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August 27, 2019

Over the years some games have been removed from stores Think about the media hype surrounding Mortal Kombat In the 90s or GTA more recently The gamer market is shifting to digital stores and Steam is the biggest one out there But even a digital store can remove games Let’s take a look at ten games that have been removed from Steam forever In May 2018 there was quite a debate involving an FPS called Active Shooter This game was all about school shootings and it was supposed to release in the beggining of June Mainstream media focused on the game after shooting incidents in the United States Valve removed it because of its contents and perhaps also because it simply wans’t very good game active shooter was clerly made to spark controversy and not creat quality entertrainment so removing its is a win-win situation for all of us even though game companies often forget about and neglect old licenses doesn’t mean you can just copy them in its early days Blizzard Entertainment made a racing game called rock and roll racing the company is now way too busy with StarCraft,Overwatch,Diablo and Warcraft But that doesn’t mean you can just copy their stuff the game Motor Rock was a very obvious was a very obvious copy blizzard racing game the creator of motor rock responded like they had no idea what was going on dissappointed by blizzards move the developers made the game available for free on their website we gauge on that one risky single cricket is huge in India and Pakistan and also has quite a following in England and Astraulia yet hardly anybody talks about ashes cricket a sport series that’s been around for some years now one of its earliest games was ashes cricket 2013 this game was hyped by publisher 505 games for months but it turned out be an unplayable pile of junk the artificial intelligence was a mes gameplay full of bugs and graphics glitched all over the place four days after release ashes cricket 2013 was removed from steam and the console version was canceled 505 games apologized for the whole disaster and the ashes cricket Series did redeem it self over time in a world that’s turning its eyes more and towards blockhain technology there has to be a story about crypto currencies and video games a video games called abstract ISM really deserve to be removed from Steam the game cynically turned you computer into a mining machine for crypto currencies the hidden software would use processing from user’s computer to mine Manero to make thins worse items that could be unlocked in abstract ism looked excatly like those from Team Fortress 2 both abstract ISM and its creator have been banned from Steam Necro was sucessfully funded on Kickstarter and was greenlight on steam early acess gamers could already buy the game on Steam even though it was far from finished approximately two years after the game became available it was removed from steam as it turn out the developers working on the action-packed game were not very friendly with each other one of them grabbed the money from early acess sale and blocked the other from acessing the bank accounts as the two developers didn’t want to work together anymore the project was ultimately removed from Steam The Story goes that game was almost finished but we’ll never know for sure Guardians of Ember is one of the games from Game Studio insult games that was removed from Steam because wild busta heroes of titan also got deleted the reson for this are quite simple. Insult games really nedded some success, and request its employess to write positive reviews about their own game This all happened in early 2018 when Valve found out it banned the company from using Steam ever again. Both Gaurdians os Ember and while buster were removed The game have found new lives with other companies so their not lost forever Digital homicide became an infamous gaming company after Jim Sterling reviewed their shooter this slaughtering grounds He completely destroyed the game and got sued for it the developer made things even worst when they sued a hundred Steam user that supossedly harassed the studio The company had multiple games on Steam all that of questionable quality They produce cheap games and try to sell for a couple of dollars the whole thing blew up and Valve wanted none of it All games from Digital Homicide were removed from Steam and the developer was banned forever Born Town is an adult oriented adventure game that was greenlit for early acces on Steam in 2014 This version of the game didn’t include the explicit content but the games studio fail to comply with all of Valve policies Ultimately Valve refused Born Town due to its controversial content and drug references A few years later Born Town : The Power of Death launched on Steam, but this not to do with the original and was later also removed this this time wasn’t for its content but simply because its very poor quality In Setember 2014, Valve removed Ride to Hell Retribution from Steam The infamous biker action game had been the center of attention for a vocal group of gamers that truly hated it Ride to Hell was just a buggy mess its among with the worst scores ever and its considered to be one of the worst games ever made Ultimately Valve decided that RIde to Hell Retrebution just was too bad to be available for sale. Some people need to be pretected from bad things LGBT vs Russia Battlegrounds is one of the many games thats made using a development trick called asset flipping just buy some cheap assets from the Unity Store copy and paste them into a poor game concept and published the result on Steam LGBT vs Russia battlegrounds is a very poor Battle Royale game that looks terrible and has nothing to do with the Russia or LGBT community We are not sure if the developers made this as a joke or just to earn a quick buck no matter what their were we’re just happy valve removed it That was just a couple of example from the long list of Steam removals. Do you agree with Valve or the developers. follow us on YouTube Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make sure to let us know.

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  1. Too bad fartnight is but in steam it would have been removed at day one not kidding or maybe steam didn't allow epic to host their junk on steam on the 1st place lmfao

  2. I've seen this same video on at least 4 other YouTube channels, just with different logos, narrators, and game order. GET SOME FUCKING ORIGINALITY! What's worse is that I keep clicking on them hoping to see something, ANYTHING new but nope, same shit different smell! Pathetic…

  3. It also depends on a country you're living. For instance, I can't buy AVP in Germany, but I can do it in Slovenia.

  4. Guys, does anyone know why these channels always hire a woman to read out the lists? I know for a fact that in 99% of these videos, the woman DIDN'T write the script OR indeed even have anything to do with it, they just read it out. (oviously it wouldn't be women making the scripts as women in general have no interest in games, and if you see them playing, it's just because they're trying to make money by splitting the screen in half, having the game not even open properly in one half, and then them with their ass and tits hanging out acting and speaking like an 11 year old Anime girl in the other half…

  5. Hmmm has Postal 2 been removed. I loved that game!!! You lived in a trailerpark your wife gave you money to go buy milk at the supermarket and some other grocery. You could actually just follow the list, and the law and nothing happens. But who does that. The supermarket was run by some muslims. You could get a pack of milk, go queue up and wait and pay. Or you can get a milk and ran out. Or grab a milk queue up and shoot the cashier, or kill everyone. Damn that was fun game

  6. What about the remake of goldeneye 007 using valve source enginge, was released on steam but removed sortly after. You can still download from geshl2 or moddb 😉

  7. Ride to hell should have been kept, I used to link people to it when they argued about some modern shooter being "the worst game ever".

  8. First example: "censorship is a win win situation". Yeah like people are forced to buy games and you know everything better than everyone, so for this reason it is better to not give people a choice.

  9. What kind of media entity says it’s a win-win for everyone when any kind of expression or art is removed?

    The accent leads me to believe that the media company is run by the sheep that live in the UK.

    Maybe if this shitty video, and all the rest of their shitty videos, were removed from YouTube it would be a win-win for all of us.

  10. 5 minutes and 3-4 commercial adds
    this is ridiculous
    I am blocking this channel, as I do not use YouTube to play commercial adds, but to play people's content
    this channel does not concentrate on quality content, but on commercial adds, therefore it is not worth watching

  11. So, this Bonetown, what is it with the media promoting this look of girls with super thin weird looking cut up eyebrows and gross eyeshadow? Does anyone actually find that attractive?

  12. It's not as interesting as these, but 007 Legends was removed too and more recently the final Walking Dead game by Teltale.

  13. valve didnt remove active shooter because of its content they removed it becayse they thought the dev had already been banned

  14. Steam doesnt remove games, because they are bad, they remove them because of bored housewifes complaining about something they or their kids will never play.

  15. That was a whining pussy list. "The game got removed just because it was made with basic unity assets." If you dont like it dont buy it, but dont ruin it for everyone else. This video should be removed from youtube if I think its a bad quality video. Thats the reasoning 40 year old men who live in their mothers basement and mother herself uses to control the content on Steam. "I don't like it so no one else does either."

  16. the blizzard claiming that race shooter was their work is bogus. There was a metric shit ton of games with nearly identical premise back in the snes days.

  17. Kind of nice for some companies to remember their older and more forgotten stuff, but I'm not sure how to feel about the plagiarizers moving the game on their site for free. :p

    Anyways, I wonder how many companies would catch on and do the same thing, and fot what works…

  18. PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE and WAKE UP!!! — "The game market is shifting to digital stores, and Steam is the biggest one out there. …a digital store can remove games." Notice something here?
    I'm not one given to big conspiracy theories, but seriously, lend me your ears: first it was Movies and DVDs — gone are all the Blockbuster videos and the independent mom-and-pop stores where you could go and shop for a cheap movie and load up an armful for a long rainy weekend. No more "extras" and behind-the-scenes featurettes that you could access freely. Now, you can't find a video store in 100 miles in most places.
    Then it was Music — you know they're trying to completely do away with CDs, right? And I've even heard that Apple is thinking of doing away with MP3s! No more having your own stash of Music saved to your iPod or mix-discs! NO more cool CD booklets with lyrics, photos and other neat little pieces of info.
    And now games? You won't be able to own (and swap or borrow) your own games library? I recently dug out my old Sega Saturn and Playstation after taking a 13 year hiatus from gaming and am enjoying re-living my favorite games, some of them really rare and hard-to-find. I don't know how I'd be able to play them without OWNING them!
    Do you know what all of this has in common?
    YOUR RIGHTS!!! And most importantly, YOUR ability to own and control something which you've paid for!!
    These companies — video, music, and now gaming — are going to this "Streaming" bullshit, and really, all it is is a way for them to MAKE YOU PAY TO PLAY. Doesn't matter what it is — now, THEY are going to own the entertainment AND YOUR ABILITY TO ACCESS IT!!!! What are you going to do if you can't get internet or there is a power outage (or, god forbid, a cyber attack?) that affects the hub which transmits any of this data? Remember your Walkman, Discman, iPod? IF YOU DON'T OWN WHAT YOU'VE PAID FOR, YOUR ACCESS IS RESTRICTED!! And your RIGHTS to own and access it are limited by these companies who are fooling you into thinking you're paying for something WHICH SHOULD THEN BE YOURS TO POSSESS!!!
    Say NO to "Netflix".
    Say NO to Spotify and streaming music places.
    SAY NO to Steam!!!
    Speak with your wallets, write letters, get the word out. This digital revolution is a reverse-revolution in which the ones profiting are the big monopolies and the CEOs who are systematically chipping away YOUR RIGHTS to own and access what YOU PAY FOR!!! The only way you're going to help stop it is to speak with your money! WAKE UP!!!!

  19. Thanks to the hackers it's possible to find these removed games somewhere in the net. When it will be cloud gaming only in the future, once a game will be removed from the servers it will be lost forever…

  20. Wonder when we will see EA games banned from Steam. O wait. NEVER.

    Steam should have an option for customers to rate publishers. I am sure that EA would get a -2 out of 10

  21. I remember starforge, think that was the first time I truly got scammed as they never really completed the game and it was shortly after removed from steam.

  22. funny they removed Ride to Hell becuase of poor quality when almost all games that release now are early access and barely functioning pieces of games.

  23. I really fail to see how steam ever "bans" games for bad quality as that would require them to delete about 70-90% of the entire libary honestly.
    For every decent to great game theres at least half a dozen ones i wouldnt even have played on my very 1st nokia cellphone when cellphones were just starting to become a thing like yeah well 2?DECADES ago. Unless being PAID to do so arguably. I mean theres games worse than fkn snake or minesweeper all over steam

  24. According to other comments, Motor Rock (#2) also stole audio assets from Rock'n'Roll Racing, and uses the same map names.

  25. I think I speak for everyone when I say that gamers are tired of the "controversial" games being removed. There are ratings for parents to choose content for children and adults should be free to make/purchase whatever niche game they so choose (at least in America). We need to grow up, get out of our "taboo" closets and open our eyes to the reality of individuality. Homosexuality in games? Who cares. Nudity? Whatever. Violence? Cool. Everyone has different tastes so cater away and ignore this pussified society that censors our right to choose. "They" can choose to not support but don't block the rest of us for the sake of their own interests.

  26. Whoah Whoah Whoah Digital Homicide didn't successfully sue anyone, they lost so why are you saying they " sued " these people? Wouldn't they attempted to sue be a more accurate thing to say?

  27. I should decide what content I consume, not some faceless fascist neck/legbeard behind a corporation or government logo.
    Banning games is never doing me a favour, in any way. Quality and content is a decision between me and the developer only.

  28. Motor Rock reminds me of that 80's or 90's racing arcade game that I can't remember. I'm sure someone knows what I am talking about. 4 people could race at the same time.

  29. Oh they didn't remove active shooter because it was bad,they carry a lot of really bad,far worse games.They removed it likely before legal teams sent notices/complaints.Now days abandoned games remain on Steam,really bad games full of bugs/glitches remain on Steam.There is a game "shower with your dad" on Steam,need i say more?

  30. This channel wants to talk about poor quality games when they should be talking about how horrible the person reading the script can be.

  31. Bonetown has nothing on Houseparty. Houseparty has it all, but it is pretty well made, has very good story which is pretty hilarious, and one of the few games I unlocked everything for because of this. Houseparty was still tons more controversial.

  32. the 10th game changed its name and stuff and is for free on the Microsoft store… I know because I downloaded it and realized what sh** it was

  33. I heard you like commercials, so we put more commercials in your commercials.

    Seriously though, enough fucking commercials?

  34. You forgot a bunch of games like dementiom 2 Tony hawk pro skater HD and the one that I really wish didn't get removed and that's saw the video game

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