10 Mobile RPG Games That Are Actually OFFLINE!!!
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10 Mobile RPG Games That Are Actually OFFLINE!!!

September 26, 2019

HEY GAMERS!!!!!!! Welcome back to IsItThatGame! Your one stop destination for the best smartphone
games out there! This is your friend ‘Big Smoke’ and today
we will see Top 10 Awesome RPG games that can be played completely offline! So No Internet? No problem! Make sure to Leave a BIG FAT LIKE if enjoy
this video and now without wasting any time… Lets get started! [Pause]
We’re kicking off this list with none other than The Elder Scrolls Blades, one of the
most highly anticipated mobile RPGs of 2019. The game comes directly from Bethesda Softworks
and is a spin-off of the main Elder Scrolls series, which also includes highly acclaimed
titles like Skyrim and Oblivion. Despite its relatively small size of 150 MB,
the game features gorgeous graphics, plenty of quests, an in-depth character creator,
and even a PvP mode! [Pause]
Next up we have Infinity Souls, a 297 MB fantasy-themed action RPG inspired by the Dark Souls series! The game isn’t quite as bleak as Dark Souls
but features similarly challenging bosses that can end you in two hits and a combat
system that rewards skill instead of mindless screen tapping. Make sure you’re prepared to die repeatedly
as you try to “git gud” at this game because Infinity Souls will absolutely wreck you otherwise. [Pause]
Remember how we mentioned that the last game was inspired by Dark Souls? Yes, well, this next one is called Animus
– Harbinger and basically IS Dark Souls! The action RPG was developed by Tenbirds and
is pretty much identical to Bandai Namco’s infamous series both in terms of gameplay
and aesthetics. You’ll need around 1.5 gigs of free space
if you want to pick this one up but it’s definitely worth it. [Pause]
If you’re looking for something more colorful, you may want to keep an eye out for Nimian
Legends: Bridge Ridge. This hand-crafted open-world RPG developed
by Protopop Games isn’t free but will only take 429 MB of your space and will give you
plenty of pretty environments to look at in return. The game can probably best be described as
a combination between Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus. Need I say more? [Pause]
Coming up next on our list we have Ice and Fire: Dawn Break, an action RPG with anime-inspired
graphics developed by Auer Media & Entertainment. This free 836 MB game challenges players with
constant hack-and-slash combat across over 100 different levels and several difficult
boss battles along the way. There are only three characters to choose
from, however, this lack of variety is offset by the fact that each of them comes with unique
weapons and abilities. [Pause]
Next, we take a look at yet another souls-like game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve. This particular title is known as Revenant
Knight and offers dozens of different types of enemies along with 14 bosses, each more
terrifying than the last. Developed by 6000Software and weighing in
at 416 MB, Revenant Knight is arguably even more difficult than most of its siblings as
you can’t level up or equip items that will increase your stats. [Pause]
Moving on, we have Portal Knights, an excellent RPG developed by 505 Games. At first glance, some might dismiss Portal
Knights as yet another Minecraft clone but there’s a lot more to this game than meets
the eye. Portal Knights is a very immersive sandbox
RPG with robust building mechanics, solid combat, and even a 4-player co-op mode! This 1.4 GB title isn’t free but it definitely
offers great bang for your buck. [Pause]
If you love Diablo you’re going to get a kick out of our next pick. Eternium is a very popular ARPG developed
by Making Fun, Inc. with over 1.8 million downloads on Google Play alone and hordes
of dedicated fans constantly singing its praises. And why shouldn’t they? This free-to-play game takes some of the best
elements of Diablo and combines them with a unique spell casting system in order to
create something truly special. [Pause]
Next up on our list, we have Battleheart Legacy, a funky looking RPG developed by Mika Mobile. Don’t let its blocky aesthetic fool you,
though, because there’s a lot to love about this title. Battleheart Legacy is a highly immersive RPG
with 12 character classes and over 150 skills to choose from. Epic boss battles? Check. Great story? Of course. Loot galore? Yep, and then some! All that and more tucked neatly inside an
890 MB package. [Pause]
We’re wrapping things up with an absolutely epic game known as Arcane Quest Legends. This 2.2 GB hack & slash RPG developed by
Nex Game Studios is massive in size, as well as in scope. The game takes place across a vast landscape
filled to the brim with countless dungeons to explore and hideous monsters to slay. There’s also a highly in-depth character
customization system and a compelling storyline to boot. In short, a true classic RPG experience. [Pause]
So thats all for today guys…hope enjoyed the video! To watch this video with awesome music checkout
the link on the top comment! See you in the next video! Till then, this is your friend ‘Big Smoke’,
Signing Offfff!

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  1. Fair warning to those interested in Portal Knights… I bought this game only to find it DOES NOT have a cloud save option or any other means to record your progress should the game get unistalled or you wind up with a new device. Not really sure what they were thinking, as you're paying for a game which does not indefinitely save your progress… Its a great way to waste hours building, crafting, and progressing your character only to have it be pissed away if you temporarily uninstall it, your device goes tits up, or you simply upgrade to a new one. Never gave it more than an hour or so of my time after figuring this out.

  2. 5 minute ago i was looking for rpg game and then this video just showed up wow it's (MAGIC) 😂 ohh by the way thank for making this video…

  3. Can u pls make a video about adventure/Rpg/hack n slash games? Idk where to find such great games…u dont need to firce youself if u dont want😊😊
    Oh btw cool video SUB like and comment= check

  4. Aside from Animus and MHFU, iOS doesn’t really have any other games similar to Dark Souls or Monster Hunter (not that I’ve found at least) and it’s a real bummer.

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