$1000 in 10 Minutes Shopping Challenge!!!
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$1000 in 10 Minutes Shopping Challenge!!!

August 26, 2019

Hey guys.This is Karina. And it’s Ronald,
and we’re from! SIS vs BRO! And Ronald just farted
because I heard it while he was saying his intro. Okay. Okay. [inaudible] Hey guys. This is Karina. And it’s Ronald,
and we’re from! SIS vs BRO! And today, we’re going
to do something crazy! Because a little bird,
actually it was a big bird. It was actually quite fat. But it gave us $1000! And we’re going to see
if we can spend it all in ten minutes at Walmart. Wow! This is going to be
a crazy challenge. It’s going to be quite difficult as well
because it’s Walmart. Not Justice. Of course. So let’s not waste
any more time. Let’s scooch our
butts outta here! Scooch! Scooch! Okay we are at Walmart. Timer starts now! Timer stops now. So this is what we got. We’re going to go to the cashier,
and see how much this costs. Come on. Okay. Like three of them cost
like a hundred bucks so. I don’t know
if we’re going to have enough. Oh we probably are. We probably are I think. Actually, I’m thinking,
like [inaudible] I’m thinking no. I think we are going to,
I think we can have enough. ‘Cause look, that one’s like 50,
that one’s like 20. No, we’re going to have enough. So we are ready to pay. This is our $1000. I hope we have enough. Yup. So guys, we actually did it! We spent $1000
in Walmart in 10 minutes! The total was $1,022.33! Look at all these goodies! This is just mind blowing. Like, the mind. So guys we are back
and we actually did it! But we went a little bit
over the budget. So here is the receipt. We went a little bit
over the budget. It says we went over $22.33. But as long as it’s over $1000,
everything is going to be a-okay. Yup. So guys, this is what
we got from $1000! Cha-ching! We got Play-Doh. We got this Batman set. It is so awesome
because there’s a duck. I mean like, there’s a duck. Anything that has a duck
is going to be awesome. Next item! Is the Hatchimal! I heard these are awesome so we had to get them! They’re the coolest! Yup! And the best item we got
today were the Pringles. You cannot leave Walmart
without the Pringles. Pringles are mwah amazing. And I got the ketchup flavor. The best flavor. So, we also got these animal,
Minecraft animals more specifically. And these are going to be awesome
because I already got some little Minecraft dolls which
are going to go perfect with it! My favorite is the pig. Yeah. And next up, we got the Stick Bobcat,
which is going to be really awesome because cats are amazing. Yup. And we also got
this stuffy creeper. He’s so cute! But he blows up afterwards. Yeah. And we got the classic
potato chips. I mean like, you cannot leave
with the classic potato chips. They’re awesome. And we also got
this pink helmet. It should be on Karina’s side. Yeah it should
because it’s amazing. The pink color mwah! It’s beautiful. And we got some M&Ms! Oh yeah. And we got a drone. A drone. I mean like,
drones are pretty cool, right? Yeah. It’s so big it can’t see
Ronald’s head very well. And we also got a bunch
of glow-in-the-dark balloons. I think these are pretty cool. We can have
a glow-in-the-dark party! Oh look at the back. Yeah we could see the, we can have
like a glow-in-the-dark party. It’s going to be pretty cool. Yup. And this should be
on Karina’s side too! Lego friends. Yeah.
It’s so huge we had to get it! It’s like the
biggest thing ever! It looks so cool! It includes batteries. Yep. Which is a-okay. We also got the biggest pack
of Aeros you’ll ever see in your life.>>Yup.
>>Aeros are so awesome. I could smell it. Oh it’s amazing! And we also got the little minion Ronald just threw in. Yup. We got some pretty
cool Pokemon here. Because Pokemon are
also very popular. Yup. We got even more Pokemon! Ahhh! We also got these boxers. These like punching
bag boxer things. Boxing gloves. Mega boxing gloves! And these are going
to be perfect for summer! They’re going to be so fun! And last, but not the least
is The Mega Nerf Gun! Wow! So guys, what did you think?! Let us know in the
comments section down below. And tell us what your
favorite item is! Mine, is the Pringles. So guys, tell us
in the comments section down below if we did a good job picking up the items. I think we did
an excellent job. If we did not have the Pringles okay? Our lives are not going
to be complete. Anyways guys, we hope
you liked this video. If you did, smash that
like button and we’ll see you all next time! Good bye!

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