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100 Push Ups A Day | THENX

August 11, 2019

– What’s up, elite THENX athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official THENX. Today I’m gonna show you how
to optimize your training with 100 pushups a day. (electronic music) Alright, guys, so let’s get started. So in the last video, I showed you 50 different types of pushups, and then I asked you to perform 10 of those exercises for 10 reps, totalling 100 pushups. Well, today I’m gonna show you
how to optimize your training with 100 pushups a day. So today I’m gonna do my 100 pushups. And last time I told you guys to do 10 reps of 10 exercises. Well, today we’ll be doing five exercises for 20 reps to equal 100. And along the way, I’m
gonna show you how to select the right pushing exercises to make sure that you get a full chest and tricep workout, making sure that you’re hitting all the muscles in your chest. Of course, when you’re working out chest, you have the upper chest,
center of your chest, the outer part, and the
lower part of your chest. So we’re gonna be doing
five pushup exercises that are gonna complement those muscles. So the first one we’re gonna
do is weighted pushups. Doing this move right here, of course, targets your whole
entire chest and your triceps, but it emphasizes mainly on
the center of your chest. Let’s go ahead and do 20. (electronic music) Alright, there’s our first 20. Let’s move on to the next one. Now we’re gonna hit upper chest
with some incline pushups. Guys, this is a great way to start getting in to calisthenics. Something as simple as just pushing, trying different styles, trying
different hand positions. This is gonna increase your overall strength and repetitions. And the strength acquired doing this is gonna translate into other
weighted and non-weighted exercises and routines. Alright, now we’re gonna
go into incline pushups. We’re gonna work, emphasizing mainly on our upper chest. 20 reps. (electronic music) Alright, so we hit the middle, top, let’s go for the lower chest by doing some decline pushups. So as you can see, guys, working on different
grips and hand placements is gonna target different
areas of your muscles. A good example of this
is explosive pushups. You’re working on your
type II muscle fibers, while slow-motion pushups will be working your type I muscle fibers. So it’s good to just try to do as many different
styles as possible, while making sure that
you’re programming it right so that you’re targeting and emphasizing on all the main parts of your chest when it comes to pushing. Let’s go for it. (electronic music) Alright. Now let’s move into wide. So a really good way to start doing this is the first thing in the morning. You’re gonna start your day
already accomplishing something, so you’re gonna start the
day off with a good vibe, starting it off right, and also, if this is
the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, you’re gonna have full energy, you’re gonna be able to
go as hard as you can to your fullest potential, guys. So win the morning and you win the day. So start off the day
right with 100 pushups. Let’s go for it. (electronic music) Alright, we got the last ones, we’re gonna go for some diamonds. So as you can see, guys, there’s many ways to hit the 100. You can max out every single
set until you reach 100, and that’s gonna maximize
your hypertrophy, or you can divide it into sets of 20 or 25 like we’re doing right now, and that’s gonna increase your endurance. Or you can do 10 reps of
10 different exercises like I asked you to do
it in the last video, and that’s gonna add multiple
exercises into the routine, which is gonna maximize your
efficiency in your training. So I’m gonna go for the last 20 reps and we’re gonna equal 100. 20 diamond pushups. Let’s go, guys. (electronic music) Let’s do one for good luck. There you go. Alright, guys, before we wrap this up, really quick, who is this not for? Well, if your only goal is to gain size, then maybe hitting your
chest every single day isn’t the best option for you to be doing. You should have rest days in
between your training sessions, and hitting your chest every single day might not be the best option for you. But in the end, 100 pushups a day is really gonna benefit anyone. So with that said, thank you
guys so much for watching. If you like this video, share, subscribe, and like the video, that helps us out so much, guys. I’ll see you guys next Sunday
and every single Sunday at 8 PM USA eastern time. And from now on, I’ve changed up how we’re gonna start
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  1. You make it look so easy that i feel buffed up 'n rdy 2go but when I try it's like: "OMG I think i'm gonna lay an egg!" I Need to focus on even more basic from the other vid.

  2. Just subscribed! This is my third video of yours that I've watched from my recommended. I love love love love love dance workouts tbh BUT your vids have a very welcoming vib and it's just cool to see all the exercises you do!!

  3. when you weigh 150-180 pounds like you this works great. if you weigh about 300 pounds like me this is over training. the only way i can gain strength and improve my chest is to bench 1 heavy top set of 4-8 reps one part of the week and bench one top set of 15-20 reps the other side of the week. trying anything else gets me nowhere or weaker. gotta not be lazy this week and actually do the high rep workout. my bench has gone down 30 pounds over last two months from not doing this.

  4. I wake up…hit the deck and do 20 pushups…go pee then do 20 pushups…start coffee then do 20 pushups…brush my teeth then do 20 pushups…feed my cat then do 20 pushups…that's a 100 pushups within 30 minutes of waking up.

  5. How long would a skinny person take to reach an ideal calesthenic frame by just following this video and your last which you mention. Some say to get fat first because its harder to gain muscle while skinny. I should add i dont drink water lol my day always consist of juice or soda. The only water i touch is in the ice lol

  6. Ok so how does this not goes against all lessons I’ve learned to not work the same muscle group every day? Asking seriously.

  7. The last line where he mentioned that push-ups aren't ideal for people that want to gain was for AthleanX


  8. I get lots of helpful info and motivation to improve my health watching your clips….

    Thanks CHRIS | Team THENX, Keep up!! You guys ROCKS!!

  9. Nice but! Always that word but. Reduce push ups and don't do extremely because after 35-40 you can get cardio problem's. One more thing. Never but never when you get married or so gain weight!!! Everybody go tru that in life time and that is most dangerous thing. Just a tip. Love your video ?

  10. How much weight do you have to add? ( I don't have a weighted vest but I'm planning to use my school bag as a substitute)

  11. After over a decade of training for martial arts, I now just do pushups, squats, sit ups. Good diet, good rest, and perfect technique has allowed me to keep all the strength I need to deliver a knock out. How much stronger than that do I need to be?

  12. SLOW DOWN HEREA BOY, THESE  AINT PUSH UPS OTHERWISE!!! starting at 1:17  GO DEEPER. I`m an amateur b.t.w. An icon like him should execute better.

  13. Ever since I got out ( not proud ) I do 600 push ups every d day. 300 normal then 300 close hand. 4 sets of 75 then 6 sets of 50.

  14. This goes hard! You inspired me to make a push ups variation video ?? keep up the good work, Chris

  15. Btw, how do you get these perfect moving shots? I would think it’s someone filming in their hands but it’s so smooth

  16. Need space this out and add other things too.

    Maybe a 200 pushup a day with different varients to target different muscle groups then, 50 pull ups, 100 burpees, 150 tricep dips. Ofcourse all in the space of one day, how ever you wanna break it down. Just only doing 100 pushup a day is gonna make your body really unbalanced.

  17. Something i learned in the army: Get a camelback/hydration carrier for your back.

    You have water at your shoulderside. Ontop of that you have more weight to carry.

    Really works wonders in workouts . take that bad boy off only to show off how many pushups you can do

  18. So I am one year off hitting 70yrs.. So getting to a hundred is my priority. Thats years not push ups. So I get up do brisk walk for one and half hours. Come home do 2 x 25 pushups and every other day bench presses, Then cycle around 10km. A more relaxed walk in the afternoon with the dog. Have I got a chance guys to get to 100?

  19. Hi. Im an ectomorph. Will this strategy work? Could you also do some videos best way program for ectomorphs like me? Thanks bro

  20. This reminded me of iCarly when spencer had to workout so he did 1 jumping jack every like 5 minutes so by the end of the day he did like 100 ??

  21. Today is my first time doing 100 push-ups. I did 4 sets of 25. I hope to keep it up and make it part of my daily routine.

  22. I'm about to achieve to be able to do Saitamas workout, after 50 pushups I just got to learn to do 50 more, the squats and 6.3 miles are the easy stuff.

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