10 Most Elaborate PC Gaming Setups of All Time
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10 Most Elaborate PC Gaming Setups of All Time

September 15, 2019

We can pretty much imagine that every gamer’s dream is to have a powerful computer to play all current games at maximum settings. Because of this, many people choose to make their own setups, and include only the best parts available on the market. But besides the functional part, there is also an aesthetic one, meaning that there is more to a fine PC setup than just a strong graphics card and a wide monitor. There are some gaming setups that are so impressive that they deserve global recognition, and this is why, in today’s video, we are going to unveil some of the most elaborate PC setups. The emphasis is put on the originality of the projects presented rather than the state of the art system specifications. A do-it-yourself project where the components of a computer are included into a desk is a very intriguing thing to do. Crafted Workshop shows us how he managed to cut and rearrange parts of the desktop to make the processor cooler, hard drive and other vital parts fit perfectly in their designated space. In addition to this, a masterfully done table management eliminates the risk of tangling and frustration later on, when you’ll want to change something within the hold setup. The final result is an extremely clean look with three monitors on top and a fully functional PC underneath. A very minimalist and elegant design built around a custom steel frame with a top made out of reclaimed wood from the farm where the setup creator’s mother grew up. All of the PC components are placed into the desk drawer for ease of use and have good access, in case something needs to be remodeled. Of course, the cable management is done masterfully, with each wire tied to the bottom of the desk becoming perfectly invisible. The monitor is a 44 inch curved Dell that is wall mounted and rimmed with LED strips for an extra touch. This whole setup is so simple, yet so full of class, and not very hard to do, either. Sponsored by Tom Clancy’s The Division, this setup is, as its maker puts it, obviously overkill. Three 65-inch OLED displays require the power of three GTX Titan graphic cards to be fully functional and render absolutely every pixel. When sitting in front of them, you’ll be able to benefit from a stupendous panoramic view from every game that you play. The peripheral vision that is usually not used when looking at a normal monitor is now fully engaged when playing a game, resulting in the most immersive sensation ever experienced. The World’s Most Comfortable Gaming Setup is a project made by Linus Tech Tips, and it involves remodeling an entire penthouse, and transforming it into a gaming room. A curved 4K Samsung TV is hung on the wall with its cables hidden in a PVC pipe. The rest of the gear has been mounted on the other walls of the room to show how easy the whole setup can be modified and adapted to anyone’s individual needs. The cables that come from the custom wall-mounted PC, as well as from the Xbox One, are organized in such a way that they look like an intentionally done pattern, giving a very elegant final look. An immense pillow complements the whole setup, and transforms it into the perfect gaming nook. TechSource is a YouTube content creator that makes videos on subjects such as PC gaming, smart phones, and general tech reviews. He is well-known for his PC setup that includes a neat design and is heavily based on using red and black as colours of choice! The setup is powered by the big red, a custom painted and modded GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card Even the headphones have a special skin to match the setup’s theme and of course the hanger that supports them follows the same colour scheme. The last touch is the acoustic foam that is mounted on the walls giving an extra flavour to the whole setup. Initially, Yazeed became famous with his black and red setup featuring a three monitor scheme, but his latest improvements are even more impressive. An Acer curved monitor has been added overhead, and it works alongside with the other already existing ASUS monitors. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers have special skins, added so their colour perfectly matches the purple theme of the whole gaming setup Yazeed has so meticulously created. Purple and white cables are braided inside the case, and even the graphics card and RAM have been painted purple to match the entire setup. An entire room has been designated to be a game room, and every corner of it is especially organized to reflect this idea. The console area contains a giant 65-inch curved TV mounted on the wall in a way that makes you believe it’s actually floating! No cables can be seen and a very discreet mount holds it up. The colour of choice is teal, being recurrent in the LED lights that rim the TV set and the sofa, the pulse speakers’ hue and honeycomb pattern on the wall above the computer area. Three Acer Predator curved monitors sit upon a motorized desk that can have its height increased or decreased, meaning it can also be used as a standing desk. A custom-made MDF desk, painted black with a glass lid that is automatized is already a pretty cool concept. But when you manage to place LED illuminated top computer components inside it everything becomes cooler! Add on top of this mix a 43-inch 4K display and you have every gamer’s dream setup. The lighting is modeled in such a way as to follow the water flow that course the entire computer, and the available colour scheme for the LEDs is, of course, red, green and blue. The entire setup looks extremely good, and it definitely deserves to be taken into consideration when talking about elaborate PC custom-made designs. Made for the Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational 2016 Season 1, this PC setup has been created for under four hundred dollars, when it comes to the materials used. The desk is made entirely out of glass, and it seems like it’s floating, thanks to the discreet brackets that hold it up on the wall. Insane cable management has been performed, since there is no way you can see any wires coming out of this astonishing PC desk! Some pipes with transparent liquid that traverse the whole setup are meant to offer the ever so necessary cooling A curved high definition monitor sits above the glass desk and strips of coloured LED lights give a futuristic accent to the whole setup. With a YouTube channel dedicated to PC designs, Imfaceroll has the good habit of creating amazingly complex setups inspired by famous franchises such as Star Wars and Warcraft. But today we are going to be talking about the water-cooled PC he has crafted and embedded in his desk, since it’s a much bigger and interesting project. Three monitors are mounted on supports, and below them, the most intricate green design begins to unfold. All the usual computer components are linked through water-cooling pipes and recipients and a glass counter is placed above them to form a functional desktop. To complete the greatness, LEDs of different colours are illuminating the whole setup from below. This was our list showcasing some great PC setups, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our video. If you did, please press that “like” button as we do appreciate it, and it helps us immensely. We often ask our audience for suggestions to compile these lists, and if you’d like to contribute, please follow Frag Hero on Facebook. You can also post other interesting setups that you know of in the comments below because we do read pretty much everything. Now would also be a great time to encourage you to subscribe, because we upload new stuff all of the time so subscribing will keep you up-to-date with all of our latest videos. You can also check out Frag Hero dot com for more gaming related articles but until next time, thanks for watching and have a great day!

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  1. I have a Big Office Desk i think ? the PC under it mite be handy idea ??brb like watching other builds daydreaming i could do it???

  2. Black and red, well black and orange, and then you say black and red again right after when it is black and purple xD way to tool it tool!

  3. Guess this proves there is actually no way to make a gaming setup actually look good in a room… I mean sure you can shove hundreds of light in them and build funky/ugly furniture to stuff the components in but it will never look better than some weird sci-fi installment. Guess I'll just hide mine

    Me: "hmm… i'll just wait till the prices dropped like 10 years and maybe i can save money from my allowance xd"

  5. Cool…but I got a 286 with a pair of floppy drives in a beige case. Now THAT'S a cool rig… (Yeah right)…

  6. Extremely interesting video but why, why, is the pace so fast? I would love to linger a bit on every single setup and appreciate details…

  7. You can play every game on the market at max settings for less than $2000 on a PC that isn't liquid cooled… This shit's just for show.

  8. I really enjoyed seeing these AWESOME setups. But I'm perfectly happy just having a decent PC and playing games whenever I can., and having money in the bank if I need it. There's far more to life than games; however, games definitely make life more enjoyable. ?

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    Yes you're right about that
    But my parents dream is to make me a scientist and be a smart boy
    Such a good parents aren't they?

  10. You know these setups are awesome but I will always have my laptop with two monitors, keyboard,and mouse and all of the messy cords under my desk

  11. @3:26 anyone know what that controller thingy is to the left of the anker speakers under the monitor? (its dark red and black with knobs)?

  12. I wish you hadn't bounced the camera around to different views so quickly that I couldn't get a better look at the details of these setups.

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  15. 1:13 I know cable management is a dream for Gamers but have a keyboard and the mouse there, There"s no armrest so it a NO NO NO FOR ME

  16. This is insane. I am building my setup and now I am so confused as to how much money is needed to put in to the setup. Seems like every time I settle on something, something better and more expensive draws my attention 🙂

  17. An Average gamer does not need amazing LED lights and configuration to become serious gamer. And I pretty sure, that non of this "rig's"can handle 18 hours flight in a flight simulation game without overheat the CPU. Because a flight sim does not just need an amzing graphics card, it needs powerful CPU, that most people that do games can't afford.

  18. 1 person needs 2 game rooms 1 with a big tv and a sofa for when friends come and 1 for your pc setup

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