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August 27, 2019

THE STUPID QUESTIONS GUY [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
[Music] [Music]>>What are you guys doing?>>Oh, we are watching the World Cup.>>Ah. How’s our country doing?>>Our country?>>Singapore is not in the World Cup.>>What do you mean
we are not in the World Cup? Singapore is in the world, right? Must we be in the cup
THE NON-FANS>>Oh, hey bro.>>Didn’t know you watch football too, huh?>>No. I’m just here for the food. Pass me the curry sauce. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE POSER>>Hey! Sup guys!>>India? India is not even in the World Cup.>>I knew that. I mean, this is my Dad’s jersey. I mean, I didn’t have anything to wear.>>Alright. Alright. Poser. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE SLEEPER>>Move over. Move over. So I’m here watching
the World Cup with my friends.>>Do you even know what team that is?>>Deutscher… Holland? Watching the Holland
games with my friends. Yeah.>>Why are you here?>>HOLLAND!>>Go home. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE HATER>>Are you guys still watching soccer?>>Yeah, do you wanna join us?>>Nah. I wouldn’t wanna see people
kicking the ball around the field.>>Why are you so against it?>>Four years ago, my Dad put all our life savings into Brazil. Putting us into a poverty cycle after Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany.>>That got dark really fast.>>Wow. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. But you can try again this year. I think Brazil has a pretty
good chance you know.>>No, no. You sound like my Dad. Stop it. Stop it. No, Daddy, no. Don’t open it. I wanna save it for the future. Don’t break it. Don’t take it away. My piggy bank! Piggy bank! Piggy Bank. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE GIRLS>>Hey girls. You watch football too?>>Of course. Ronaldo is so handsome. How not to watch?>>And Dybala’s eyes are so dreamy. Oh my God. He is so hot.>>Alright. You guys have fun.>>Bye.>>Hello? Tony. Bet on next week’s match, 3-1 Brazil. $500.>>$500, ah.>>Okay, bank transfer ya. Okay, thank you. Thank you.>>Eh, Hello Ben. The odds for next week’s match is 10 to 1. The more you bet, the more you win.>>Hello? Henry? Okay. $2000.>>Yeah, $2000. When are you gonna
make payment by the way? Wait how are you going to pay by? 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE NOISY FANS>>GOAL!>>[speaks in Spanish]>>Hey! How many times must I say? Lower down the volume
or I’ll have to call the police.>>Come on, Peter Papadum. It’s World Cup season. We’re all here to have fun. I mean, you’re a football fan, right? Why don’t you come in,
join us to watch the beautiful game?>>Me watch the beautiful game with you? Are you sure?>>Yeah. Come in. Come in. Come on. Come on.>>I told you your team
wouldn’t make it man. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE WRONG SUPPORTER>>What are you doing? This is a rugby jersey. We’re watching football.>>Get your head on the game. Come on.>>Ah, no, no, no, no, no. Liverpool? This is a club. Country. World Cup. Country.>>Come on! Yo! I love my country. But we’re not in the World Cup.>>Italy. Four times World Cup Champion.>>Not this year. They’re not in the World Cup this year.>>Alright, I give up. Ya, I know. It’s not even football.>>India. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS>>Alright. Joga Bonito, let’s go. Hey. How about you try Cheryl?>>Let’s go.>>What have you done? How are we gonna watch
the World Cup like this? Oh my god. Okay. Okay. Okay. Wait. Why is the stream lagging? Wait guys, come back. I can refresh it. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE PICKY WATCHERS>>Oh my gosh! Is this the LG OLED TV?>>Yeah, it’s the new LG OLED 77 inch C8.>>This is the one
with the Alpha 9 Processor. It supports HDR 10,
Hybrid Log Gamma, and Dolby Vision.>>Wow. I didn’t know
you knew so much about TVs.>>I just heard of it
but never seen it in real life.>>Oh. Well. Do you want to watch football
with me after I set this up?>>All my life, all I ever wanted was
to have a perfect home cinema. Yes. This one has the new Alpha 9 Processor, which supports HDR 10, Hybrid Log Gamma and Dolby Vision.>>WOW.>>These new LG OLED TVs
produce such deep dark blacks, which allow higher contrast, richer colors, which truly
achieves an excellent picture quality.>>I agree. I feel like I’m on the field with them, like I can touch the players.>>Football has never looked so good. Hey guys, don’t tell
anyone I got this TV, okay? Sort of wanna enjoy this in peace.>>Okay. 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE NEIGHBORS>>Do I know you?>>No, but I heard
your house has a nice TV.>>Bro, what’s your wifi password? 12 ANNOYING PEOPLE DURING THE WORLD CUP:
THE GLORY HUNTER>>So, you’re a Germany fan?>>Yeah, been supporting
them since I was a child, since the Beckenbauer days.>>Huh? You weren’t even born yet. He’s just supporting them
because they won the last time.>>Yeah! BRAZIL! BRAZIL! BRAZIL! BRAZIL! I told you! I told you! [Music]

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  1. 1 subscribe to Jian Hao Tan = £100,000,000,000.00 (100 billion pounds) to Ren Xi Xiau (idk how 2 spell )

  2. everyone was like


    2 mins later


    oh and do u know umm phong hoa from vietnam highschool??Hes my uncle!!
    He told me u guys played with kathy or katherine right??And u have a sister!!So does phong hoa and he told me u had a puppy names bun cha since u studied in vietnam as well??

  3. 2:54
    See Sierra speaking Spanish
    Looks like she is the number one supporter of Spain.!!!!

  4. Captain marvel :hey peter you got something for me.
    Jianho:put his Germany jersey off and saying brazil brazil ??

  5. Mr Muthu Raja was cheering for India.
    That girl supported India and everyone went “India India India”
    Mr Muthu Raja tries to cheer for his country.

    Jianhao: whacks him in the face get out bro

  6. The girl that always dressed in the wrong jersey The first rugby jersey was SUPPORTING MY COUNTRIES RUGBY TEAM

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