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107 MORE South Park Facts YOU Should Know (ToonedUp #211) | ChannelFrederator

August 11, 2019

What is one of seven facts have in common with [Southpark]? [we’ve] always got more material to cover from Kenny’s last death [-] the inspiration [behind] butters We’ve got more to tell you about your favorite South park residents [hi], I’m JD with channel frederator, and we’re gonna [Dish] another set of zany moments and info about this small town And it’s crazy citizens that you may not know So get your snow caps and satire face ready cuz we’re cutting down 107 more facts about South park. Let’s get started Number one the show’s iconic stop-Motion paper cutout animation style was inspired by Terry Gilliam’s paper cutout style from Monty Python’s flying circus South Park Creators Matt stone and Trey parker are huge fans of my python’s flying circus [number] two in the first South Park original short Jesus [versus] Frosty the name [Kitty] was associated with the character Designed to serve the basis for Cartman in the short because even a character that looks identical to the Kenny scene in the main series But he is it given a name number [3] pixar films heavily influenced South Park’s writing style according to stone and parker pixar taught them that you can take a basic played-out plot and make the story unique by adding small twists So an otherwise cliche story becomes something fresh and exciting [number] 4 in the unaired pilot Episode Cartman had a father and even a younger sister [they’re] briefly seen when Cartman’s mom is setting the table for dinner number [five] the pilot episode of South Park had a budget of $300,000 it was written by Matt stone and trey parker and parker directed it as well number 6 While the first episode was made out of construction paper cutouts the actual process of animating the whole episode Largely fell on Matt stone [and] trey parker with some help from animation director Eric [stow] number 7 they created the starry night sky by putting holes into a black poster board and Illuminating it from behind the pooling of Kenny’s blood was simulated by drawing an initial dot with a red marker pen and gradually drawing more Blood with every frame number 8 the characters who weren’t speaking rarely moved which saved on time and animation? So they’re just staring blankly number 9 the finished pilot was 28 minutes long which was too long to Air trey parker and Matt stone Didn’t realize that more time should have been allowed [for] television commercials in order to shorten the episode of 22 minutes parker and stone had To cut out a good chunk of material number 10 the idea for the town of South Park came from the real Colorado basin of the same name where according to the creators a lot of folklore and news reports Originated about ufO sightings cattle mutilations and bigfoot sightings sounds like paradise Number [Eleven] Parker and stones original intentions for the pilot we’re to have the aliens presents feature more frequently in the following episodes but eventually they decided against this because they didn’t want the show to look like a parody of the popular science fiction TV series the x-files number 12 During season ones opening theme song a TV can be seen in the background playing Matt stone and trey parker’s very first South Park Short Jesus versus frosting not long after a billboard appears buying a clip from their updated version of the short Retitled the spirit of Christmas number 13 threes in the episode cartman gets an anal probe contains so much explicit language what’s a dildo is that parker felt pressured to live up to the standards of their original short the spirit of Christmas which contains a Lot [of] obscenities as a result parker admitted that they may have tried to push things farther than they should have Number 14 each episode of South Park is made within the span of always six days for other series it usually takes months to complete An episode Matt stone and trey parker believe that pushing their crew decree’ episodes within six days Encourages them to be more spontaneous in the creative process Making for a funnier show in the end number 15 Randy Marsh and Trey Parker’s dead Have a lot in common, [not] only [are] they both named Randy But they’re also both geologists number 16 hector token black was the only african-American child in South Park until the introduction of Nicole and Cartman finds love during season 16 number 17 Before adrien beard came on to play token as a character parker and stone originally took turns providing their voices for the Few lines token [had] as a minor character [number] 18 officer barbrady voice is based on the voice of syndicated radio talk show host Dennis prager According to trey parker prager has a big bombastic and stupid voice that’s oh so fun to mock but the silliest thing I’ve ever heard number 19 telling was created as an inside joke with the writing team when they took a boating trip some of the writers decided to Take up wakeboarding And somebody shouted don’t forget to bring a towel then everybody started saying this phrase in high-pitched voices and thus tally was born Tally is Also a parody of characters that are created specifically to sell merchandise which oddly enough Tally did oh [waits] to me Matt [song] number 20 trey parker was originally meant to voiced [Allie] But the crew thought his voice for the character sounded identical and Mr.. Hankey [so] tell his voice wound up being provided by Vernon chap who was [a] writer and producer on the show number 21 the Super best [friends] [were] based on a long-Running inside joke that matt and trey had that all the religious deities were close friends and hung out together on a spaceship responding to Crimes much like the Justice league [semen] you and [swelleth] go get his sushi for dinner number 22 in the episode weight gain 4,000 Kathie Lee Gifford Awards Carbon a trophy featuring a golden orgazmo on top orgasm was the protagonist of a film of the same name that was written and directed by trey parker your gas mart ofi returns as A Dodge ball trophy in the episode conjoined fetus lady number 23 [Carmen’s] cat Mr. Kitty has changed genders throughout this course of the series in season [three], Mr. Kitty is a sought-after female cat in heat that partakes in a cat orgy of epic proportions in season 12. It’s revealed that, Mr. Kitty can spread A Concentrated urine required for cheesing something only male cats can do number 24 when Buddy’s was just a non-speaking background character He was referred to as puff puff for the first two seasons It was until the season [three] episode [two] guys naked in a hot tub that he got his big break Number 25 the song Montage and the sports training sequence during the episode asked them is the same song used in Matt and Trey’s 2004 Film [Team] America World police But with slightly altered lyrics number 26 many of the show staff veterans voice recurring characters on the show supervising Producer Jennifer How voices Wendy’s best friend baby Stevens number 27 South park is a habit of changing their characters names over the course of the series? Jimmy Volmers last name was originally Swanson token Black’s last name used to be a less blunt Williams and Chris Dodge was originally Steven stotch number 28 Matt stone and trey parker apparently don’t remember creating the season 3 episode sexual Harassment Panda they attribute this to their Exhilarating efforts creating South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut whose production had ended around the same time season Three’s production Began they compared the production of season 3 to something of a dream with absolute like sexual harassment [Panda] being composed of dilution airy writing despite this they think the episode still pretty funny number 29 [parkers] don’t initially wrote the film South park bigger longer not cut as something is a grand finale for the TV series They personally thought the show’s second and third seasons were terrible enough to Warrant its cancellation Figuring they had nothing else to lose they decided to make the movie a musical number 30 production on South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut Lasted for just one year he usually takes an average of three years to complete a feature-length animated film number 31 Originally the movie’s title was South park all hell breaks loose the motion picture association of America Had a strict rule forbidding the use of the word hell in a movie town for the sake of the film’s promotional material even though Plenty of always before South Park had used the word hell in their titles Matt stone and trey parker gave in to the mPA Instead of all hell breaks loose Sonam parker made their title into a dick joke bigger Longer & Uncut which the MPAA actually approved only? realizing the titles true meaning afterwards number 32 South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut cost 21 million dollars to make and went on to rake in over 52 million dollars domestic and over 80 million worldwide Number 33 at the end of South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut Kenny removes his hood for the first time in South Park history number 34 in the Film [Kenny] is Voiced by Mike Judge Creator Abbey of Synn [bot] head and king of the hill yep Number 35 since the film Kenny also talked without his hood in the Halloween episode a nightmare on facetime Kenny goes dressed as iron man And his voice is only slightly modded with a robot voice number 36 in the credits for South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut Saddam Hussein is credited as [being] played by himself him in the [credits] [ab] jokes number 37 in the film the song called What would Brian Boitano do is a callback to a joke from the old shore the spirit of Christmas in which the boys asked him? Selves what would Brian Boitano do if he had to support either Santa or jesus in the fight instead the Olympic skater takes the high? Road and teaches the boys about the true meaning [of] Christmas [just] like [the] real Brian Boitano would do number 38 what would Brian Boitano do if he found out South park was ribbing on him He taken in stride and find it hilarious [we’re] trying to love that an entire generation of children Look at him as some sort of Chuck Doris type figure even if they know nothing of his [victors] in the Olympics Vh1 even did a special on South park in which they tried to get celebrities at the show picked on to come on and discuss The episodes the thick Skin Brian Boitano was the only one [that] Participated Kanye could learn a thing or two from Brian number 39 while Sarah Parker didn’t need permission to use Brian Boitano name and likeness In their moving Brian apparently needed stone in Parkers permission to use what would Brian Boitano do on t-Shirts he created for Charity number 40 the South Park movies song Hell Isn’t good was performed by Metallica’s James hetfield apparently he wanted to keep this performance a secret number 41 You can see at the end of the film that according to Cartman’s Battle was Saddam Hussein his V-Chip considers the name Barbara streisand a swear word [number] 42 long before he would receive praise for his broadway musical the book of Mormon fate parker received praise for his musical talents at the Academy Awards in 2000 Parker was nominated for best original song for Blame Canada in South Park, Bigger Longer & Uncut [number] 43 trey Parker and Matt stone attended the 72nd Academy awards dressed like women Specifically an outfits that resemble dresses previously worn by Gwyneth paltrow and Jennifer They also decided to take acid before coming to the ceremony not your typical Oscar pre-party Or is it number 44 being the huge South park nerd that he was Robin Williams? Led A Stellar live Performance of the movies [Oscar] nominated song playing Canada number 45 the episode proper condom use was based on teenagers Frustrations in the 80s due to the general public’s demonization of sex during the aids epidemic and parker and stone were 80s teens of course Number 46 the butthead scene in how to eat with your butt We’re based off comics that trademark or drew in high school in which people had butts Foreheads [at] one point he seriously considered making it a premise for [a] show But thought it would have been too juvenile coming from the co-creator of Terrance and Phillip. That’s really saying something Number 47 the fight between Timmy and Jimmy and [Crippled] fight was choreographed after an identical fight sequence in the movie They live they even animated it to the movie’s original score number 48 Jimmy was supposed to be a one-off character That was created specifically to fight timmy and cripple fight in that episode [he] actually isn’t from South park but from a nearby town Jimmy later spontaneously showed up in the classroom, South Park Elementary Without explanation simply because the writers loved him so much even arguably more than Timmy Rock come on number 49 according to a penis size chart seen in the episode tMI Timmy’s full name is Timmy Burch Penis [Church] can teach you a lot number 50 a rumor circulated that [trained] Matt had two versions of the episode about last night produced One were Obama won the 2008 election and another were John McCain won This is False [a] South park crew thought Obama would win So the only episode they purdue’s focused on his victory their back-up plan if Mccain won Was that they would over dub the episode with drunken commentary creating something similar to a mystery science theater? 3000 number 51 While Most South Park episodes are made in six days the imaginationland Saga was developed over a course of three months prior to its aired a why because Imaginationland was intended to be the second South Park movie but the crew thought the story didn’t loan itself well to a Theatrically released film they decided instead to split the story up into three episodes released over the course of three weeks Despite the change of Heart the
Imaginationland Saga was released later on DVD and edited together to resemble a feature-length film number [50] to do – voice actor Isaac Hayes abrupt Departure from the show chefs lines in his final episode the return of chef are all spliced sentences using recordings from Previous episodes Strangely enough it actually fits into the idea [of] shep being brainwashed pretty well number 53 darts Voice actor Peter Serafinowicz Also, Dub Darth Maul’s line in Star Wars episode one [the] Phantom menace number 54 in the episode I’m a little bit country Benjamin Franklin was voiced by none other than Norman lear lear is responsible for creating the TV classics on the family the Jeffersons and Sanford & Son Number 55 manbearpig is an allegory for global warming Parker and stone came up with the idea for the creature after watching former vice president Al gore’s documentary about global warming Called an inconvenient truth in the film Al gore repeatedly preaches about the dangers of [global] warming and how nobody takes him seriously But that they should in the South park episode the [creator] show gore is being somewhat desperate and using this cause for his own fame number 56 the scene Where Cartman revives Kyle after the manbearpig attack is similar to the CPR scene between edy Harris and Elizabeth, Mastrantonio [in] the abyss number 57 Nobody on the writing staff knew Miss Tyrion was at the time of his first appearance Except for parker and stone who always knew he was actually Kenny number 58 in the episode mysterion rises the scene [of] which carbon bonds With CTHulhu is a shot-For-shot Replica of a scene from the studio Ghibli film my Neighbor Totoro number 59 the episode Gluten-free ebola was based on the entire South Park’s writing room a topping a gluten-free diet [it] began when one writer named Kurt became gluten-free and claimed he was much happier because Of it the rest of the writers made fun of him until they slowly began adopting a gluten-free diet one by one with the exception Of one staff writer, [I] guess he really needs his cheesy poof’s Number [64] season 18 randy was just supposed to [pretend] to be lord But everything changed after parker and stone got an article in response to the first episode In which randy dressed up as lord the journal is called South Park staff Insensitive for making Lord Steyn’s father Claiming Lord was an artist with depth and deserved better after reading the article [the] South park writers decided to make this journalist twisted perception Of reality thus randy became Lord’s true identity number 61 Lord responded to her, South Park Representation as well as a young female pop star being accused of being a 45 year old male geologist can she personally found it hilarious And found herself singing yo yo, yo? [I] am lorde four hours after seeing the episode number 62 in the episode Snuke Hillary Clinton’s Southern accent is a spoof on which she delivered a speech in Selma Alabama
And a notable Southern Drawl number 63 the Chewbacca defense using the episode chef aid was a fictitious defense used by Johnny Cochran [that] does Not make sense [similar] to his red herring tactics in the Oj Simpson Trial Cochran’s to the jury if it doesn’t fit you [must] acquit in reference to an earlier part in the trial when Prosecutor [Christopher] [Darden] asked Mr. Simpson to trying a bloody glove found at the murder scene Its evocative on Android you must acquit number 64 for the season 18 finale featuring Pewdiepie the online game vlogger actually recorded his lines while on vacation in Japan and suffering from a bad case [of] the flu [wow] that’s A trooper number 65 Pewdiepie has actually done a let’s play of South park the stick of truth despite How many game publishers typically feel about let’s plays poker and stone are actually appreciative of the ones for stick of truth and see them? As free publicity for their product number 66 in the episode go fund yourself Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder picks up a thrown out newspaper looks into the camera and cries This is actually a reference to a commercial for a long-running ad campaign by Keep America beautiful inc A foundation committed to preventing pollution in the united states the commercial featured a powerful image of a native American looking into the camera and crying number 67 [the] episode freemium isn’t free was based on pitches the South park studio received from developers of freemium games who wanted to create a freemium game similar to the simpsons tapped out or family guy the quest for stuff the developers put an Emphasis on creating an addicting slot-Machine experience first in a good game last number 68 Happy Holograms was based on Parker and Stone own Frustrations with the death of the communal television experience that families once shared they find that now their wives and children are separated from each Other by their various tablets which they prefer over a national TV number 69 for the episode [Tweek] x Craig South park turned to their [fanbase] for help viewers were asked to submit their fan art of tweek and Craig in the yaoi, art Style Yaoi is Fanfiction that scent aroused romantic Relationships between male characters number 70 of all the episodes in the series there are only two episodes that the main boys Don’t appear in season [4] is pip and season [10s] a million little fibers Number 71 Kenny has died a total of 97 times in the show over [the] course of 86 episodes Ninety eight if you count Rob Schneider as Kenny Yeah, [yeah] Kiddie number 72 well Matt stone looks upon the shows earlier Years more Fondly Trey parker Personally hates the first three [season] of the show and could care less if they were spontaneously erased from time itself well We are our own worst critics number 73 of everything they’ve done in the show trey parker absolute favorite South park story is the imaginationland Trilogy number 74 when Saddam Hussein was in prison [the] us Marines guarding him played South park bigger Longer & Uncut for him several times Showing him the cartoon version of himself in the film the soldier set parker and stone a signed picture Saddam in Captivity Enjoying their film [Matt] stone considers this a highlight of his career number 75 after the episode free hat parker and stone received a letter from Steven Spielberg who thanked the Duo claiming He had finally made it now that he was officially a celebrity villain on South park to this day Parkins don’t still can’t tell whether or not the letter was sarcastic and written from a place of Anger or not number 76 free hat was made at a time when Steven spielberg had publicly announced that he was going to digitally touch up scenes from Raiders of The Lost ark the way George Lucas had touched up the original Star Wars trilogy according to a source at Lucasfilm Spielberg abruptly changed his mind after free hat aired implying that the episode may have what snapped spielberg out of it number 77? According to Matt stone after [the] episode super best friends aired David Blaine’s fans began asking him for his [Blaine] ecology book but [South] [Park] Made fun of David Blaine had to tell these fans that no such book actually Existed number 78 South Burke caused even more confusion about David blades image when people began asking why you we said twat at the end Of his sentences which she doesn’t blame called stone and parker to ask where they got the impression and according to [trey] parker It was mostly random but originated from a friend he had in high school That was a heavy metal musician that frequently made a twice out number 79 at the end of the episode 201 [Kyle’s] Speech was heavily censored by comedy central [as] well as the image of the islamic prophet Muhammad due to the Network’s fear of Terrorist threats It wasn’t until four years after the episode aired that the uncensored speech was leaked onto the internet proving that the police were not some Sort of Meta joke on the show’s part ironically Kyle’s speeches about the dangers of letting Terrorism censor comedy number 80 While many merely dismissed the show as nothing more than endless profanities and toilet humor South park has actually been incorporated into a college curriculum McDaniel college in Maryland [offers] a class in which professors screen South park episodes for the students to break down and discuss the social issues covered throughout various episodes number 81 Cartman’s cover of Lady Gaga’s poker Face is actually a playable song in the game Rock band [it] was added as a piece of downloadable content number 82 the episode Simpsons did it came from Parker and Stones? Frustrations of coming up with story ideas and finding out the simpsons have already done it in fact in the episode the Wacky molestation Adventure Cartman was originally going to blot out the sun They get back at Stan and Kyle And they worked all [weekend] dying only to find out it was just like a simpsons episode number 83 several episodes focus on Kyle And it’s religion being the lone jew has resulted in the animosity between him and the anti-semitic Cartman which becomes stronger as the [sirian] progresses Parker and stone have compared this relationship to the one shared by Archie bunker Michael stivic on the 76 all in the family number 84 when developing Kyle’s character parker recalled there being only one Jewish student in his hometown of conifer Colorado and described her as being the token Jewish person he described a moment where all the kids saying Christmas songs and she had to Come out by herself and sing a Hanukkah song number 85 so we all know [lea] [pulled] butterscotch But how did he get his name? Parker and stone actually got the name after calling the producer [Eric’s] [toe] little buddy for about three years and eventually Nicknaming in butters the character butters is warm and caring personality is based on stowe number 86 Butters is the only kid in South park who normally doesn’t use curse words or profanity his happy-Go-lucky Persona has been described as resembling that of a typical 1950s sitcom child character number 87 Randy and Sharon Marcia’s names are derived from Parker’s parents names according to Parker Randy is the dingbat in the entire show But he also said that his own dad is a great father adding I hold my father very dear But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna rip on him number 88 in the season 1 DVD parker stated that Mr. Mackay was based on a school counselor who when he saw parker in the halls during class would simply say ok tray get back to Class now cry number 89 Parker and stone said that they chose Kathie lee gifford for the episode weight gain 4,000 completely at Random not based on any particular reason [nor] [just] [a] [spore] shortly after it aired the tabloid the globe hired Susan Johnson to film herself seducing Frank Gifford Kathie Lee Gifford’s husband for a newspaper story the incident was the first of what parker and stone Called the South Park Curse in which something tragic or embarrassing happens to a celebrity shortly before or after they’re featured on South park number 90 in weight Gain 4,000 gifford appears at a parade hidden inside a bulletproof glass bubble the bubble was inspired by an appearance at Pope John Paul a second Made in the popemobile during a trip to Denver which parker and stone also attended They thought the design of the popemobile which has a bulletproof booth into a back of a modified truck was hilarious Number 91 while Carmen gets an anal probe was created almost entirely with construction paper [weight] gain 4,000 was the first South Park episode made completely using computers number 92 there have been a slew of consultant writers for South Park including comedians like Bill Hader Kristen schaal Kenny Holtz and Brad neely number 93 Snl alum Bill Hader also produced many episodes and even did some voice work Including the voice of the Newsman in the episode sponsored content and truth in advertising number 94 in 2013 South Park opened with an entirely 3D opening credits scene this was accompanied with new Animation and gave the show a new third dimension for its opening number 95 whatever happened to Mr.. Derp Yes, the fan favorite character, Mr. Derp replaced chef in some earlier episodes, but where’s he been since he debuted in season three’s the succubus? But you could still see Mr. Dirt make a cameo in some episodes sometimes as part of crowds and sometimes even in the kitchen saying something weird He was even in the episode Timmy Mm. Throwing lemonade at the Phil Collins show oh Number 96 speaking of missing characters, whatever happened to mephisto. Well according to the show’s creators. He’s not dead in fact He made a cameo in the [clete] free music video number 97 in the episode [Guitar] queer Oh when that says I quit I quit I quit. He’s referencing a scene from Tom hanks’s musical film that thing you do number 98 would you believe me if I told you the show was still using construction paper of course not? But it’s pretty close [after] [the] pilot episode the construction paper used for the show was scanned and used for future episodes in the animation Software Maya [they’ve] used some [of] the same textures for 19 years Number 99 [Mattes] don’t use to voice [Kyle] without making any technical changes But now he uses pro tools to add a childlike inflection to help make the voice sound more like a fourth graders number 100 Parker and Stone work [but] composer Robert Lopez on their musical with a book of Mormon during the Collaboration the Duo asked lopez to come to their studio and create an episode with them and workshop ideas the collaboration Led to the episode Broadway [Bro-down] number 101 [at] the turn of the century many shows and products use the year 2000 in their titles to make fun of America being obsessed [by] [2000] fires started putting the number in episode titles for a while some of them include quintuplets mm Mm, and silly hate crime Mm. And Timmy Mm number 102 [we] all know the running gag of Kenny died but by now parker and stone had pretty much abandoned the Joe So the last time we see Kenny dies in the episode titties and dragons where princess Kenny leaves from the top of the sony building And falls to his death unfortunately [this] time stan and Kyle were not around to say oh my good you killed Kenny you? bastards number 103 Another lesser-known running gag on the show is an alien visitor that can be seen from time to time in the background or between frames of the show number 104 Kenny’s Death Had an impact on Pop Culture [the] Character’s death Influenced master p to write the song Kenny’s Dead which was featured on the chef [8] album number 105 an introductory short precedes the episode cartman gets an anal probe the short called a fireside minute with Matt stone and trey parker shows Stoning parker sitting in front of a fireplace with a dog named old scratch throughout the short old scratch occasionally changes breeds It’s a different dog every time they cut to it But you didn’t notice [that] number 106 during the guitar hero and Rock band craze Rock band added the song Timmy and the lords of the underworld To their official store for players to choose number 107 while his name is never revealed in the show the lonely fat nerd and make Love not war [crap] is referred to as noobs poner in the episode Script. What’s that Erica moments are your favorite? Did we leave anything out comment [below] and let us know we have new videos dropping every week So let us know which animated film or TV show you want us to cover next [and] if you like any more [future] cartoons Subscribe to channel frederator because remember frederator loves you

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  1. Here is one more remember blanket from mrs. Jefferson? Remember when they stretch blanket with a random look like?That was Kenny

  2. Kenny is actually based on an actual friend of Trey Parker’s. He was known for wearing an orange coat and known for skipping class a lot. When ask where he was, a lot of people would say “he died”.

  3. 6:57 i keep track of Kenny taking off his paka hoodie i think during the baseball episode he took it off and in the Michael Jackson episode he was wearing a mask but he didnt have his hoodie and he said "whats going on guys " there is sences in south park that has kenny without his hoodie

  4. 5:19 "Chris Stotch was originally Steven (according to subtitles) Stotch."

    but his name is Stephen Stotch, what do you mean?!

  5. You forgot the fact that in a Michael Jackson episode Kenny wears a mask but you can hear his voice. Also u forgot the fact Robert Smith was on it. He’s such a great musician so u should’ve added it

  6. 14:37 ok what i choked on my own spit laughing… first off, of course its number 69, secondly…. I'm glad some creators are finally goofing on the weird yaoi fangirls of every fandom. they're wack.

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  8. i member the fire place bits in between episodes on VHS and i always used to notice the dog changing lol

  9. when he said : ,,Number 93" the download i was just doing was 93% done.
    What are the odds of that happening?

  10. First hearing the subtitle of the South Park movie lead me to believe that it was the extended version of the movie making me wonder what the original movie was like

  11. Cartmen apparently moves houses in the later episodes he has a different color house as well as a different address

  12. A minor correction: both the original short and its remake are called “The Spirit of Christmas”. “Santa vs Frosty” and “Santa vs Jesus” are nicknames the fans use to distinguish them.

  13. No, you didn’t leave anything out, and the reason you’re asking that is so you don’t have to make a third one which also has a bunch of repeat facts. Anything for views I guess.

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