10 meter falling target National Championships 2016
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10 meter falling target National Championships 2016

August 19, 2019

Welcome to the Finnish national falling target championships. On the range five the target above is shot by Terho Ritvanen from Pieksämäen Ampujat and the range below by Bertel Holmström from Raseborgs Skyttare. As you can see… And what happened? The target below… Bertel Holmström hits his first one. Lets take a closer look. Terho Ritvanen on left shooting the target above is a many time Finnish champion. And the target comes… Terho hits it. Go Terho. LOAD. Guns on the table secured. Scores. Heikkilä three – Heikkilä THREE. Jetsonen five – Jetsonen FIVE. Range three and six continues. The next hit wins the Finnish Championship. Guns on the table secured, the champions have won! At the range three, men 50+ serie Finnish Champion Markku Jetsonen from Kuopio! Silver to Jarmo… Räsänen Elli wins the Finnish Championships with score 2 to 1. Karisjoki Marika won silver. Range four continues. Guns on the table secured, safety flags on. The scores… Range four Heikkilä Sami 0, Heikkilä Tomi-Pekka 1, the Finnish Champion Tomi-Pekka like last year, congratulations! How do you feel? I feel pretty good. Beautiful. Great game. Oh Tomo’s a big muscle! Hesus… Bro’s like the Mario’s. Bronzes go to Tarmo Koskela from Porvoo and Heikki Lähdekorpi from Satakunta! Tage came here just chillin’ and won bronze… And Heikki… Well Heikki is Heikki. This is great, so great! Again the Runnari boys are there… Oh f*** your gloomy guys. Oh hesus now that was… That was way too much. Guys, guys the paparazzi’s here. The press conference aight, ye the press is here, so how did it go? Medals. You got some medals today? Today.

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