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1000 Steam Games

November 6, 2019

Hello this is Nick from OrganizedRemains.com,
and this video is special to me while repulsive to most people. If you follow me on Twitter
*cough* @organizedremain I recently got to 1000 games on Steam, and figured I would do
a little tour, and go a little behind the scenes of what it’s like to do game reviews.
First let’s just talk about what it’s like to have 1000 games. When people first add
me on Steam they ask me how such a thing could be possible. Some think I have a problem,
and I can’t disagree with that. Though I’ve seen other profiles with more games than me.
It’s kind of funny that people take somewhat of an offense to how many games I have. I
can relate to it, but in the opposite. When I see a profile with only a few games there’s
a second where I’m like, “Ha! Look at how few games they have.” Then I have to stop
for a second, and tell myself, “Oh wait. I’m the one with the problem. It’s ok to only
have 250 games.” Before I start I just want to say having a
1000 games is a great thing, and can be overwhelming at times. I still get that classic gamer feeling
of, “Ugh! I have nothing to play!” I’m currently family sharing with my brother, and when he
got access to all my games back when I was at the 750 game mark he was very overwhelmed
as well that he had access to all these games. I just remember watching him scroll through
all the games, and not saying, “Wow thanks for all the games,” but saying, “I think you
have a problem.” Enough with that! Let’s start talking about
the games I have. First one I want to talk about is 1000 Amps. It’s one of my favorite
indie games, and it came by complete surprised since I never heard of it until it came out
on Steam. It even placed in my top game list of 2012. Fun game that I recommend to you. Next is 8-Bit Commando which has a special
place in my heart. It’s the first game where I got a review copy. At the time I had been
doing reviews on Youtube for 2 years, and the developer messaged me asking if I was
interested in reviewing his game. Such a great feeling, and I felt proud of myself. Of course
then the fear of having to play it came to me where I worried if the game would be good,
or not. Knowing that the developer was going to see this review. Luckily the game turned
out to be fun, and got a good review. Though later on I did receive review copies on bad
games, and had to give a poor score. Luckily game developers have been kind to me so far,
and have even thanked me for the honest review. Even on occasion the developers fix what I
complained about, and I update my review for a better score. Back to 8-Bit Commando though.
I find it funny because I gave the game a good review because I enjoyed it. I remember
someone saying to me in the comments, or sent me a message accusing me that I got paid to
give it a good review. I just rewatched the review. It’s not my best review I’ve done,
and I said stuff that I wouldn’t say these days like all the parts about making fun of
gamers of today using motion controls pretending that I’m better than them. Still though I
find it funny that someone thought I was popular enough to get paid to do a good review on
an indie game. Moving on to Bad Rats. This is the first game
I remember getting on sale on Steam. I think it was around one dollar, and is the starting
point of my Steam sale addiction. I even reviewed this game where I even explain what Steam
is, and that it has some good sales sometimes. In the review I even go on to say paying $1
isn’t too bad, and that there are some good points to the game. Which is funny because
later on Bad Rats became this cult classic game where people would give it great scores
on Steam in a sarcastic way. Here’s Broken Age which is the very first
Kickstarter I backed. Which lead to many other Kickstarters being backed by me. That’s for
another video though. Great game. Oh boy here’s Dead Island. Many dislike it,
but I loved it. It’s the first game I’ve ever played on a gaming PC. I was working in a
warehouse at the time, and one of my coworker/ great friend of mine was talking about his
custom made PC. I had always wanted a gaming PC, and long story short I got the parts,
and he built my first gaming PC. Maybe this is why I love Dead Island since I could play
it at the highest setting? Who knows? I had a lot of fun with it. Ok here’s Dustforce which is another game
special to my heart. There was a time where I took a break from Organized Remains, and
wrote for another website. This where I learned a lot about the insides of the gaming world.
Dustforce was the first game where I did the full coverage of a game. I covered a demo
to it before it was released, I got a review code a week before it came out, and I even
did my first interview with a developer over at Hitbox Team. It’s also a great game. The Half-Life series is the first games I
ever got on Steam. I got a collection called the holiday collection at a store, and it’s
what got me to get a Steam account nine years ago. Rock of Ages is the next one I’m pointing
out because it’s the first Let’s Play I ever recorded successfully, and published. I tried
before with the Price is Right on the Wii, but it came out horribly. I tried for the
set up like the Let’s Players Video Games Awesome with a camera pointed at my friends,
and I. We weren’t entertaining, the game sucked, and the quality overall was terrible. So it
never got finished. Rock of Ages though did make it through. Let’s Plays are interesting
to me because I prefer written scripts over improv. Let’s Plays are what people like these
days though, and I try to do them once in awhile. I can find them to be fun if I’m in
the right mood to do them, and it really helps if I’m doing the Let’s Play with someone else. Serious Sam Double D XXL deserves a shout
out since it was my first game review code I got from a publisher for Steam. Also the
first review I ever wrote for another site rather than Organized Remains. It was a meh
game, but worth a mention since it’s a milestone. SUPER MEAT BOY! Now if I had to really think
hard I believe this would be my favorite indie game. Beating this game was very tough, but
I did beat it. One of my biggest gaming accomplishments. Game is perfect to me! Oh this has to be mentioned because certain
someones would have a heart attack if I didn’t. Joking aside Team Fortress 2 is a great game
that deserves a spot here. I don’t have as many hours as others to be considered a fan,
but I have had some great times playing this game with friends. I’ve had it since The Orange
Box came out, but never got into it until a couple of years ago. I’m glad I did start
playing it though! For the people curious I have the most hours in the Scout class. The Tiny Bang Story is a great one for me
because this is the first time I actually got paid by a publisher to give their game
a good review. Not much else to say, but another milestone for me. Oh yes! Tropico! This is one of the first
games I bought in a clearance bin years, and years ago (I’m talking 2002!). Never read
any reviews before buying it, and it turned out to be great. People really need to play
these Tropico games! There have been many times I bought clearance bin games, and they
don’t turn out as good. Thankfully once in awhile I get a sweet surprise like Tropico. The Worms series also has a special place
in my heart. So much to talk about with this series like the concrete donkey, and having
to play some hybrid musical chairs when you played multiplayer. Another video sometime? Uh oh we’re coming to the end. You do know
I was joking about The Tiny Bang Story right? Oh You Don’t Know Jack is another game I had
way back when, but not too much to say. It’s fun trivia, and a fun memory to think about.
One of the few games that worked with my crappy PC back in the day. That, and Who Wants To
Be A Millionaire? Alright let’s finish this video up with everyone’s
question that’s on their mind. How did I get all these games? Well mainly from indie bundles,
and Steam sales. Sure some of them were review codes, but the thing is these review codes
I received ended up being in bundles later on that I would buy for other games. So I
would of had them any ways. Now to the second question, “Nick will you send me your Steam
name, and password so I can family share with you?” The answer to that is no thank you. Alright you made it through the entire video
which either means you’re subscribed to me, or that you are not subscribed to me, but
liked the video enough to watch it all. In the later case you should subscribe to Organized
Remains. This is Nick from Organizedremains.com.

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  1. Wait so you didn't get paid to review the Tiny Bang Story? LIES!!! 8-BIT Commando and Tiny Bang Story payed Nick to review their game CONFIRMED!

    Congrats on the 1k, one day I wish my steam library grows up to be just as big as yours. By that time though you will have already hit 10k! 

    Also like the shoutout to the ladies in the description 😉 Nick always has his eyes on the prize.

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