12 Times When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted!
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12 Times When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted!

March 8, 2020

From simple acts of irony, to “clever girls”
who outsmarted their foes. Join me as we discover 12 times the hunter
became the hunted! 12. What Remains… So imagine this. You’re a park ranger in South Africa, and
during one of your tours of the area you find traces of human remains. Specifically, you find items left by humans,
including an axe, some guns and ammunition, and other things. You might think, “were these hunters?” But then, you find wire cutters, and you realize
the truth, these weren’t hunters, they were poachers! Poachers are illegal hunters who kill game
for sport or profit. And it’s illegal to poach animals out of season,
or in conservation areas. But, despite the warnings and the penalties,
the hunters still come out to “play”. Focusing back on the park rangers. When they were examining these items, they
noticed that there were no humans in sight, and that the items were more or less strewn
across the ground. So, what happened to the poachers? After some investigation, it was discovered
that they were actually in a lion enclosure, but were supposed to be hunting rhinoceros. During their “trek”, they unintentionally
came upon a pride of lions. And I bet you can guess what happened next. Needless to say, the poachers got what was
coming to them. 11. Oh Deer… There’s a common misconception about certain
animals that are allowed to be hunted. And that is simply that many of these animals
are able to be hunted because they’re not predators. Thus, they won’t attack humans for the most
part, and any deaths are accidental. Sadly, for Paul J. Smith of Indiana, he found
out the hard way that this not only wasn’t the case, but that it was something that was
downright wrong. You see, he was (legally), hunting for deer
at a local state park. And during his trip, he indeed saw a deer
and shot it form within his deer stand upon a tree. So, he went to observe his kill. But it was then that the mistake was made,
because the deer wasn’t dead! Instead, the deer got back up, and seeing
Smith as a threat, the deer attacked, willing to go out swinging. Unfortunately for the deer, Smith was able
to deal a final blow. However, in the scuffle the deer caused serious
damage to Smith. And when his son came to find him to help
with his kill, the park rangers found his father passed away. 10. Outfoxed
The story I’m about to tell you is entirely true, and that makes it all the more hilarious
in my mind. You see, in Belarus, a hunter found himself
looking at a fox. And decided that it would make a good trophy. Or a meal. Either or. Anyway, he lined up the shot, and took it. And indeed, he did hit the fox. But not fatally. So, to do a “mercy killing”, he went up to
the fox and prepared to finish it off with the butt of his gun. But that’s where the irony came in. Because the fox leaped forward and scrapped
with the hunter. And in the process of doing so, the foxes
paw went onto the gun, and actually was able to pull the trigger of the gun. Wounding the hunter, and allowing the fox
to get away. As for the man, he didn’t die, but he was
most certainly humiliated after this incident, and that’s why he chooses to remain anonymous. Frankly, after an encounter like that…wouldn’t
you? 9. Grin And Bear It
While it’s true that sometimes the hunter gets what they deserve when they’re attacked
by the creatures they’re hunting (legally or not), there are also times when life finds
a way…to just screw with you. For example, Chase Dellwo was a 26-year-old
bow hunter who was minding his own business and going after a group of elk with his weapon. It was legal, it was fair, and very likely
the elk wouldn’t have attacked him even if he struck. But, the same couldn’t be said for the bear. “What bear?”, you ask? Well, you see…while tracking down the elk
group, he found himself looking at a sleeping bear. One that woke up when he tried to escape. Unfortunately for Chase, he did get pretty
banged up by the bar. However, he was also able to get the bear
to run away using an old trick his grandmother taught him. So the lesson here is, be sure to be mindful
of your surroundings, and be VERY quite when it comes to leaving the area of a bigger predator. 8. Hungry Hungry Hippos
It’s very easy to think of Hippos as lazy creatures, mainly because as long as you don’t
disturb them, they actually are quite peaceful. As well as very intelligent, as they have
saved human lives in the past. But, don’t mistake a somewhat lazy nature
for inability to defend themselves. There have been many times in the past where
a hippy has gone on to do serious damage to people, and even taking their lives. One hunter was actually trying to get one
for his trophy case, and didn’t notice that one was actually right under his canoe. Before he could do anything, the hippo flipped
his boat, got him into the water, and did what came naturally. And hippos are known to be so unpredictable,
that they’ll actually attack loyal friends. Like one South African man who had a hippo
as a pet, and then it turned on him. The point here is, Hippos are dangerous, and
that should be noted before even thinking of approaching them. 7. Big Game Hunter…Hunted
Despite what people believe, there are places where “big game hunting” is allowed, and it’s
allowed for a reason. Mainly, it’s allowed to help fund preservation
of other animals. It’s a complicated subject, and that’s why
no matter what, most of the world views big game hunters as evil. Which is why when Ian Gibson got his “just
desserts”, no one was really sad about it. He was in Zimbabwe hunting a Bull Elephant
for a client. And after tracking him to a certain spot,
he decided to get in closer to try and measure the ivory tusks on the elephant. But, unbeknownst to Mr. Gibson, the elephant
was in a state of increased testosterone, which meant it was more aggressive. So when it noticed the hunter, it charged
him, and eventually took his life. The other irony of this situation is that
the “client” that the Bull Elephant was supposed to go to? He saw the whole thing. I bet that got him to back off the whole “kill
the elephant” thing, don’t you think? 6. Cat Scratch Fever
Now, unlike Mr. Gibson, one Bud Griffith was doing nothing wrong when he started hunting
animals. In fact, he was actually on his farm when
he started go after some local wildlife. What kind? Turkeys! So nothing illegal or immoral there. But after starting his hunt for these turkeys,
he found himself in an encounter that he never expected. While focusing on what was ahead of him a
Bobcat of all things jumped him from behind, and started to scratch him. Needless to say, this caught him off guard. And the Bobcat was 25 pounds, so that’s a
big cat to be dealing with unsuspectingly. Thankfully for Griffith, he was able to get
the cat off of him and take it out before doing more harm to him. And while he was the victor, he’s definitely
going to be remembering to watch his back from now on. 5. Quick Strike
While it’s true that sometimes you can get hunted by the biggest or quickest or most
vicious of animals, it’s also true that sometimes it’s the ones you can’t see that are the most
deadly. And for one Dick Rupert back in 2009, he found
himself to be the victim of a Rattlesnake strike. Rattlesnakes are a legendary breed of snake,
and they contain venom in their fangs that can be fatal if not treated properly and quickly. But most importantly, they can be easy to
miss when you’re walking around in the woods like Rupert was with his grandson. He was actually getting out of a deer stand
when he was attacked by the snake. And even though the grandson did everything
right to try and get him treatment, he couldn’t save his grandfather. So let that be another lesson for you. Always make sure to mind the ground you walk
on when you don’t know the turf. You never know what you might step on, or
what might be waiting to strike. 4. A Wounded Bear Walks Into The Woods
You know what’s worse than a sleeping bear that thinks you’re lunch? How about a wounded bear that ain’t going
down without a fight? In 2014, in Minnesota, a group of (legal)
hunters were trying to take down a bear. But they didn’t have guns, they instead used
a bow and arrow. Sure enough, they got a hit on the bear, and
forced it to flee into the woods to try and get away from them. The hunters tracked the trail of blood after
a waiting period (to try and give the bear time to die), and walked deep into the woods. Unfortunately, the bear was still alive, and
this 500+ pound behemoth rushed at them. One got caught by the bear, but was able to
fight it off. The man lived, the bear died, and the party
will be much more careful when it comes to tracking their prey no doubt. 3. Fear The Anteater
What’s that? You don’t think it’s possible for an anteater
to kill someone? Then you shouldn’t tell that to the two Brazilian
families who lost someone from anteaters. They may not look vicious when they’re just
trying to eat ants and have a good meal, but like any animal, if you corner them? They’re going to strike. Sure enough, two different anteaters were
cornered by hunters in Brazil in two separate years, and they used their rather impressive
bodies to do what needed to be done. One was brutal, the other was efficient, but
either way you look at it, the Anteater won. 2. Everybody’s Got A Buffalo… Heading back to Zimbabwe, a professional hunter
named Owain Lewis was tasked of taking down a buffalo. And for a bit, everything seemed to be going
well. The hunter and his client tracked the buffalo,
and they got a shot off. But, it wasn’t fatal, and so the buffalo actually
ran away into the nearby desert. Not willing to give up on it, Lewis and his
client spent three days tracking it, and they finally found it. But, it was still alive, Lewis took a couple
of more shots to try and finish it off, but the buffalo refused to go down, and charged
Lewis, who didn’t have time to react before getting hit full on by the buffalo. Taking his life in the process. The only “bright spot” of this endeavor was
that afterwards, a fund was set up to help Lewis’ family because he was viewed as an
honorable man by the community. 1. Wanted: Dr. Walter Palmer
Oh yeah, this is a hilarious one for sure. Because this dentist from Minnesota thought
it would be a good idea to pay poachers to take a Lion’s life and send the body back
to him in the States. Except, that the lion they killed was a local
celebrity named Cecil. Oops. Of course, Dr. Palmer claimed he didn’t know
that… “I had no idea that the lion I took was
a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study, until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional
guides to ensure a legal hunt.” Right…except you had poachers kill the lion
so that kind of ruins your credibility doc. Anyway, when he got home with his “prize”
he became a very infamous celebrity. So much so that people stalked him on the
internet, outside his home, and at his place of work to try and get justice for Cecil the
Lion. He went into hiding, and technically hasn’t
been seen since… There you have it, a vast lineup of cases
where hunters found the tables turned on them and became the prey! What did you think of these events? Which of these attacks do you find the most
shocking? Or the most ironic? Did you sympathize with any of these hunters? Let me know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time.

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  2. Most be their worst nightmares..
    Sometimes they ( hunters ) get what they deserved..
    Awesome content.. Thanks for sharing..💖

  3. I find it hilarious when hunters get what's coming to them they probably kill loads of animals before they are killed by them 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  4. I hate people, so if I could, I would gladly take everyone of the hunters and poachers out of existence. We are supposed to be the caretakers of the animals and the Earth. By the way, in case none of you assholes around this planet don't understand anything, let me inform you that people are mammals, and that means that we are a part of the animal kingdom.

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