11 POINT BUCK DOWN!  Deer Hunting 2019 – Browning 25-06 – Pennsylvania Rifle Season – Boozer
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11 POINT BUCK DOWN! Deer Hunting 2019 – Browning 25-06 – Pennsylvania Rifle Season – Boozer

December 9, 2019

hey everyone it’s Monday morning which
normally is the first day of rifle but it is now the second day we’re about 8
o’clock Sun finally come up that I can actually be seen in here
we had one buck to come out earlier this morning oh it is a buck it is a buck
it’s a big buck Matt I believe he was the same one from Saturday we saw I
unfortunately made a shot and missed them so Oberlin deer are on the move
that we’re hoping we can see some deer just me and my father-in-law Bob Uncle
Bill was sick Kristi has to work and other than that
and we’re gonna hang out here hopefully all day and see lots of deer so there’s
more to this video then obviously we did hope it’s a buck it’s tiny yeah just literally has one antler
thought it’s right yeah old over now he’s at work he’s late well
he’s huge okay got him front leg he’s going down to the lower
shanty well my father-in-law did get this dear we
didn’t come straight down he’s running off the lower leg looked a little rough
so I thought maybe he might have been a little low so laying down to the end of
the field and then walk my way back looking for blood and then if anything
would push him out to Bob or the cousins down below but yeah Bob I’m gonna have
to deal with him here bob is gonna be going in for open-heart surgery here
next week so you had some congestive heart failure right now so for him to
get down here he’s not gonna be able to but a really nice block you know so
excellent you know two and a half year old but just awesome I knew we had
missed one over there today I missed one so disappointing but this one come out
Bob got a good shot so I’m pretty excited and I can’t wait for Bob to see
him so Bobby just got to the side-by-side
bring him out and I’m just ecstatic for him right now
so here’s Bob 2nd or the first Monday normally the first day but he shoots the
second day with the nice 11 pointer as a kicker on the front and
mainframe 10 of a very nice rewarding day here on Monday hopefully we can
continue to see some more deer moving so hopefully we’ll get more for you you

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  2. Boozer needs more vids!!
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  3. I guess the 4 thumbs down are the trolls that stock every hunting video. Great job, I'm praying the surgery goes well and he's back next year.

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