions by Y Translator]
Okay class,
just a gentle reminder, you’ll be having your exam in
classroom T1T5 at 2pm tomorrow. So you know the procedure. Don’t be late! For now, use this study period to do
the revision for whatever you need. Good luck. THE WELL-PREPARED Hey Denise, what are all these? Oh! These are my notes. I like to use colors because they
help me to remember things better, and it’s also fun and pretty. I love studying. Oh no! After I looked at your notes,
I think I’m gonna fail. THE UNPREPARED Okay, can we just test each other? Sure. What is the process of photosynthesis? Oh, okay! It absorbs sunlight, and… Um… And… Converts? It converts… Why can’t I remember anything? Hate myself! Why can’t I remember anything? Can I have my ruler back? Oh. Thank you. THE TRAIN-WRECK Oh! Oh no! There’s so much to study,
I don’t know where to start. My mom says if I fail this exam, she’ll take me to TAF club
and boarding school. Everytime I revise, I still keep failing. Hey. Kevin, don’t cry. Just calm down. We just have to try our best. But I really don’t want to go to TAF club. But there’s nothing to do with our test. Are you saying I’m fat? Yo Kevin. All of us are stressed too. Can you don’t make
everything about yourself? Just go and cry somewhere else. THE NEW “FRIENDS” Hey! You’re Ren Yi Xiang, right? Yes. What do you want? What do you mean what we want? We don’t want anything. We just want to be your friend. Yes. And friends share notes together, right? But the whole year, none
of you talked to me before. But I got guest list for this weekend’s party. Guest list? What’s guest list? Leave him alone guys. Unbelievable, right? They just want your notes. Anyway, I got you some
new colored pencils, and I think you’re gonna like that. Oh my gosh! Colored pencils! Wow! I’m just gonna take this…>>Yellow, Blue.
>>And copy… No, this is–
This is mine. Yellow, blue. Wow! I’m gonna color so much. This is how you do it. THE DEFEATED Yo guys! If you don’t study,
I won’t study. Honestly, I don’t mind failing. What’s the worst thing
that can happen, right? All of us stay back one more year. Next year, we will be in the same class. But I don’t want to stay back. People are going to laugh at me. Hey. Shhh. Don’t be so insensitive. You see that guy behind there? I heard he stayed back
for more than 3 years. Don’t stare. Just keep it down. THE MULTI-TASKER Sharpening colored pencils. Sharpening– Oh no! I do not have much time. I have to study now. Osmosis is the movement of water or
other solvent through a plasma membrane from a region of low solid concentration to a region of high solid concentration. Hmm? The reproductive system is a collection
of internal and external organs in both– Males… And females. To find the area of the triangle– Yo, Ren Yi Xiang. Do you want to play soccer with us? But I need to study. Just one game, we need a keeper. Okay. If you divide by the height, and then after that, minus of
the additional number… And resistance to changes of shape… To changes of shape… Molecules are closely packed. Ah! Now it make sense. Closely packed. Due to its vital role in
survival of the species, many scientists– THE STUDY GROUP Guys, group study? Yes, group study! Yes! Let’s go. Guys, group study?>>Group study?
>>Yes. Hey! HEY! GROUP STUDY? Group study? Yeah? Okay, let’s go. Do you guys know Kevin
hyperventilates in class? Oh my gosh, did he really cry? Yeah, he was so drama like… Do you think it’s real? No, I think it’s fake. It’s so obvious. Oh my God guys! It’s been forever since we are together, so let’s just take a selfie. Okay. Oh my God! I think we haven’t actually studied. Oopsie! Anyway, good luck guys! Ah, my notes. THE CHILL STUDENT So, JianHao, are you not gonna study? No, no. I am going to study. Just not now. Okay, think about it. The more last minute I study,
the fresher it will be in my head, so I don’t forget it during the exam. Logic. Chill. There’s still time to study. Huh? But the exam is tomorrow. Exactly, chill. There’s still time. THE PROCRASTINATOR All right. Time for me to finally study. I should probably change
into some comfy clothes first. Okay. So much to study for,
where do I even start? Maybe Dan would know. Hey Dan, have you started yet? I just wanted to check–
wait Fortnite? New season? I mean, it’s just one game. What’s the worst
that could happen, right? Yo guys! Come on. Anyone have any minis? Dan, come on. I need some shields.
I need some shields. Come on man, how many
times must I tell you, you build before you fight. You build before you fight. Ah, okay. Work mode! I’m going to turn off my phone. water? Probably need some water
to get started. Water is so bland. Red Bull! That’s the real Red Bull. Anyway, what’s the difference? Is it like the fat, the energy, the protein? Hey, Nicole. Do you know the difference
between the two Red Bulls? I should Google this, interesting stuff. THE MOTIVATED TO STUDY Time to get to work. Okay, time to really study now. The right angle triangles are triangle
in which one of the angles is a right angle. Okay. I need a break. THE DESPERATE STUDENT Please let me pass my exam. I promise I will stop playing Fortnite. I just don’t understand
why every time it’s exam, there’s a new Fortnite season. Or even better, may the school
be destroyed by a meteor. What are you doing? I’m trying to memorize some stuff. Okay. Have you studied? Just destroy the school. I mean, honestly, it doesn’t matter
how it’s destroyed, right? As long as it is destroyed. I’ll get it. Excuse me, do you have a
moment talk about our Lord? Aw yeah, my boy. I’ve been expecting you. Yo! This is the exact guy that we need. Come, come, come. We got a lot to talk about. Do you have an exam package
that I can subscribe to? Honestly, I know he’s busy, but I’m pretty desperate at this rate. I don’t mind paying
a premium price. THE LAST MINUTE STUDENTS Oh, my God!
Exam is in a few hours. What is this? I didn’t study this last night. I studied everything,
I didn’t study this. Menstruation cycle? No, it’s the periodic table, isn’t it? This is the periodic– Denise! Did you studied the whole night as well? No, actually, I didn’t study much last night. All right, if Denise didn’t study, then we were okay, you know. We all didn’t study. We’re safe. No, actually, I didn’t study much last night because I have been paying attention
and taking notes since the start of the year. I mean, there’s so much content. It’s literally impossible
to cramp it all in last minute. We’re gonna fail. Call my Mom, tell her
I have a tummy ache. Call my Mom. THE OBLIVIOUS STUDENT Oh my God, we’re gonna fail! We’re gonna fail! Hey guys, long time no see. Why are you all standing
outside the classroom? What’s all the commotion about? Naomi. Yes? You’re still in our class? Yup! Well, okay. It’s our science exam today. So… What science exam? I’ve been gone for nine months, and no one told me
there’s a science exam today. Oh my God.
I cannot take this pressure. I need to puke. Again? Maybe it’s a good time to be pregnant. Yeah. THE CHEATER Okay. I’m desperate. My mom told me not to cheat
but I’m just going to do it. Okay, I’m just gonna leave
my notes right here. JianHao! What are you doing? I think there was
something under the sink.. Something… Trying to cheat, right? How did you know? Follow me. Fo– Trust me, follow me. Okay, everybody listen up. I’ve stayed back
for many years now. So trust me. I’ve seen all the students
who tried to cheat and got caught. Nine years ago, G7 pen,
the student tried to put the cheating notes inside a pen. What do you think
happened to him? He got caught. Three years ago, they tried to use the plastic
water bottle strategy. What do you think happened? He got caught. Then there was one year, some guy tried to write
the notes on his palm! What happened? Let me guess, he got caught? No, he had his hand chopped off. It’s cut right off. Yes, his hand. There was even one girl who dared
to put her cheating notes right here. Oh, yeah. Right here. Okay, let me guess,
she got caught? No, she actually got away with it. But do you have boobs? I don’t think so! What I’m trying to say is
I’ve seen this invigilator work, and nothing gets past him, and I mean nothing gets past him, and that’s why after all this time,
after all these years, I’ve come up with
the perfect cheating plan. What’s gonna happen is this is the layout of our
classroom class T1T5. It is a very special room, because it’s the only room in the
whole school that has windows. During the exam,
every 13.5 minutes, based on my observation
of these 12 years, Mr. Papadum will make a 90-degree turn
and look outside the window for 9.8 seconds. During that time,
our star player, MVP Denise, that’s you right? Yes, that’s you. You will hold up your exam paper and show us all your answer. Now if my calculations and
my mathematic are correct, then in our 1 hour and 15 minutes, we will have time to copy all her answers, and then we will pass
with flying colors! And I will pass this goddamn exam! We can do this! Yes we can! Yes we can. Yes we– Okay, shut up! Now, it’s time to practice. Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Up! Up! Up! Down! Up. Come on guys, you can do it. Down! And stop! Oh my God guys! 9 seconds on the clock! We did it. Yeah. We did it! We finally did it. After 12 years, I can finally move
on to secondary 3. Okay, Denise, you can do this! You are going to bring us to glory. It is on! Why no aircon? Need to repair this. So guys, the aircon is not working, and I would like to have the right
environment for you guys to have your examination. So we shall go to another room, which unfortunately does
not have any windows. Come. Move along. Oh no. Oh no. We’re gonna fail!

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    If you wake up, just grab a book that you need to study after your awake cause your brain is still fresh so it would contain so much

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