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September 6, 2019

We’ve talked before about some really really great life hacks You can actually use while you’re playing video games, but there are way more than just the ones we discussed previously What is up guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top tens and today? We are going to go over another 10 great life hacks that can make your gaming life easier If you’re a gamer some of these tips may actually help you out So let’s get started be sure to enter the monthly 200 dollar Amazon gift card here on the channel it’s really easy to enter all you have to do is like the video make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and turn on your notifications For a chance to win leave a comment why you want it with your Twitter handle And I will pick the winner at the end of the month good luck kicking off our list today is pretty simple But it can actually help out a lot wearing computer glasses Because video games are pretty strenuous on the eyes over a long period of time a lot of people have taken to wearing special glasses That help prevent that from actually happening now Obviously the damage that gaming will do to your eyes is a very very long slow process And there’s a good chance that nothing will ever happen to you at all but if you are someone who just wants to be on the safe side you should Definitely check some of these out go on Amazon and look up computer glasses And you will see a wide variety of styles and prices these will help you from damaging your eyes in the long run and it Will also help you from getting headaches after long gaming sessions Which is something that I suffer from a lot of programmers like to use the gunner optics brand? Which has been around for a long time But those can get pretty expensive ultimately it just comes down to how much you want to spend if you do it all This one seems pretty simple, but a lot of people don’t even realize you can do this store your games on a USB Drive it’s it’s very nice for someone who goes to a friend’s house a lot and always wants to play games that you have and they Don’t and you bought the game digitally they don’t have it, but you do while the restrictions on how effective This method is for the ps4 and the Xbox one have gotten stronger it is still totally possible with Xbox 360 and ps3 games as well as a Good amount of PC games if you want to be able to take your games with you to your buddy’s house or on the go Just get a USB Drive That’s big enough plug it into your console and move the game on to that with the Xbox 360 in the ps3 games can be Read right off the USB Drive, so you take it over to a friend’s house And you can play it just as if you had brought the disc with you and a lot of people don’t even realize That you can do this. They don’t even realize you can plug a USB into your console like that so this is a good one a Number eight putting a weight on your mouse cable if you’re someone who has their mouse plugged into your computer And you’re not rocking a wireless mouse and your computers on their desk You’ve probably experienced that annoying situation where the cable is actually causing resistance and weight on the mouse and during a game play I raise my hand right now because this happens to me all the time I need to take my own advice a good way to prevent. This is to get a weight of some kind Maybe your phone or a book or something pull the mouse back a little bit So there’s some extra slack and the cable on your desk and then put the weight on top of it This way your mouse won’t be fighting you while you’re trying to fight somebody else on a game Okay, this one’s not as much of a tip like a physical tip But more of a process don’t buy on impulse because we gamers are pretty stoked people we like to ride Hype trains and video game companies love to hype the crap out of their games it Often leads to us making purchases that we we eventually regret or buying something that goes on sale almost immediately After we bought it whoo you ever had that happen you buy it for retail premium and the next day It’s 50% off whenever you’re thinking of buying a new piece of gaming hardware Or a game or really anything to do with the gaming industry Wait a week or so or at least a couple days this way you can see if it goes on sale Or if there’s going to be a price drop so you can save a few bucks and even if it doesn’t go on sale Waiting an extra little bit of time isn’t the end of the world spending Less money is always a good thing plus plus. You can see a few reviews that come out from gamers now not critics I don’t I don’t hope critic reviews in any any type of regard I’m talking about actual Gamers and people on reddit that play the game, and you may decide that it really wasn’t worth it in the first place Number six learning to coil your cables correctly this one. Isn’t as much of a life gamer hack as it is It’s just a good idea Honestly if you’re someone who plays a lot of video games and buys a lot of equipment to do so as I slowly look under My desk and I see wires everywhere chances Are you have a lot of cables laying around and these can be a huge pain? You don’t know what I actually Coil your cables efficiently learning to properly coil cables will reduce the amount of space you need to store them in and will generally make organizing less of a hassle when you are coiling a cable point the end of it away from you and then put your other hand on the cable below your top hand with both of your thumbs pointing in the same direction Then slide your bottom hand back a little bit grip that part of the cable Bring it back up to meet the top hand while creating a loop with the cable Hopefully I have something on the string here to demonstrate for you guys Then bring your bottom hand back to the spot where it was before but with your thumb pointed away this time and bring the cable Back to the top for another loop then just repeat the process Alternating between your thumbs pointing the same way and away from each other this will coil the cable in a way that keeps it small and tidy but also won’t spring out all over the place once you’ve got let go and how many people have tried to coil a cable and Then you’re done And then it just explodes and like parts of it go every different direction so if you can learn this method You’re gonna be much more organized Cracking into the top five today customizing your Notifications takes a little bit of time on most gaming consoles you get a little notification about when your friends are online if they start Broadcasting if they send you a message and invite or whatever so on so forth But what if you don’t really want to see these notifications for everybody and I know it can be pretty Complicated with with some of the dashboards now to actually figure out where to go older consoles It was basically an all-or-nothing situation with social notifications But on the Xbox one of the ps4 you have a ton of options you can actually customize Who you want to get notifications from what kind of? Notifications you want to see where you want to see them so on so forth and it makes things a lot easier and actually more Well less distracting not more plus the ability to only see notifications from certain people makes finding your buddies online a lot quicker Especially if you made the mistake like me and thought it was cool And you could have thousands of friends on ps4 and now I have like a thousand or however many max people and I don’t know 99% of them take some time to mess around with your console notification settings tailor them to your needs And it’s gonna be less stress on you in the long run At number four download flux this one goes back to the first point I made about the computer glasses Some people don’t want to drop money for glasses That’s totally okay because if you’re a PC gamer there are programs that already have your back flux is a commonly used program That’s free to download and is designed to adjust the brightness of your screen throughout the day so it’s not as tough on your eyes it also filters the blue light of your monitors as that can be pretty damaging in the Long run if you don’t keep an eye on it So if you are someone who doesn’t want to get glasses doesn’t want to spend any money, but also wants to reduce potential future Eye damage go download flux for your PC or Mac and I promise you it will probably help at number three use the Vita as a Ps4 controller so a lot of people know this but some don’t Controllers are very expensive nowadays and having to buy more of them always feels like you’re getting punched in the gut That is where the Vita comes in I know I know that obviously the Vita is way more expensive than a regular ps4 controller But if you already own a Vita Or if your buddy is coming over to play and they have a Vita You can just use it as a substitute for the second controller sure it’s a little wonky compared to the Dual Shock 4 But it is still better than having to go drop 50 bucks on a brand new controller that you can use from time to time Or even one-off if you want to play locally with someone who has a Vita Just use that controller instead of buying a whole new one Okay at number two turn a NES cartridge into a Wi-Fi router I’m serious here. I’m serious You could actually do this First things first you have to find an NES cartridge that doesn’t have some kind of valuable game on it But once you do it is not that difficult to actually convert one into a router for your Wi-Fi network The process is a little long for me to explain in the video But there are plenty of guides online that show you exactly how to do this and it’s not as complex as you may think as long as you’re somewhat tech savvy so if you want a new wireless router and You want to you want to feel cool convert an NES cartridge into one? And then go show your friends and me or go over to your friend’s house look man We don’t have a Wi-Fi hotspot, or a router and you just pull out RBI Baseball and be like here. I got it and The final thing the final tip the final gamer hack for you today check out hacks for old consoles now This one’s a little more complicated since the process of jailbreaking consoles is more complex than just downloading a new app But it can make the experience so much better and it can totally repurpose older consoles that have gone out of style one of the more popular hacks is homebrew for the Nintendo Wii Which gives you a lot more control over what can be run on the console? And it even allows you to play with fan-made mods for the Wii in the GameCube games XBMC is another very popular console hack for the Xbox is it formats What it will it formats the media center as opposed to just a game console And it could even turn it into a platform for Retro games if you have an older console that you don’t care about too much anymore See if these cool hacks could make it fun again, and I’m not promoting like hacking But we’re talking older consoles that are just sitting there getting dust maybe you could do something with them And there you have it my friends Those are 10 gamer hacks that hopefully you find informative and interesting if you didn’t know of maybe they’ll make your gaming experience A little better I have a couple other videos on this subject I’ll put in the in the top of the description for you guys And if you guys enjoyed the video drop a like if you want to see another one in the future there are plenty of them that we could continue to go over make sure your Notifications are on guys make sure you’re subscribed before you leave, and I’ll see you tomorrow night for a new video and subscribe to AP-Gaming

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