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October 9, 2019

– Now we were just in the shed. We were filming an ask, and I thought you know what I think you guys want to get to know the GMBN presenters more. So I’ve got Neil here and I
thought why don’t we do it? Why don’t we get to know
him a little bit more? Put him under pressure, ask
him some personal questions. – We need to get to know you more Martyn, but we’ll do that later. – Screw that. Let’s ask you questions. Right, first question for Neil. This is gonna be hard for you Neil. I want you to sum up, you as a mountain biker in seven words. – A mountain biker or a human being? – As a mountain biker. – Okay, gah that’s hard. – It is hard. Don’t think about it too much. – Crashes. (Martyn laughs) Try to be smooth. – Smooth, yeah definitely. I’d say that about you. – I used to be fast-ish Don’t ride as much as I want to. Does that describe me as a mountain biker? – Yes, definitely. You’re always complaining you’re not on your bike enough, definitely. – That word is want then. I’m kind of flexing the
rules here a little bit. – They can be flexed, it’s fine. – Not as smooth as I look. (laughs) – I like how you had smooth
in there and not smooth as I– – I break a lot more parts
than people think I do. This is not very smooth. – You break a lot more than
people think you do and all. – A happy mountain biker. – Yes, yes. – Chilled. – Yes, very good. You know yourself. I’d say all those things were true. You are Neil Donoghue. – That’s true. – We will continue, okay. Now, a sentence that describes all that is good about mountain biking. – wow – A sentence, ya know, sum it up. – I have met most of the coolest people in my life through mountain biking. – Yes, that’s good enough. Good enough. You may be killing this idea
of with good answers, yes. (laughs) Right, here’s a
really good one for you because this comes from
your knowledge of riding. What is the most common mistake
you see a new rider making? ‘Cause you’ve taught riders
all through your career, and, of course, you’ve been a coach. – It’s a very simple
thing, but it’s very hard to get them out of doing is picking up the back wheel with their feet. I always talk about this
in Bunny Hop videos, but I see it all the time
people trying to jump, it’s really, really hard
almost impossible to get good at jumping if you’re doing that and it all starts with learning
the Bunny Hop the wrong way. And people rely on clips,
and just pulling on that. – Yeah, yeah and then
they go out of a jump and try to do the same thing. – But really, it makes
you not as fast downhill and not as good at jumping. – See, it’s learning that
kind of scoop in or– – Yep, using your weight
rather than just picking up, staying back and picking up your feet. – Right, okay. I just got an email with a new question. Right, next one is, “What
is the most common mistake “you see pro riders make?” I mean you’ve seen all the pros
in the biggest careers ever. Is there a common mistake the pros make? – It’s complex, but I always
say the psychological part of racing is massive and it’s
a really hard one to nail. And I would say more riders should probably get help with that. You see people come and go,
they can win massive races but then they can’t back
it up with another one. And I was not so good for it, Marc Beaumont, who I grew up with and
we’ve both raced together. He went off and saw a sports psychologist and it really helped with him. I know the Athertons’ see
people out in the past, I would say that’s probably the one biggest mistake riders make. – And I would say the
one thing that’s striking about the riders who just
stick around and keep winning. – Super strong, basically. – The Gwinner’s, and the
Greg Minaar’s mentally cannot be budged. – Yep, absolutely. – Right, okay, out of all of the racers, I like this question. Out of all of the racers
you’ve competed against or hung out with, who or was
and is the most annoying?” – Annoying, that’s effectively– – You’ve got to diss someone on GMBN. Do it, down that camera. – I’ve just said Marc Beaumont,
but I’ve traveled with Marc for four years racing
and in a couple of years, or a year probably GMBN and
he’s a great bloke, loads of fun but racing he is super, super driven and it’s hard to be a teammate sometimes with someone like that
because they are number one and you want to try and
be your own number one, but he was great fun, don’t get me wrong. But it’s just being a
part of a team (mumbles). – It’s hard with teammates
and Blake Sampson the other guy on this channel was my teammate for years, and years, and years, and
yeah man, he can be annoying. – And rule number one,
especially race teams trying to be the fastest person
on that race team. – Yes, yeah. – If you wanna get paid the most money, and you wanna be the person
who’s gettin’ the kit when it gets sent through the door. – Absolutely, absolutely. It can be treacherous. Okay, right in the Bke
Vault, in the Dirt Shed Show we give away a hundred pound each week to spend in Chain Reaction Cycles. I’m not literally, figuratively
giving you a hundred pounds to spend in Chain Reactions, what would you spend it on right now? – Well, we get lots of free
things, don’t we Martyn? Which is very nice got lots
of free bikes and kit stuff. One thing I do spend my money on is fancy road chamoix, so bib shorts. I actually prefer under
quid, you’d be strugglin’ so I like to go for, I’ve got some Rapha. I’ve got some Assos,
some really nice, comfy shammy shorts that I
can wear on big rides. – Shame, this was going so well. That, chamoix shorts? My God, I thought you were
going to inspire our viewers to spend some really amazing money on amazing mountain bike parts, moving on. Neil, you will be remembered, not that you’re going anywhere, for some serious racing action. You are a born racer, if ever I met one. – I’ve raced a lot. – However, if you had to be remembered for any video (laughs)
on GNBM what would it be? I’m not interested in your racing. – Well– – You’ve got to pick one of these videos. You’ve made hundreds, what’s the one you’re like, “nailed it,” and then, all the viewers
can go and watch it. – I don’t know if I have one of those.
– The link for it will be in the description down below. – Some of the most fun
ones are the Fat Bike ones, I always come back to,
because I know Blake didn’t. I was re-jeev-us, I was a big
non-believer of fat bicycles. What’s the point in that.
– I’d say you hated ’em. – [Neil] Stupid, then I rode it and I was like this is so much fun and then Blake’s got
bitten by that bug as well, so he’s doing it now, but they are. They look stupid, but are loads of fun. – I don’t think Blake’s
improved on your going mega, mega fast on a fat bike video yet. I really enjoyed that one. – And to have this job has
actually helped me mellow out my preconceptions of mountain bikes. I’ll be like, “ah, that’s
fine, don’t worry about it.” – Because you know what, behind the camera Neil’s got some views. He really has got some views. We’re not allowed to
let the real Neil out. – And these are the mellowed down views that even you’re getting. – Right, okay who’s the
most frustrating GMBN or EMBN or GCN Presenter. You know ’em all. Who’s the most annoying? If you say me, honestly, I’ll
throw little Dan Lloyd at ya. And if it’s little Dan
Lloyd, he’ll throw me at ya. – [Neil] Steve Jones can be frustrating. – Let’s leave it at that. Okay next. What makes a good bike vault photo? – A nice bike and a nice trail. – Dog? – Yeah, of course. – Dog, you are a sucker for a dog. If someone puts a boxer in there. – Oh yeah, of course.
– That’s super nice. – I like to see a trail that’s cool. – Yeah, trail leading away
that’s one of my favorites. Okay, so try and do that if you’re trying to get in the bike vault. So you famously took a big hit
on your road bike last year. (Neil mumbles) Is it tougher to come back from an injury, now you’re nearly 40? I just put that question in
there to say, you’re nearly 40. – I don’t feel like it is, to be honest. I think–
– What, it’s not nearly 40? – No, I am. I think my time constraints make it harder to do a good amount of physio. Being a pro back in
the day I’d hurt myself then I’d do seven days a week
physio, now I can’t do that. So that maybe, but the
age I don’t feel like it has made a change yet. Maybe when I hit 40 it will. – Or another tree. (laughs) Okay. – [Man] Jesus. – Right, here’s a question for ya. E-bike or fat bike?
– If I could only have one? – Yeah. – E-bike.
– E-bike, okay. Full sus versus hardtail? – Full sus.
– Full sus, okay. E-bike versus full sus? – Full sus. – That could be the same thing. There was a flaw in my game there. Doesn’t matter. So many of our viewers know you as an all round bike
riding master, you know. You can do it all, we
watch on these videos. There’s not really anything you can’t do on a bike or haven’t done. – That’s not true. – Won races, lost races,
you’ve done Enduro. You’ve done downhill. You’ve done cross country. You can trials ride, you can backflip. – Can’t trials ride. – You’re great dirt jump rider. – Used to be. – You can do street. Look smooth, what in your opinion, in Neil Donoghue’s opinion, what haven’t you mastered on a bike? – 360s one thing that– – Ah yeah, yeah. – I gave up on.
– Tough, tough! – I used to ride a BMX
in the park quite a lot and I once, I was 360ing quite a big box, and then I under rotated
and jumped off the bike and I landed on my foot through the frame dislocating my knee, that was it. Done, dusted. No more 360s for me. – Yeah 360s are hard.
– And I didn’t very good. I was very average at it. – Yeah, yeah you gotta
commit to the old spin. – Yep, I love seeing people do it. – I don’t know why I’m telling
you. I’m rubbish at it. – You know the con-de-gue when he does those really dipped ones
that’s what I would love to be able to do. Too late, too late. – I’d have loved to been able
to do a really big ole 360. Right, last question,
okay our viewer out there. – Yep. – You. – I can see him– – Yes.
– Or her. – We can’t tell from here. (Neil laughs) They’ve got a ticket to go
and ride anywhere in the world Where are they going? What are they taking with them? – Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been loads of places
been really fortunate. One of my favorite downhill
tracks ever was Japan. I would go back there.
– Yes. – But if we’re saying it’s kind of novice who’s not been anywhere yet, I would say just go to Whistler. It’s a cliche, but just
go there. You’d love it. Take a four inch, six inch
trail bike go to Whistler. – [Martin] You know what, I hadn’t been to Whistler until last year and I was like that is,
just everyone says that, but you go and you’re like,
“Ah, this is so easy.” – [Neil] It’s Disneyland for bikes. – [Martin] It’s great fun. Alright, Neil that is all the
questions for you this week. Thank you very much.
– Thanks Martin. – You passed. You are a mountain biker. And best of luck in the future. – Hope you don’t hit–
– Thank you – -too many trees, well
I’m sure you’ll hit a few. – I’m sure I will. – You go too fast that’s your problem. If you’d like to see more from Neil then why don’t you click here
to see his presenter video we get to know more
about his life and style. – Good one. – Click on the old globe to subscribe and give us a thumbs up like,
if you like Mr. Neil Donoghue. – Thanks Martin!

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