10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries – Part II
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10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries – Part II

August 26, 2019

Sometimes you can come across something in
a video game that leaves you lying awake at night, making your mind race with questions. Just like the last video, I’m not going to
be covering any obvious mysteries that have been done to death like is L real or can you
find Big Foot in the hills of San Andreas. Instead, thanks to many more obscure mysteries
submitted to me from the last video, today we’re going to be covering the top 10 weirdest,
lesser-known hidden mysteries and discoveries in video games that still remain unsolved
to this day part 2. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s
final scenes are just like every other Pokémon game, where the player battles the most elite
Pokemon trainers in the game one after another until reaching the end. At one point, you come across Pokemon trainer
Phoebe, who seems to be trapped in a constant state of bowing when somebody enters the room. Phoebe for the most part is your endlessly
cheerful Pokémon trainer, definitely not unlike what you would expect of the tone of
the series. Wait a second. Did you see that? Go back. [tape rewinding sound] Only on rare occasion,
if you were to slow down this fade out and pause just at the right time, you can spot
this unusual model of a little girl standing on this chair who only appears for a single
frame – before the camera cuts away. Is it just me, or do the Pokemon games seem to have
a weird fascination with ghost girls? Players even claim they can’t get her to ever appear
at all. I don’t know what to say about this one but
– ooh.. there she is again… She’s standing directly behind the player! Annd, that’s the last we’ll ever see her
again. It’s hard to say who this ghost girl is
and why she’s here to ruin our childhoods. Although a couple of theories have been bounced
around, the ghost girl’s identity has never been determined… Welp, she’s definitely not the first ghost
girl to ever appear in Pokemon, and for some reason, probably not the last one either… “No you’re not the one…” Gex: Enter the Gecko. Thanks to Kyasarintsu, who submitted this
mystery to me along with a couple other Gex mysteries through my website oddheader.com. One of the most interesting submissions Kyasarintsu
sent me was this footage from twitcher NanachiSR. NanachiSR was speedrunning through this bonus
stage of Gex: Enter the Gecko, when suddenly this completely inexplicable spinning cube
showed up in the middle of the level. Now, unfortunately Nanachi was a bit concerned
with maintaining his speedrunning record, so he didn’t really pause and give this
thing the look over that it really deserved.… This is particularly unfortunate, because
the cube on this level has never shown up for another Gex player ever again, though
another cube was later found out of bounds on the level Buccaneer Program. Another interesting discovery comes from my
buddy, youtuber Oblivion Walker, who found that when zoomed into first person view on
this random number generator during the absolutely disturbing boss battle Mooshoo Pork – how
the hell did I play this as a kid? – if you wait long enough, a random message would suddenly
appear at the top of the screen. Hurray for bunny gex, He sure is a funny gex,
Ra Ra Ra! Yeah, I… don’t get it either. Bloodrayne 2. Speaking of unusual hidden messages… bydofied
sent me this find of his own on my discord server, where he found that by moving the
camera into a cramped angle right at the beginning of the level Sewers, you could find this hidden
scrolling message suspended high in the air. Beware of the giant rat. This left bydofied absolutely baffled as far
as he knows there’s no hidden giant rat anywhere in the game. However, I’m not ruling out the possibility
that there’s one still hiding somewhere. Devil May Cry 4. Thanks to Rubydessu who shared with me this
interesting fact only present in the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4. In the included intro for Vergil, at the end
of the cutscene a woman in a red dress and a white hood looks back at Vergil in a mysterious
manner. For years players have questioned: Who is
this [bleep]? Well, to fuel the mystery, players later found
a separate character model for the woman in the files of the game, which suggests she
could have appeared somewhere in the actual game itself. With this knowledge, Devil May Cry players
feel they have evidence the woman in the red dress has – or at least once had – a serious
significance to the story. The popular theory being the woman in red
is actually Vergil’s mother. As no info about the character has ever been
uncovered at all since release in 2008, what the significance was supposed to be of the
woman in the red dress remains a completely unsolved mystery. “Were you looking at the woman in the red
dress?” “I was…” “Look again.” [suspenseful music accent] Fez. Thanks to chalovak who reminded me of this
one in a comment from the last video in this series. Fez is the highly acclaimed retro platformer
made by indie developer Phil Fish – known for his eccentric appearance in Indie Game
the Movie and his abrupt exit from the game industry in 2013. Phil’s game Fez, however, has left a lasting
legacy for years as players continued to find secrets long after release. One of the most obscure finds was the discovery
of the Monolith, which was found once players discovered a clue in the unlockable first-person
mode that led them to a cheat code that unveiled the object. Fans wondered what to do next after finding
the monolith. They found out through development leaks that
another code was supposed to be found in the same exact fashion as the first code they
discovered. Well, after going through the game and failing
to find any clues, they eventually gave up and set up a website where they collectively
brute-forced code entries until they found the one that worked. In return, the monolith transformed into a
red cube, one of the rarest items in the game, but since the code was cracked by brute force
and Fish has since left the industry, to this day no one actually knows how the monolith
code was actually supposed to be legitimately solved or how it was logically tied to the
game… okay, and here’s a last minute update I’m adding into the video, as I just saw
this comment from BrunoValads, who explains that these randomly placed codes on a wall
were deciphered into numbers that were just recently discovered by reddit to be coordinates. And when the coordinates were put into Google
Maps it unveiled this strange landmark just sitting outside of Phoenix, Arizona… and that’s
as far as they got. It’s still undetermined if this is a step
forward in solving the mystery of the monolith, or if this is opening up a whole another can
of worms entirely. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Brodis on my discord shared this footage with
me of him strolling slowly through the streets of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, when suddenly
an NPC that looked completely different than any other in the game, appeared out of nowhere
and starting coming right at him. Brodis began to freak out, when suddenly the
character disappeared into thin air. Another member of my community, RoyRuby, pointed
out that character looked remarkably low-poly from the rest of the non-player-characters
in the game. Does this imply that this was originally some
sort of scripted event that ended up cut from the game? Did a rogue AI suddenly snap and wanted to
hand Brodis his ass before the system rejected him from doing so? Unfortunately, we can only continue to ask
these questions, but ultimately answers will never likely come… Lost Planet 3. I’m always surprised when I bring up Lost
Planet and people look at me with blank stares. Granted, the series mostly took off for 360
owners looking for something to tide them over before Halo 3 was coming out, but even
so, it was truly a great game series on its own. Anyway… After first receiving the Shock-Jumper, if
you were to make your way into this hidden crevice away from the normal game environment… [grappling hook sound effects] …and then slowly move toward this ice wall… …two mysteriously creepy glowing eyes begin
to flash from the other side. Multiple reports I’ve seen claim that there’s
actually a teddy bear behind the ice, but I’m honestly not sure where they’re getting
that from… maybe somebody out there thinks it’s worth taking a game trainer and unlocking
the camera and actually peering over to the other-side… but even so, why would there
be a teddy bear in there in the first place? In fact, what seems to be game developers’
need to hide evil teddy bears in their games? “Don’t touch me.” “Stop it.” “You asked for it.” [explosion] “Oh!” [groaning] Kirby’s Dream Land 3. Another one from my discord, thanks to Crabbo
for sharing this one with me. In the original Super Nintendo game Kirby’s Dreamland 3 players
noticed in extremely rare instances an enemy would appear out of bounds that bared a striking
resemblance to the kirbster himself. Nicknamed Batamon in Kirby lore, no players
were ever able to figure out what the Batamon’s purpose were. It wasn’t noticed for some time, but players
found that on level 4-3, if they were to wait at this exit instead of entering it, and then
time it just right when the screen moved, they’d be able to climb up on this cloud and enter
into this creepy area filled with batamon, along with the only one you can actually encounter
in-bounds… who’s gone in the swift of a second. What the Batamon’s actual intentions are in
the Kirby universe still haunts players to this day, solidifying Kirby’s Dream Land
3 as what we already knew to be the most unsettling and horrifying video game of all time. Mystical Ninja Sarring Goemon. Youtuber Deceax stated on his youtube in 2016,
that a rumor existed for quite some time among the Japanese fan community of this 20-year-old
Goemon game . The rumor was that supposedly several hidden NPC’s existed in the game
that no one had ever found. Sure enough, it was found to be true of both
the Japanese and US version of the game, as players somehow found that by pressing
all the C buttons and A and B combined in precise locations of the game [explosion sound effect] hidden characters
would suddenly explode into the scene. One of the most confusing of these NPCs was
simply a man with his dog who says this: “All work and no play
will just make you tired, so Il’l introduce my dogs
to you!” And then very bizarrely you can actually talk
to his dogs: “You say the name is strange? I say your speech is stranger! I’m sick of dog foods!” Arf! Bark! Bow-wow!” It’s still grounds for debate on what exactly
this is all about, as signs of some sort of suspected easter egg connection have yet to
surface. Also, given the obscurity of the whole thing
and the fact that the hardcore Japanese Goemon community had rumors about this years before
anybody else did, that probably means we’re not going to get an answer about this anytime
soon. Mass Effect 3. Without going into spoilers, Mass Effect 3
hit backlash after its release as many players were upset by its abrupt and lackluster ending
that the series was building up to across multiple games. The series was considered groundbreaking in
its use of choice and highly popularized the idea of your decisions carrying over to
the next game through the use of your save file. Mass Effect 3 was the final game in the series
and the ending was considered so unsatisfying to some players, they were immediately convinced
that they had missed something. Players came up with a theory the ending never
actually happened, as Commander Shepard may have been indoctrinated at some point in the
story by the Reapers, the ominous alien species that threatened humanity throughout the series. Player’s believe somewhere, somehow in Mass
Effect 3, the Reapers slowly deteriorated Commander Shepard’s mind, which made Commander
Shepard dream up the game’s final sequence in his head. Players investigated this theory in a Mass
Effect forum thread that went on for over 800 pages, and eventually as the evidence
continued to pile up overtime, the theory became more and more widely accepted. The most interesting discovery that came out
of this was an out of place texture that could only be seen in the reflections of the final
scene of the game. By breaking the camera and moving it into
just the right angle, you can see that there’s a bunch of trees in the reflection of this
surface… but the odd thing is that there’s no trees to be found anywhere in this vicinity. Many players believe this to be a clue to indicate
that things aren’t really as they seem. Are these out of place textures of trees no
where to be found in the reflections an intentional sign that the game’s final sequence never
actually happened… making for one of the boldest endings of all time? Or is it just another glitch and EA and
Bioware just really [bleep]ed up the ending? If you enjoyed this video and want to see
more content like this, please subscribe. And also feel free to share down below any
mysteries or discoveries you found yourself that you’d like me to cover. If you noticed, this video was made up of
a lot of user submissions. I thought about it and I realized I’ve been
apart of easter egg and glitching communities for nearly 20 years. I know firsthand that there’s a lot of interesting
discoveries and things to be found in video games. One of my biggest goals with this channel
has always sort been able to create a platform where we could showcase all the interesting discoveries
and accomplishments that gamers are doing all the time. So please, don’t hesitate to send anything
my way. Shoutout to AquilleGamerMexicano, Catlin LaCour,
Emery, Dr Love, I Fart In Elevators, Jay Day, Pestlestsleeper, Nes Dude, Nick Fade, Nik,
Spencer, and Towerizer for their patreon support. Stay tuned!

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  1. At 6:21, in the background, another person disappears. He is walking in the crowd of people. Never played the game, so this could be intended for all I know.

  2. There is much more logical evidence for the indoctrination theory than the reflection. Most likely they just selected a random reflection image since you can really see it anyway. Another example of this is in Outlast on low graphic settings, except it isn't out of bounds. Keep in mind that Outlast was made on the same game engine.

  3. The most mysterious one is the stalker from MGS4 Guns Of Patriots in the stalking mission… you can only see him while far away but when you try to reach him he disappears….

  4. The bloodrayne ones a dark souls joke same thing was in mirrors edge too, giant rat because you have to evade on in the sewers

  5. the trees in the reflections has nothing to do with that, you need to understand how reflections work: they basically, take a 360° bit map picture then, map it into the texture to give the illusion of reflection whenever you move the camera, and actual reflection would cost an incredible amount of compute power, so, in everysingle game thats has reflections, there are items that don't exist in the actual game, because most games have last minute changes, and you would have to recreate a new 360° picture every time.

  6. 11:18 That is a HDRI (High Dynamic Rendered Image), used to calculate lighting realistically. It does not render physical trees to show in the scene nor does it render anything else calculated from a HDRI, it just takes the lighting data and reflects it to everything in the scene, when there is a reflective surface it shows the HDRI. There is no glitch there, you need to research before you make majorly idiotic assessments, just because EA does not have a good name to them does not mean the developers behind their games are bad, They spend day and night for years preparing these amazing games graphically and mechanically, the only thing really bringing down their amazing work is the fact that the higher ups at these companies only see $ signs. There is no glitch here, its simple 3D knowledge, its one of the first things you learn and you're undermining it.

  7. Pokemon omega ruby was my first pokemon game and me and my friend found that without even hearing about it we were able to pause at the right time so that's cool I guess

  8. I just like to think easter eggs are just dev’s testing the game with the easter eggs being something odd to make sure their code works.

  9. The ghost "girl" I think I can explain. In the Manga, there's a blind boy who has a slab that can awaken the three legendary titans (The Regi trio) and save them from the battle between Kyogre and Groudon. Steven asks the boy to take care of the slab until he returns. He is found by a swimmer, and as the two are fleeing the city, they are rescued by Phoebe. After the battle, the boy was taken by the Pokemon Association. If this ghost is anything, that's what it would be referring to. Not her sister or daughter, or some random girl Phoebe is channeling. A blind boy who may or may not be dead (The boy later makes a cameo in the Emerald chapter). Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire played alot with the perception of alternate realities and alternate timelines. Maxie makes an off handed remark about how he "might have been the villain in another timeline" in Alpha Sapphire. And in the original Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Deoxys crashed onto our planet, whereas Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire we travel to space and destroy the asteroid before it can land on the planet and fight Deoxys in space. It's very possible that the Omega and Alpha games are related to the Manga. Or, they could just be another timeline.

    The ghosts that appear after Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 aren't suppose to be mysteries, but a SpOoKy scare. I know, stinks that these girls aren't a mystery. But Gamefreak largely tells a story when they want to tell a mystery. In Black and White, we hear of a young girl who died. In Black 2 and White 2, we learn more about that little girl. The girl is mentioned, then built on. The ghosts in Gen 6 and 7 (And 8, because Gamefreak loves to SpOoK us) are just these little surprises because they know we like these creepy pastas. White Hands, Buried Alive, Lost Silver, and of course what started it all, Hypno's Lullaby. These new girls are just there to inspire new pastas and get people talking. The more we talk, the more the games sale as we try to solve a mystery that was never there in the first place.

  10. I remember spending entire afternoons and weekends hunting bigfoot in the San Andreas hills with my friends on my PS2

  11. i played most pokeman games & there usually is one ghost girl in every one but that's really cool i didn't know about that one there!!

  12. Nah reflections are just one of the techniques that are very demanding and have for a long time (and still partly do) used tricks to make it look better. At this time, the only possible solution was reflection maps. These are pretty much textures that are used to make it look like they reflect the environment around them but really just use a pre-rendered image. Seeing as how little we tend to look at reflections precisely, there are generally only a few of these made for specific scenarios (indoor, outdoor, particular environments…). The one that made the best reflection from the player's perspective just happened to be one with trees on the other side, where the camera never goes. I really don't think this qualifies as mystery since if it does, UT2k4 is one massive collective dream or hallucination 😛

  13. 6:40 you can also see at the back in the group, a person that walks through a couple people and then disappears. creepy!

  14. In stardew valley there’s 2 video of some strange broken capsule that would look like it would hold a alien or something

  15. Um the Vergil cutscene isnt in the original 08 version of DMC4 it was added in for the special edition released in 2015 and was there to clear up any misconceptions about Nero's relationship to Dante as Vergil's son.

  16. 4:20
    The theory is its nero's mother? It's one of the only actual vergil cutscenes for 4se, and at that point at the time we didn't 100% know vergil is nero's dad.plus Vergil is Dante's brother. We know Eva is their mother.
    Otherwise, great vid my dude!

  17. The teddy bears are hidden as kinda notes and placeholders from what I know, some are left as tributes, some are about cut content and others are for just plain fear, they're ominously original but they work, mostly everyone had a childhood teddy bear but in reality, they are just happier dolls

  18. The low poly model in assassins creed is a background model that generates when youre really far from the area. It still makes it look like there are people walking around, but not put too much strain on the system by rendering full poly and distant npcs. It simply didnt despawn until then

  19. Looking at the cube for the Gex…

    It looks like two people arguing. Possibly a thing that happened? Or maybe someone fighting another person?

    Might even be a kiss moment, but who knows?

  20. 7:15 I think that's supposed to be a reference to "The Thing" more specifically the story it was based off of "Who goes there" where during the part when the Alien is still in the ice one of the researchers claim to see several glowing eyes peering out at them from underneath the block of ice.

  21. 3:16 the giant rat could be a reference to the game mirrors edge. Because there is an Easter egg where of you look out of a certain window and shoot at certain places. A giant rat shows up, running down the road. But idk. Just pointing that out

  22. Hey if your still looking at comments that kirby dreamland 3 character has been acknowledged and is in Kirby star allies as Adeline and ribbon’s paint attack

  23. As the guy who has replayed Mass Effect 3 more times than I have hair on my body (and I make monkeys look bald) I can send you with all certainty that the tree reflection is simply because in the Citadel reflective surfaces show trees of the Promenade because that's the only open area that has trees in the Citadel. Because there's textures we're pretty far away from where the character will be walking and because they won't be looking dead at them unless they break the camera, they decided to cut a corner and just use the same reflection as they did in the citadel's more open places. So yes, they really did just fuck up the ending.

  24. I worked on Lost Planet 3 and the teddy bear story is real. It was a huge teddy bear with same skin as other teddy bears in the game. I would also like to mention that the game had a longer and better story than the one from retail. This game was so bugged it was a surprise each time to see the new bugs the devs where able to create. Some complete parts of the game where so buggy they took them out so the story now seem uncompleted.

  25. Could the trees in the mass effect one not just be a reflection map on the texture that feature trees? It sounds bizarre, but reflection maps take scenery a lot

  26. If You make another one of these videos add in Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare In That Map With All The Punkin (idk how to spell it) in forest There Is Slenderman (there's a video about it) ok bye🖐 😊

  27. The Mass Effect series:
    1- The reapers are coming.
    2- The reapers are coming!!
    3- What did I f***ing tell you?!

  28. The giant Rat mesasage is a reference to the ROUS in Princess Bride probably. Right down to the questioning of their existence.

  29. I have two

    Bioshock 2

    Johnny Topside (Subject Delta) was forced to become a big Daddy and was still partly human. At the end of the game, you can find an audiobook basically saying that Delta took on 4 guards while they where pumping that big Daddy serum and he ended up massacring them all. at the beginning, when Sofia Lamb forced him to put a gun to his head while being under the befriend big Daddy plasmid, he hesitates to pull the trigger. When Delta gets resurrected, Sofia Lamb tell the player that she doesn’t know how he survived but is willing to insure he dies right then and there (which doesn’t work).

    Another one I thought of is Topside (Subject Delta) is Eleonor’s biological father. There was a cut audio saying how Sofia bought Topside’s DNA since she wanted a daughter to continue the Rapture family and Eleonor even tells Delta at the near end “Look, I know you didn’t want a daughter” signifying that she knew Delta is/was her biological father. Another cut audio claimed that all the little sisters had to choose their Protectors so she knew Subject Delta was her father. They also share a bond.

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