10 Great Upgrades For Your Mountain Bike Under £100
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10 Great Upgrades For Your Mountain Bike Under £100

October 8, 2019

– Right let’s take a look
at some of the best upgrades you can do for your bike and your kit for under 100 pounds, more or less. There’s so many ways and these things make a huge difference to
your riding and your bike. So, let’s get into it. (loud burst of sound) Okay first up, is kinda
like your control points, it’s your grips, your
saddle and your pedals, even things like this, hand guards. These items can make such a
huge difference to your riding, just changing your grips
makes your bike feel, literally completely different. Think about pedals for instance, you could be riding flat
pedals, moving over to clips, for under 100 pounds is a huge
difference to your riding, and can transform the way you think about how you’re gonna go out on your bike. So really think about these contact points and what they could do. And it’s all for under 100 quid. Not bad. For instance, your grips or your saddle, can totally transform
your comfort on the bike, I mean, something like the saddle, this is the thing that is
a very technical bit of kit and I think it’s something
that you really gotta get right and when you get it right, it
really does feel brilliant. So definitely think about
your saddle, the comfort side, but also the type of saddle
you need for your body type. Grips are the same, if
you’ve got big hands, did you know that grips come
in different thicknesses? Yes, a new thing but you
can get all sorts of shapes and sizes that are gonna fit you and improve the comfort on the bike. (upbeat music) Tire inserts, now this is
a relatively new thing, but we’re always suggesting
tires as a great upgrade, but this can really make a huge difference to how many times you get punctures, or how your tire performs. Like I said, these tire
inserts do lots of things, they cushion the impact and of course, they protect the rim itself. This one is the ARD system from Nukeproof. Really like this, it’s incredibly light. This comes in at 49.99 for both wheels. It’s definitely a great
version of the product. But you can go cheaper than that, there’s systems like this, the Rimpact. This is quite a lot cheaper actually, it’s 36.99. It’s pretty cool, it’s
a new brand out there but definitely worth looking into. But then you’ve got the
tried and tested Cushcore. Now this is kinda like the
pro level of all tire insert, but you’re looking at
something like 160 pounds for both wheels on this one, so that’s a lot of cash to spend out. But you can do it for under 100. (electronic music) Next up is frame protection. We do our own version of this, it’s really cool, 27.99. It’s got these cut out sections, that protect parts of your bike. And obviously this frame
protection is important ’cause you wanna keep
your bike looking nice but also if you’re thinking
about selling it on afterwards you can just take that stuff
off and it looks pristine. There’s also Invisiframe. Now this stuffs really cool,
it’s a bit more expensive, just over 70 pounds but
you can buy specific sets that exactly fit your bike
and cover the whole frame. So frame protection, definitely
something to think about and well within that 100 pound budget. (electronic music) Okay next up, we’re talking gloves. Now this is something can
get really overlooked, but it makes a massive difference if you get a glove that fits you and you’re comfortable with. Obviously it protects your hands. It means you can grip much easier. But also it’ll increase your confidence. You’ll be amazed, how
much difference it makes when you suddenly find the
right glove on your bar. And think about it, when you
crash and your hand goes down you’ve got that added protection, so don’t look, overlook the humble glove ’cause it’s definitely something that can upgrade your riding life. (strong beat music) Okay the helmet. Now this is where I am
gonna cheat on our video. This is the one place where I think, price doesn’t really matter. The helmet’s gotta fit. That’s so important you’ve
got a really good fit and it fits your head, like a glove. Now you’ve got to think about it, there’s something like the Trabec. That’s more of a square shaped helmet, like Steve and Blake both like that ’cause they’ve got more square head. Very nice looking helmet. Or you got something like
the Tectal Race here, this is what I use, it fits me perfectly it really is an amazing fit. It’s so important to have
your helmet fit right and protect your head. And if you’re thinking
about going over your budget then this is the place where you do it. (electronic music) Now for under 100 pounds, you
wouldn’t necessarily think you can transform your suspension, but you can with some
clever little widgets. So let’s take a look at these. Now these volume spacers, these are really clever little gizmo. These guys and these
are the Rockshox tokens, that come in at about 13 pound. Going the air chamber in your shock, basically take up space
and make your fork, much more progressive. So for such a tiny little gadget, it make a big difference to your fork. Well worth a thought. What about changing the air spring? Like the Debonair from RockShoxs, that can change the
traveler on your forks. It’s about 42 pound for that upgrade but it’s a really great way of really making that
fork work better for you, without replacing that whole thing. Amazin. (electronic music) Okay this is really cool actually. Changing your shifters can really change the performance of your gears. It’s not necessarily
down to the derailleurs because the shifter can be upgraded and you’ll get a crisper feel, you can get even more shifts per push and it just feels great. So really think about the shifters, that could be a great upgrade for you. Obviously you gotta get the numbers right, so you’ve got 11 speed on your bike, you need an 11 speed shifter. So make sure you get that right, but well within the bracket
of between 50 to 100 pound you’ve got a lot of option
for like a cheap upgrade or getting up to the best XTR version, if you’re talking Shimano. So shifters. Think about that, it could
really make a difference to how it feels when you’re on the trail. (upbeat music) Knee pads. This is something you should
definitely be thinking about. Makes a big difference to your
confidence out on the trail, you know, when you’ve got a
knee pad on and it fits well, and you’ve chose the right one, and you can get one for
under 100 pound, no problem. You can definitely have
really good comfort, it’s keeping your knee warm
but it’s also protected, so you feel strong out on the trail, and I tell you what,
with a good knee pad on, you’ll be trying things you wouldn’t of thought of doing before. (electronic music) Okay next up it’s a delicate subject, ’cause it’s about
protecting your delicates, you know, like your undercarriage. ‘Cause when you’re out on the trail and you’ve sat down for a long time, you’re grinding up those climbs. It can get a bit
uncomfortable on the saddle, so one way to solve that,
for well under 100 pound, is get yourself some bib shorts. Now I know lycra is not necessarily, popular in mountain biking, but you can wear these
under your riding shorts and no one would know, and then you’ve go this protection
giving you more comfort, you’ll be able to ride for longer. This is a no-brainer upgrade, and nobody needs to know. It’s just between me and you. (electronic music) I saved the best till last. This was my favorite upgrade
in my riding career by far. A new set of handle bars. Look at those. Sam Hill ones. Nice. Now think about the bar. You can change so much in your riding, you can change the rise height, the rake, the width of course, you can narrow those
bars down if it suits you and you really enjoy that. I like a wide 800 mil bar myself. But the bars really can
make a huge difference and transform the way your bike feels. So definitely think about this upgrade. And I hope you think about some of those other
upgrades we’ve talked about. Remember that you can win 100 pound in Chain Reaction Cycles
on the Dirt Shed Show by sending us your hacks and your bodges. And you could be spending
100 pound or less on some of these upgrades yourself. So have a think about that. Thanks for joining us on the video. If you’d like to see
some training mistakes then click over here. Smash the old globe there
to subscribe to GMBN, you won’t miss one of our videos. And give us a thumbs up like before you go and good luck with your upgrading.

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  1. Hand guards? Please say it ain't so? I also dirt bike ride, 10 years ago hand guards were so cool. Now they are pretty embarrassing to have on a dirt bike unless you are a racer. I believe in a few years hand guards will be the bar ends of yesteryear! 🙂

  2. Travel insurance for mtb hol…as Neil can confirm, THE best under £100 mtb upgrade….poor Neil…weirdly he is smiling more than usual in his pics🤕🤒🤔😱

  3. I just upgraded to 800 wide 35mm rise raceface turbine R bars and the difference is unreal. Never thought the feel could be that great but it really is

  4. Hi GMBN crew. Its Daniel your hacks and bodges winner last week. I bought a new handle bar with the voucher, Renthal fat bar carbon to be precise. I’ve never won anything before and it was awesome to win thank you for the opportunity. Keep up the great work. 🤘

  5. Was recently working on my bmx and the bolt snapped in the seatpost clamp, and now half of the bolt is still in the frame any suggestions on how I can fix it

  6. Most of the upgrades in the video for the bike I've already done. Sam hill bars, AVS hand guards, Shimano SLX shifter, SLX rear mech, (upgraded from 2×10 to 1×11), 11×50 Sunrace cassette and my best upgrade is a Crank Brothers Highline Dropper post which cost £110. In fact I got the dropper before any of the transmission so have to wait until I was able to swap over to the 1×11 Shimano SLX. Another upgrade was changing the bearings. While the rear of the frame was off I needed to do a small job so my Highline dropper would fit. As I don't own a drill I needed to borrow one. My last upgrade for less than £100 is a Shimano SLX cranks so I can for the Absolute Black 34t oval chainring. The chainring has the SLX M7000/XT M8000 bolt pattern.

  7. MARTIN I remember watching you in Blackpool on the mbuk roadshow and at BikeLive 2000 good times best days ever cheers man

  8. Those Rimpact inserts are really good, not just for the price but full stop. Also their valves that come with the inserts are the only ones I've found that don't eventually clog, add in they're a UK company and you can't go wrong.

  9. To summarise..
    " buy stuff buy stuff buy stuff buy stuff buy stuff buy stuff". Are you guys sponsored by a bike shop or something? 🤔

  10. Can I get a knee pad, a knee pad for under £100? How blessed am I. What times I live in that something so complex can be bashed out for under a ton…

  11. Going to a 32mm stem and taller bar transformed my Chameleon. Used to feel awkward and sluggish with the longer stem and flatter bars. Now it's super lively everywhere.

  12. Frame Protection: Something you put on your bike that makes it ugly as fcuk and protects the frame so the next owner can enjoy the beauty of it.

  13. Replace your gear cable inners and outers with good quality brand new ones and it will transform how well your gears work and your bike feels

  14. 5:20 Martyn goes on about if you have 11 speed on the rear u need an 11 shifter this is not strictly true if you have an 11 shifter you can bodge this to fit any speed on the rear lowest I have gotten it to was 8 but this does not work in reverse if u have 11 on the back and have a 9 speed shifter u can’t make it fit, just a little hack for u lot out there saving money and that 😉

  15. Hey guys, I'm a truck driver in the us. I'm looking at buying a marin, all my friends keep saying they are big in Europe, but they are not great bikes. Question is why do Brits like them, and why do american riders start repulsing when they hear the name "marin"

  16. Do you think it’s ever going to be a possibility that you guys would host your own event/meet and greet to some uk trails? such as fort William, bike park wales or any of the other great trails, you could do a live dirt shed show, maybe see if anyone can beat Neil and Blake? what do you guys recon… food for though. Keep up the great work.

  17. My first upgrade was bars and stems .. then tyres some continental s .. added a saddle padded cover Awesome not sure what next tho …

  18. So glad you mentioned helmets! It’s not somewhere to stick to a budget – how much would you pay to avoid a brain injury?

  19. avs hanguards (el cheapo plastic mounts) $50😂 bastards. full motorbike versions which have at least triple the material involved are $20 …i guess $30 for a product placement on gmbn)

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    They will NEVER get another penny of my money!

  21. yea I'm changing my handlebars, grips, stem, fork, headset… god damn I'm changing alot xD but at the end my bike gonna be rly unique & done by myself

  22. but RIMPACT is 36.99 just for ONE wheel !! (so with shipping) it's about 94gbp !!! (much more than HuckNorris for example)

  23. I have an entry level hard tail and I’ve upgraded bars and stem grips pedals but I feel like a full sus can help me but I don’t know if it’s worth it

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