10 Most Hilarious Rip Off Games On Steam
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10 Most Hilarious Rip Off Games On Steam

October 21, 2019

10 Biggest and Most Hilarious Rip Off Games
On Steam 10. -Simulator Games
Okay there are FAR too many terrible simulator games that we can’t just choose a select
few as it would take up pretty much the entire list. This trend of simulator games started thanks
to the growing popularity of games such as Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator. Because of this, We’ve seen the likes of
Goat Simulator and Surgeon Simulator 2013 get released as a parody on the whole craze. This is fine as both games function as they’re
meant to…..Especially Goat Simulator with it’s insane physics. Because of both actual simulation games and
well done parody games, We would then see the rise of many developers trying to cash
in on this whole fad. Both as serious simulation games and and bad
parodies. Parodies like Rock Simulator, Woodcutter Simulator
and even bloody robot vacuum simulator! That’s not all though as you also have games
that try to compete with the serious line of simulator game slike Train Simulator, Cities
XXL and the absolute dreaded Airport Simulator series of games. It’s a trend that’s still not willing
to die out. 9. -Ride To Hell: Retribution
Now this is one where we kind of feel bad for the developers of the game as they were
tasked with creating something that would rival Grand Theft Auto, only for the game
to be cancelled and then resurrected again as a hot pile of garbage. Now is this game horrible? Well from a technical standpoint, Of course
it bloody is, However ths game is the pure embodiment of old B-Movies from the 70s and
80s. This game has a dumb storyline that is paired
with some of the funniest voice acting you will here in any game ever (Besides maybe
the original resident evil), and the gameplay (Although) broken is just so ridiculously
stupid that you can’t help but laugh at it. That being said however, This clearly isn’t
worth full price. Hell it’s not even worth $5. Maybe try and find it on console in one of
those 3 for 2 deals. 8. -Air Control
So Technically this should be apart of the simulator games section of this video but
this one is just so bad that it deserves a spot of it’s own. This “Game” is pretty much an insult to
the whole trend of Simulator games as pretty much every asset has been stolen from other
games as they all differ in style and quality from one another and the presentation of the
game is pretty abysmal to say the least as the area the game takes place is either untextured
of just simply doesn’t make sense what so ever! This game was clearly trying to cash in on
the whole Goat Simulator craze. The only difference is that Goat Simulator
was just wild and crazy as it allows the player to roam around an open city causing chaos,
Whereas this game confines you to one area as it tries so desperately to impress the
player it’s weird off collar “Humor” if you can even call it that. Oh and the game is prone to crashing. That doesn’t exactly help it’s cause. 7. Infestation: The Survivor Stories
Originally known as “The War Z” before the copyright holders for the similarly titled
“World War Z” book and film decided to slap them with a nice hefty cease and desist
order, Infestation, The Survivor Stories is yet another game that tries to ride on the
coattails of another successful game trend that was sweeping the market at the time. Thanks to the success of what was originally
a mod for ARMA 2 that is now as of writing this video is still in early alpha, Day z,
Hammerpoint Interactive decided to create a clone of Day Z. Needless to say that this game was just down
right awful! I mean what else would you have expected from
a company whose owner was originally responsible for the release of one of the worst games
of all time, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. This game was panned for its terrible gameplay,
Horrible companion and enemy ai and the company who made this game was criticized for it’s
way of dealing with criticism as their community team ended up harassing players who weren’t
satisfied with their experience. Needless to say, Steam pulled the game for
their actions against the community, 6. Bad Rats
Bad Rats is somewhat of a harmless title. This game clearly didn’t care. I mean look at it! Presentation wise, It looks like something
ripped straight from the PlayStation One back in 1995. Not to mention it’s a budget indie title. So why is it on this list? Because even though this game is a budget
puzzle game with horrible presentation, It relies on physics based gameplay meaning that
gravity is a factor as you try to build a structure in order to get a bomb to kill a
cat. Well it would be if the physics actually worked
as they’re supposed to. But yeah. It’s harmless but it just plain sucks. 5. The Slaughter Grounds (And anything by Digital
Homicide) Remember how we said that Air Control stole
random assets and used it for their abysmal excuse for a game? Well at least they only released ONE game. Digital Homicide however released the same
game over and over again by reskinning their game with stolen assets. Their arguably most popular game is without
a doubt Slaughtering Grounds. This “Game” is without a doubt the most
hilarious excuse for a video game on s 4. Day One: Garry’s Incident
Hey! Remember that game that almost shut down Totalbiscuit’s
channel after he created an honest review of it? Well it wouldn’t be a list about Hilarious
Rip offs without it! Day One: Garry’s Incident is by far one
of the most infamous examples of how bad steam games could truly get. This game clearly relied on pre made assets
as models used in this game look like low end garry’s mod models from 2004 and there’s
no excuse for that in 2013. The gameplay was just plain horrible as enemy
A.I were either too dumb to notice that you’re standing right next to them or they’re too
smart that they’ll attack the player almost instantly while the player has their back
turned. It’s an absolute mess. 3. Star forge
So you’d probably expect No Man’s Sky to be somewhere on this list. Well here’s the problem. With all of No Man’s Sky’s problems as
well as all the false promise that were made during the lead up to the game’s release,
At least no man’s sky got a full release. Starforge however is one of those types of
early access games that lulls the player into thinking it’s a worth investment to purchase
an early version of the game in the hopes that by the time the final release comes out,
it will be as good as they hoped for it to be. Well when purchasing the game, they’re greeted
to glitches galore! Not to mention the game had so many promises
that weren’t fulfilled in the early access version that the game was essentially dead
on arrival. Now you can argue again that bugs are expected
with early access and you are correct. HOWEVER, the game still needs to be playable
in early access and that clearly wasn’t the case here. 2. Flatout 3
Rated the absolute worst of the worst on steam, Flatout 3: Chaos and Destruction was released
in 2011 to nothing but negative reviews. It’s really weird to think that because
the series was pretty decent as the first 2 games in the series received average scores
of 7/10 and 6/10 respectively by Edge Magazine (We know, Edge is a fairly biased company
but regardless).So with a decent history, How could the third game possibly go wrong? If anything a game should be at it’s peak
by the 3rd game in the series. Well this game does not follow the previous
2 games well as the game not only performs terribly (I mean come on, Racing games should
at the very least be 60fps. ESPECIALLY in the 2010s), But the game looks
like something from the early 2000s, has horrible car physics and is just down right annoying. Personally speaking though, This game is far
from the worst on steam as there is more garbage, but man is this an awful game! 1. Raven’s Cry
Now at first glance, This game doesn’t look horrible. Sure graphically it’s not up to scratch
with some of the most high end games on the market but as a little budget game, it doesn’t
look bad. Aesthetically and asset wise, The game looked
okay. It’s the gameplay however where the entire
game falls apart. The game just felt incomplete as massive parts
of the game were either missing just unplayable. Bundle that together with horrible A.I, An
incredibly boring story and terrible (Yet Hilarious) voice acting, This game is set
to be a sure fire failure! It doesn’t stop there. The game was removed from steam, Yet was re-released
under the title “Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry”. This version of the game feature miniscule
changes such as gameplay and enemy A.I improvements, Better voice acting (Which isn’t an improvement….like
seriously guys….Leave the cheesy voice acting in!), More weapons, More Missions and More
Upgrades. Needless to say however, this release was
just as much of a failure as the initial release was.

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  1. BeamNG.drive RIPED ME OFF a error tell me to change my computer to 64bit and its already 64bit I bought the game for $24.99 and it wont let me play it. what what waist of money.

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