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10 Most DISLIKED Gaming Videos on Youtube | Chaos

August 30, 2019

Whenever a new trailer or popular gaming video comes out It’s always a little surprising when you see it get flooded with dislikes But have you ever wondered what gaming related videos have the most? Dislikes on YouTube which videos pissed fans off the most well today. We’re gonna figure that out What is up guys welcome to chaos top tens? This is Jimmy your chaos with a slight cold, but we’re gonna power through that and today We’re gonna be counting down the 10 most disliked gaming videos on YouTube now Just as a little disclaimer given a huge YouTube is it how difficult it is to narrow these things down I’m sure there may be a mistake here or there, but after a lot of research I think we’ve managed to come up with a pretty conclusive list on this topic But of course if we missed a video be sure to let us know in the comments also some of these videos are probably Going to surprise you, so let’s get started This month’s giveaway is for a new PlayStation 4 console all you have to do to enter is drop a like on this video be subscribe to the channel and turn on your Notifications so you never miss an upload and in the comment section let me know why you want to win the ps4 and Include your Twitter handle so I can contact you if you’re the winner the winner will be announced at the end of the month Kicking off our list today at number 10 is subway surfers launch trailer by kee, Liu Games now Speaking of videos that might surprise you this one actually took me totally Off-guard you guys remember this game at all subway surfers is a mobile game that came out in 2012 to positive reviews and tons of downloads on the App Store the Google Play But when you go back to the reveal trailer. You’ll probably be surprised to see that it has more than 37,000 dislikes in to be fair it also has over a hundred and six million views and is one of the most viewed video game trailers on YouTube so naturally there’s gonna be dislikes and trolls but 37,000 seems like a lot for a light-hearted game like this and judging by the comments I think most of the dislikes come from the fact that the people who typed random letters into the search Got this video so there must have been some kind of aggressive marketing deal between YouTube and Kilo games that turned a lot of people off which would explain both the views and the dislikes At number 9. We have Ethan meets dantdm at Minecon 2015 it’s epic bye Ethan Gamer next up on the list is a vlog from Ethan gamer a popular Let’s play channel hosted by a young boy named Ethan of course in terms of numbers This kid is absolutely killing it as he has over 2 million subscribers in 1 billion total views and he’s only 11 years old this video makes the list however It wasn’t received well compared to his others this minecon vlog was uploaded in july of 2015 and it documented Ethan’s time at the convention as well as him meeting another popular youtuber named dantdm as of the recording of this video the vlog is over 19 million views a hundred ninety seven thousand likes and Forty thousand dislikes which is a little bit shocking You knew there was gonna be some video game trailers on here And here’s another one at number eight the battlefield one official revealed trailer by battlefield this one is honestly This is another surprise as battlefield 1 was a very received well received game and ever since the reveal people were hype for it But if you go back to the initial reveal trailer it actually had a ton of dislikes But a ton of likes as well to counter them now the battlefield 1 reveal trailer was uploaded on May 6 of 2016 very soon After the infinite warfare reveal, which we’ll be talking about a little later, and as of the recording of this video. It’s been viewed over 57 million times making it one of the most popular video game trailers on YouTube the trailer is also garnered over 42,000 dislikes Which is definitely a lot? But it’s nothing Compared to the 2.1 million likes on the other side of things so even though this video got it insanely like to dislike ratio The dislikes are still more than enough To earn a spot on this list and some would probably say that some of those dislikes came from salty Call of Duty fans Ok guys at number 7. We have the official Call of Duty infinite warfare story trailer by Call of Duty speaking of infinite warfare we’re gonna be talking about that game quite a bit in this video because as I’m sure most of you are aware the Internet was not very happy with Activision and Call of Duty back in 2016 When this game was revealed and announced this trailer was released a few months after the initial reveal and gave a more yep Look at the campaign the characters at new mechanics the infinite warfare was bringing to the table Despite the fact that the trailer is very well done and the campaign was actually really really good. This story trailer ended up with over 51,000 dislikes landing it with the number seven spot on today’s list At number six we have the reveal trailer official call of duty black ops 2 by Call of Duty That’s right another shocker just a heads up You’re gonna be seeing a lot of Call of Duty related stuff on this list moving forward This is another video that took me by surprise because nowadays We see black ops 2 is one of the best games in the Call of Duty franchise And it’s still to this day has a loyal multiplayer following and that’s five years after its release however Looking back at the reveal trailer people weren’t too. Happy with it It currently sits with 60 1000 dislikes and at the time that black ops 2 was announced Call of Duty was yet to really jump into the futuristic stuff and the black ops 2 trailer went all-in showing off the new technology and setting which Definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in that moment Thankfully the game ended up being absolutely fantastic, and it’s still one of my favorites in the series Cracking into the top 5 today. We have the overwatch vs.. Tf2 is newer always better by the game theorists now game Theory is an extremely popular normally well-received series on YouTube They’ve been around for years doing in-depth videos on video game mechanics fan theories and Easter eggs, but this video from August of 2016 Definitely pissed a lot of people off the video in question Was overwatch versus tf2 was supposed to be a debate about which of these two class-based hero shooters was better an argument that Isn’t really a good one to begin with because of how different the games are this could have been a really interesting video But unfortunately it was very clearly not researched and had an obvious bias towards overwatch making the whole thing just seem like an advertisement for blizzards game and not a fair representation of Tf2 as of the recording of this video the debate has over 62,000 dislikes and the comments are full of tf2 fans Defending their game and game theory fans calling the channel out for putting out such a poorly researched video and number 4 We have the official call of duty black ops 3 reveal trailer Yes another Call of Duty reveal trailer this trailer was uploaded on April 26 of 2015 and it gave us our first look in what we thought was the conclusion to the blackops trilogy? But that’s not the case black ops 4 is on the way But for everyone that was already tired of jetpacks from advanced warfare the advanced tech for black ops 2 and ghost they were in for a bad time with the black ops 3 trailer because It showed off tons of advanced movement and strange Futuristic weaponry and abilities that honestly made the game look like something that wasn’t Call of Duty They don’t get me wrong this trailer is awesome, and it’s still one of my favorite cod reveal trailers ever But it definitely did win over the peoples hearts we were tired of The futuristic stuff as a right now the black ops 3 reveal trailers has over 87,000 dislikes At number three we have violence in video games by the white house You know something is seriously wrong when the official US White House YouTube channel has a video on this list Following the recent school shootings many politicians including President Trump himself started bringing back the age-old argument That video games cause kids to be violent in real life despite the fact that this belief has been proven wrong countless times the official White House YouTube channel uploaded this montage of graphic video game violence on March 8th of this year And it was clearly meant to just fear monger and shock the people who don’t know anything about video games in the first place funny Enough the video is now unlisted instead of public media you have to have a direct link in order to watch it Yet
it still has been shared enough times to get enough dislikes for a place on this list as of the recording of this video the White House’s violence in video games has over 92,000 dislikes And number two we have the official Call of Duty infinite warfare multiplayer reveal trailer by Call of Duty following the disastrous reveal trailer for infinite warfare Activision Nvidia Ward knew they had to try and win people over with the new title with some multiplayer Footage after all if the multiplayer looked cool maybe would people would still buy it on September 2nd of 2016 Call of Duty’s official YouTube uploaded our first look at the multiplayer for infinite warfare while the reception was much better than the initial reveal That’s not saying much as of the recording of this video the iw multiplayer reveal has 4.7 million views in over a hundred and thirty four thousand dislikes compared To the hundred and twenty seven thousand likes well at least that’s a little more even than this next And here we have it at number one there was never a doubt this will probably hold this record for ages to come the official Call of Duty infinite warfare reveal trailer by Call of Duty I’m sure you guys all saw this coming and the infinite warfare trailer was uploaded on may 2nd of 2016 It was such a disaster Then it went on to be one of the most disliked videos in the history of YouTube not just gaming we’re talking YouTube in its Entirety following the years of futuristic Cod games people wanted boots on the ground just like the good old days well We were definitely disappointed with the reveal came when we were going even further into the future with infinite warfare Just to add insult to injury they were also going to remaster Cod 4 But you had to drop 80 bucks to get access to it as of right now the infinite warfare reveal trailer has over 3.6. Million dislikes, and if you ask me it was it was it was a rough time Hopefully Activision learned their lesson And they don’t try to pull this again with future cause of this situation and there you have it my friends Those are 10 of the most disliked gaming videos on YouTube right now if you could think of some others that we didn’t get on the list definitely let me know in the comment section Let me know what is your most despised video game trailer? We get lots of trailers especially around III June time so I want to know what trailer just ultimately Lets you down with one of your favorite video games that you were looking forward to I hope you guys have a great day drop A like make sure you turn on those notifications, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for a new one You

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  2. When people say that violence in games makes kids violent it's actually raging in games that make low tempered people violent.

  3. I really want to win a ps4, because i can't afford it, and i really want to play Overwatch as well as other awesome games on ps4 my twitter is @SilverHawkPL

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  7. I'm surprised none of the halo games made it on. Hated halo 4, and the reveal trailer to me wasn't that great either.

  8. Update Alert! Add BATTLEFIELD V because they want to be social justice warriors and shove their personal agenda into a game instead of just being a game developers. I am not sexist, just don’t want history distorted for political correctness.

  9. We need an update with Diablo Immortal .. that gets the second spot for sure and might even get number one if it had a fan base as big as Call of duty's xD

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