11 Classic Video Games You Can Play Online!
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11 Classic Video Games You Can Play Online!

October 9, 2019

Press “power” and play old school Atari games like “Space Invaders”, or venture down the “Oregon Trail”. Michael has typhoid? DONG has dysentery? Jake has measles? Kevin has exhaustion? Nikki has died? where did I go wrong? Hello, I’m Nikki and let’s go back in time. The only games you would play on the go were either on a gameboy or a non smartphone. Well, it’s throwback DONG’s day and there’s no need to dust off those old controllers because just for you I have several retro video game DONGs: “Things You Can Do Online Now Guys. For more Atari games you can play “Pong”, “Asteroids”, and even “Centipede” straight from the Atari website. There are several other titles to choose from with updated graphics. But for me, “Snake” takes the cake for my video game nostalgia. See how long you can last and how long you can grow, as you eat apples and avoid running into walls, and yourself. Play all levels of this 1980 classic at “freepacman.org” You make pacman “walka walka” all over the board eating pellets to advance to the next level, all the while being chased by ghosts. Eating a power pellet allows you to eat your enemies for a small amount of time. You’ve probably played this before. You’ve probably play “Tetris” before. It has been on over fifty platforms, in 185 countries. And if you’ve ever been on a Windows computer in the 90s, you probably played “Minesweeper” before, released in 1989. Or at least clicked a bunch until you lost. And you’ve definitely played Super Mario Brothers. Mentioned previously in a DONG is Super Mario crossover this game has an updated version. In this amazing fan remake play as your other favorite Nintendo characters, traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom. Each character is accompanied with abilities that you know and love and the respected game music, and sound effects with multiple level themes to choose from, more characters, and multiple scans from each. And if that just makes you miss blowing to the bottom of your N.E.S cartridges, 8bit.com offers many Nintendo titles
ready to play in your web bowser — y-your web browser. Like, Metroid and Contra. And for a more portable game, boy you should visit playr.org they offer several Gameboy titles including most of the Pokemon games even Pokemon pinball and the Japan exclusive, Pokemon Green. And before you play Street Fighter 5 you should play Street
Fighter 2 champion edition. It even has button values for light medium and high
attacks for easy medium and heavy there’s flash flash revolution with many
songs to choose from, finger-tap to your favorite DDR songs and get that double A it’s
definitely a less sweaty experience. Links to all DONGs can be found in the
description below I’m Nikki and as always, thank for playing. [OUTRO PLAYS]

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  1. heh a new guy. Anyway, this stuff seems cool, I can see myself getting lost in the pokemon games if I ever go down that trail.

  2. PLEASE! We don't need new faces! Vsauce is as good as is it is..I know you guys have a lot to do and have tons of stuff do deal with, but I'm begging you, DO NOT follow Ray William Johnson. ://///

  3. I honestly liked the DONGs better when there was no set theme for the video, such as "Classic Video Games" or "Musical". Just random things you find on the internet. Is that too much to ask?

  4. Did anyone else name their Oregon Trail characters after the fatal diseases and hope the they'd match up when they croaked? Anyone? ("Dysentery has died of cholera. Man, so close!")

  5. I don't mind Nicky, but I think a lot of his scripts sound too much like Jake and Michael; I'd enjoy him in videos a lot more if he had his own sound and style rather than trying to emulate others.

  6. Not sure I agree with advocating the use of illegal products… what's next week? 10 new release films you can watch online COUGH pirate bay COUGH?

  7. Ok i never knew how minesweeper worked and I still don't today. Huzzah to us who just played by luck

  8. Minesweeper is a great game but super frustrating at higher difficulties when you pretty much constantly get to a point where the possible mine placement and count can't be narrowed down any further, usually when you just have one corner chunk left, and you have to basically just take a 50/50 chance and guess.

    I really, really miss the old Apple version (Actually it might have been windows, it was a Power Mac; a hybrid system from the early 90's that could run Windows AND Apple applications) I had that had four difficulty settings, four size settings, and based on the difficulty/size combo, would give you a certain number of free chances that you could drag from the top right corner that would either mark or reveal the tile. I played it when I was a kid and not good enough at the game yet to fully 'if then, else' my way through it, so I beat every size/difficulty combination eventually… except Expert Extra Large. (An entire screen full of smaller than normal squares, where tiles could regularly show up numbers between 4 and 7.

    Oh, and it would ALWAYS generate the minefield so that you'd click on a 0 tile for your first click. OH MY GOD WHY DOES REGULAR MINESWEEPER NOT HAVE THAT.

  9. Wow, we've gone full piracy with this one. The Game Boy games are still protected copyrights held by Nintendo. Particularly the Pokémon games, which were just rereleased by Nintendo on their 3DS console, renewing the copyrights for a minimum of 20 more years.

  10. I tried to play Pokémon on the Playr site but I could not get past the title screen. I can't play on a DS the screens are too small. douse anyone know where I can play Pokémon on my computer so I can see it better?

  11. I still have my OG game boy in full working condition. I'm looking for some more games as I can't finds lots of them 🙁 anyone know where I can get some?

  12. Hey Nicky! Can u help us by posting the links of all the dongs ever ….like Vsauce used to do before the D.O.N.G. channel ?
    U know in the D.O.N.G.s Galore…..https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UDrmnu6hVlLkx3jGdOXje_dmMeOQO3uEHDHwgY5sxyE/edit

  13. Note that the Atari games only work in IE and they need Flash (despite their claim to be HTML 5). Thanks Microsoft for ruining my day … again.

  14. Anyone could have just googled these games and gotten the same websites. Stuff like the worlds largest pacman or tetris map would have been more imaginative

  15. That snake game is just wrong, I remember being able to go through walls and come back from the wall opposite to it

  16. Pointless video…. When I feel like playing some old Mario, I just go find the site that offers the old style Mario…

    EDIT: Perhaps leaving the general sites like 8bit in, why not, but then the whole video would shrink to a minute or so.

  17. Didn't think I'd see Vsauce condone and suggest piracy.

    I mean, not that I have a problem with emulating NES and GB games
    But still wow though

  18. Where can I find a web emulation of Windows XP's Space Cadet Pinball (the one without the music) that I don't have to download?

  19. Not a fan of this video, bad presentation, subject matter is possibly illegal content and OMG explaining pacman??? seriously???

  20. eeh.. You could of just shown off games from archive.org . This is one of those grey areas most youtuberers don't really like to touch. "Hey guys, here is where you can play pokemon games online for free!" Im sure the original devs dont care, but knowing Nintendo. They do.

  21. Scorched Earth? Chip's Challenge? Lode Runner? Oh um… Actually that is wrong. We did get Pokemon Green. We just called it Blue. The real Pokemon Blue of the Japanese release is the exclusive game that never truly left Japan. Pokemon Red and Green came out to the states with the updated programming and the changed art of the Pokemon from the Blue version that was released in Japan. But the truth is we did really get the Red and Green versions. It's just Nintendo of America decided they liked to sell the colors of Red and Blue better for the Marketing of America. So they changed the Pokemon Green to Pokemon Blue. But the real Pokemon Blue release in Japan has never left Japan. So in truth what we haven't seen either are the real prototypes for Red and Green. The first two colors of the Pokemon games that were released in Japan had more bugs and a different Pokemon Monster/character art than what we know today to be more standardized. So the original versions of both Pokemon Red and Green we never really got what we have instead are updated versions of those games. So you should go and get the real Pocket Monsters Aka and Pocket Monsters Midori if you want that real original experience.

  22. Good god, get the overgrown mouse out of here, you're not even thankful for me watching?! Thanks, but no thanks?

  23. I must point out that D.O.N.G. is the only channel of the Vsauce bunch where Nicky appears and at the same time the channel has the yellow theme. Coincidence? I don't think so. #racialcontroversy

  24. While I agree with several people who brought up stuff relating to the video like how they don't like them categorized, or not liking the "thanks for playing" ending quote – As long as I have something to do on a boring afternoon, I'll take it.

  25. Vsauce, it would be great for me if you play my game, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ivpgames.fallingblocks&hl=es . Try it out!, it would be awesome for me <3 , just giving ideas for a new DONG (?

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