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  1. Great hunt, great shot, great footage. Is that a muzzy? Just lost an animal due to a bad mechanical and looking to upgrade.

  2. Awesome footage of face to face encounters with mule deer in rut. Had very similar experiences last year and was even successful. Definitely investing in recording equip. I also appreciated that no mechanical broadheads were used. As you can see that one piece and others of similar construction but with replaceable blades are adequate medicine for  bowhunting. I could not read where this took place but I'm guessing, Calif, Utah, Nevada.

  3. Awesome videos you guys have! You guys need to come and hunt with me in Sonora Mexico… lets get those hunts on film. Have you ever hunted Coues deer? Let me know if you are interested. Thanks for those amazing videos you share 🙂

  4. Chris came thru with the stalk and shot.  Camera dude came thru with the video!  Great team effort.  You guys are rockin on those bow stalks for critters.

  5. You bow hunters are the tops.  I never thought it possible to hunt that open country with a bow.  I have always used a rifle so I could pluck them from way off. Great job guys and nice product.

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  7. thats the only thing about muleys.. they are way too easy to hunt. not much of a challenge but great for a beginning hunter.

  8. Well done guys!. Open country hunting with a bow takes a huge amount of patience and skill.
    Anyone who says different has obviously never done this kind of hunting.
    Shooting froom 500yd takes a different kind of skill than 10yd.
    Bummer you didnt switch your cam on..

  9. Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.
    Cornelius: [reading from the sacred scrolls of the apes]

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