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10 HACKS That Every GAMER Should Know and Do (GAMER LIFE HACKS) | Chaos

August 23, 2019

It seems like there are life hacks for just about everything out there But since we gamers spend so much time at our consoles or our computers Shouldn’t we have some life hacks of our own? Well today We are going to enlighten you with some that you may have not known already What’s up guys Jimmy here welcome to Chaos Top 10s and today these are going to be my picks for the top 10 hacks that every gamer should Know before we get started We are running a two hundred dollar Amazon gift card Giveaway the entire month of august all you have to do to enter is like this video Be subscribed turn on your notifications and leave a comment. Why you want to win it with your Twitter handle attached I will announce the winner at the end of the month on Twitter be sure to take advantage Of the Giveaway 5 winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card and let’s get into this let’s go over some Game hacks if you will that every gamer should know coming in at number 10 get a banana holder For your headset something annoying about headsets is that they take up a lot of space when you’re not actually using them I’ve caught myself having to add nails and stuff to my desk just to hang them where they’re out of the way sure Headsets are great inventions, and they’re pretty much essential for performing well in fast paced games Specifically shooters, but when you’re not using them they can be a pain in the butt to actually score But have you ever seen those banana holders those can actually serve as a headset stand? For when you are not playing pick yourself up a banana holder. That’s right I said a banana holder and you will never have to worry about storing your headset again This is something that is just it’s overlooked plain and simple and number 9 Set your TV to gaming mode many Modern TVs look awesome with HD video games But did you know that most of these modern TVs actually have settings specific for gaming if you go digging into your TV settings? Most of them all have a game mode or a video game mode which you can always turn on when you are actually gaming this mode can give you a little color correction and even reduce input lag which is super important as Standard TV settings are obviously built for things other than fast-paced gaming so if you didn’t know about this Go search your settings on your TV and see if there’s a game mode and the next time you’re playing video games on it switch Over to it and see if it helps you out at all all the uses of toilet paper Did you know it can be used in the gamers life as well for not just the normal thing that it’s used for it number-8 storing your tables in toilet Paper Rolls honest gamers Definitely have a lot of cables laying around I can stop this commentary right now I can look under my desk And I can probably count a hundred stray cords that are just going everywhere it just it looks like an octopus under my desk Charger spare HdmI cables old Av cables the list goes on and on but if you hold on to those old cardboard paper towel rolls You can use them to store your cables And then without getting tangled up in each other everyone has cables and everyone has to use toilet But well not everyone has to use toilet paper, but most everybody does just put the two together and make your life easier Okay, this next one is a little mean But you got to do what you got to do it Let me know if you’ve ever done this at number 7 playing with Younger siblings without even playing if you’re watching your younger sibling in the living room But you still want to play video games chances are they want to join in I’m sure Everybody has been in this situation if you have a younger sibling well this age-old trick will help you out with that Just hand them a spare controller that’s not connected to the system in game on now granted this only works if your sibling is very young and not old enough to Actually understand how gaming works in the fact that the controller is not connected But if you’ve been presented with this scenario you can still watch the young ones without having to sacrifice your alone gaming time Nah get a lot done this many many times not only with sibling, but with my kids as well ok now I’m going to sound like a parent but hear me out on this ok number six learn a Proper posture this one isn’t as much of gaming or gaming life Hack if you will as much as it is just do this or you’re going to wreck your back Hack ok it’s common for gamers to be slouched over on a couch Maybe leaning forward in front of our screens if we’re getting super into the game, but if you do that for a long time You’re definitely going to wreck your back and your spine if you play at your desk Get a good chair that you can adjust the height up when sitting in a chair your back should be straight and your hands should Be parallel to your forearms if you play on the couch Try to sit up straight for at least as often as you slouch over I know, it’s not as comfortable, but your spine will thank you in the long run as you get older Now let’s crack into the top five gamer hacks for you guys go to Goodwill Frequently many people know that goodwill is a great place to find old-school games and equipment, but if you frequent to the store You’ll probably notice that sometimes you’ll be surprised with a new release on the shelves. That was mark way way down well This is because when bigger stores like Target or Walmart get shipments of new games the ones with damaged cases or minor issues will often get straight sent to goodwill as the biggest retailers only want to stock the perfect cosmetically perfect products, so if you’re looking for cheap new gaming stuff Definitely start frequenting your local goodwill They get the good stuff more often than you would actually think it’s not just games gaming supplies Headset keyboards You name it you can probably find some buried treasure in a goodwill if you’re a gamer It seems like everyone is always hyped about the world going wireless But if you’re serious gamer you probably know that it’s the exact opposite for video games that number four use wired everything wired controllers reduce input lag wired internet gives you a smoother connection than Wi-Fi when playing online and Wired controllers will never run out of batteries sure wireless is great for some things But if you are tired of buying batteries lag in online games or feeling like your button inputs are coming later than they actually should Go back to wired wire Gear will never ever fail you and number three put your gear in a garbage bag When traveling okay hear me out if you’re someone who takes your equipment with you to other places this guy right here You’ve probably felt the fear of your expensive gear getting rained on or damaged by the natural Elements well if you’re one of those people keep in mind that garbage bags can definitely help you out with this so next time you take your Console to a local lan event or you’re bringing your system over to your buddy’s house You guys can hook them up and play some horde mode and gears of war And you’re nervous about the travel at all put your stuff in a garbage bag the garbage bag is just to label It doesn’t matter. It’s something that can protect your equipment if that bag can hold a boatload of trash Trust me when I say it can keep your equipment safe from a little bit of water moisture or rain Okay, gaming is awesome. Gamers are awesome. But it definitely involves a lot of sitting around and not doing anything so at number two Let’s do a little workout While we’re gaming this is you probably guys can lead to putting on a little extra weight if you’re just sitting around well It’s pretty impossible to play Halo while you’re lifting weights I agree there are other ways to work out while you’re gaming and keep yourself from becoming it the stereotypical gamer if you play a lot of handheld games play while you’re working out on a stationary bike or while you’re doing situps if you like playing shooters Or other online games Do some push-ups or get some free weights and lift them in between your matches, you’d be surprised How much downtime you have while you’re waiting for a loading screen waiting for a new match? Matchmaking whatever it is fight the stereotype Stay in shape and continue to game at the same time Okay, we’ve reached the number 1 game hack for today If you guys enjoyed this and you want more we can definitely do More of these game hacks in the number one today ask for a display model. If you are buying a new piece of equipment That’s a little on the expensive side which I’m sure a lot of you either Have or you want to this little trick can help you out a lot Next time you go to Target or Walmart or game stop or best buy or wherever and you’re looking to buy a new TV monitor? or even console ask The employees if there are any open box models or display models that you can buy these models are often marked way Way down in prices. They’re not brand new and you can even ask for a warranty in case it doesn’t work, right? Just be sure to ask about the return policy as you don’t want to go home with a display model Have it burned out on you, and then they won’t let you return it But if you’re going to get a new TV or monitor definitely The Employees about the display or the open box models if you’re trying to save little money you’re on a budget with Mojo Which I mean most people are most people are on a budget when you get into these monitors in these consoles and TVs Wherever you can save a dollar here there It’s not a bad thing and if you get a display model that maybe has a little scuff on the back that nobody can see Yet, it’s marked down 40 percent. Well, I will leave it up to you What’s the value of that set product and your dollar amount is? There you have in my friends those are ten game hacks that every gamer should Know there’s a playlist below with all the other top tens a brand new one goes up every single night at eight o’clock make sure you take advantage of that Amazon gift card giveaway and and make sure you have your Notifications on so you never miss an upload if you guys have some cool gaming hacks let me know the comments section and I’ll see You on Tomorrow’s video? you

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  1. Only like this and reply if you try not to miss an upload on the channel, there are a lot so it's not always easy 🙂

  2. I have a Blue Yeti and i always just put my headset over my mic.. It fits perfectly
    never had the problem of putting my headset away tho

  3. my sister is 2 years old and she knows how to open the controler how to put a game in ps and how to destroy a game

  4. These hacks are not really related with gaming tho… They dont make sense for gamers what kind of gamer spends time on organizing cables…

  5. who tf uses a banana stand for headphones? why not just lay them down on a desk when you're finished playing? Why would you NAIL your desk just for a stand that's probably going to break within a week of making it? There's a lot of questions that aren't being answered here and it's kind of making me triggered

  6. I just went on amazon to check the price difference between a banana holder and a headset holder…. the banana holder is more expensive.
    Hack 1 = fail

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