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10 Dollar Target Challenge – YouTuber Essentials / AllAroundAudrey

August 11, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and – Jordan, from Just Jordan 33 – And, Happy New Year, 2018. Today, we are going to be going to Target. And we’re on vacation right now
and that’s why we’re able to go to Target, because we do not have
Target where we live. – (sigh) – And it’s so sad because
Target is like one of my favorite stores. So, when we saw Target, we
were super excited to go there and do the ten dollar Target challenge. But with a twist. All the items that went to
Target for have to be like Youtubers essentials. What they would buy for videos. So, that was fun. Let’s show those clips. – Alright, so we are at Target
right now and we’re going to try to get ten dollars worth
of Youtuber necessities but we’re not going to
show you everything. Just a little bit of sneak
peeks of the things that we’re seeing. So, this should be fun. Let’s go. – [Audrey] We have found
the clearance rack. OK, let’s see, what to get. Oh, this is so hard. Everything is three dollars. Oh, OK. So many options. Man, all the cute stuff
is like three dollars and that means I can only
get like three things. Um, let me show you guys. Like these cute note pads
to write down video ideas, three bucks. And I got this fidget spinner thing, that’s three dollars though,
so I might put this back if I can find something better. I think I found the jackpot. Desk accessories for a dollar. I’m gonna show you the
stuff I’ve gotten so far. That’s one of the things that
are a dollar, it’s so cute. So, hopefully I can keep
finding stuff like that. – Alright, so I’ve been looking
through the coloring books and everything, and I found
this Minion notebook and I think I’m going to get this because
Youtubers write down notes. So, I’m getting that. And I don’t know what else to get. That’s my first item. – There’s so many options, but
not really at the same time. So, I’ve got a basket full. I’m not going to show you
everything inside of it yet. But everything here is like
pretty much Valentine’s Day, already, and Christmas just ended. I think I’ve got some pretty
cute stuff but yeah, I hope you guys like this. I wonder how Jordan’s doing. I don’t know. – I found something perfect for Youtubers. It’s little emoji band aids
because they’re cute and you never know if you’re going
to get hurt while filming, I guess, I don’t know. So, yeah. – [Audrey] How are you doing, Jordy? – I have five dollars left. – [ Audrey] This is
taking you a long time. – Yeah, because I’m trying to
be very wise with my money. – I’m already done with all of my stuff. I found a ton of stuff here that I could probably get
more than ten dollars worth but we have to stay on a budget,
so, I’ll just show you some of the cute things that we’re looking at. See like, this is so cute
but it’s three dollars and we don’t have three dollars to
spend, we have one dollar. – And like, this is so cute,
it’s like a little candle and I feel like I would use
this, for three dollars. – [Audrey] But, it’s Youtuber
edition, so you gotta do like Youtubers. – I know, I have five items. – [Audrey] And these
journals are cute but, too much, too much. – We probably chose a
lot of the same stuff. – [ Audrey] Oh, I hope we didn’t. Here’s some plants and
some Valentine’s Day. – Oh, three still? – [Audrey] (laughs) You just want candles. – I want a candle today. – [Audrey] Look guys, here’s some Wet Ones and they’re only for two dollars but that’s too much to spend, so, it’s a good steal but I
can’t spend that much. – Alright, we’re back from Target and we’ve got our stuff. And, I got ten items all for ten dollars. Mine were all a dollar each. – Mine came to a total of
eight dollars and 88 cents, leaving room for tax, but I
only got nine, no wait, eight, eight items. Eight or nine items, I don’t know. Eight or nine items. – Okay, so I’ve got more
items but for more money and she got less items for less money, so let’s see what the items
are and you guys can vote who won this challenge. And since this is Youtuber
edition, all the items that we got are things that Youtubers
would use or could use in a video or things that they
would need to make a video. So, I’m excited to see what you
got because we didn’t really look at each other’s
while we were shopping. – Oh yeah. – So, yeah, let’s go open our first one. – Dun dun dun dun. Socks. – I got napkins, because, let me explain why. We are so messy when we do videos, like, it can be any video
and we always make a mess, especially like our bath bomb videos. If you haven’t seen those,
check them out because every time we film one of those, they end up getting everywhere
on the table and you always need some napkins or paper towels. We go through paper towels so fast. And these ones are cute, it
says, “sequins plus glitter equals true love.” So, I got these. – I got these emoji
socks for only a dollar and I think Youtubers
get cold while they film like us right now. – Yeah, it’s so cold in here. – So, socks will help
keep their feet warm. – Item number two, I’m super proud of. I was so shocked when I found this. It’s a what’s on your phone game. – What? – So, it says, “check your phone
for the items on this list. The person with the most points wins.” And so you go down the rows,
and if you have that on your phone, then you get that point. We should play that for a video. If you guys want us to play
that, comment down below. But, this is like, I was like, “what, this is only a dollar?” And it could be like a fun
challenge you could do in a video so that’s why I picked this one. – I picked out some
emoji band aids because you can get hurt during the
process of filming and so you need some decorative band
aids to look cutesie. Let’s try one on. Let’s see, oh man, oh no. – Oh, you ruined the box. – Oh, no. – I get paper cuts all the time
so, this would be perfect.. – I actually got a paper
cut while picking this out, I kid you not. It was at the store with the plastic. – You’re like, uh, no. – You get that one and I get this one. – Oh, I think I know what mine is. (laughing) I got rainbow poop. – I got a face with a winkie. Wow. – Cute. – See, so decorative. It likes to stick to you.
– Put mine on my finger. – Oh my gosh, it’s a magic trick. It’s a magic trick. – Cute. It’s a ring. Oh, yes. – Now I have four eyes, ha ha. – Okay, next one. This is my next one. It’s these bags and I picked
these out for like mystery challenges like lunch box
switch up challenges or food challenges, anything you
need like these bags for. And they’re also Valentine’s theme. Like, a lot of things at the
store are Valentine’s theme, so it could be like a Valentine DIY craft. – I have these hair bands or elastics. So, they’re, oh man, they have a little knot in
them though, so before you film you could do your hair
all cutesie and put it up in a hair band. – In a hair band.
– In a hair band. Be camera ready with these hair bands. – Oh yes. – Alright, the next item
I got was this note pad, it says, “oh la la,” but I thought I’d get a note
pad because to like jot down all your video ideas on so
you wouldn’t forget them because I come up with a lot
of video ideas but I can’t remember them all so I write
them down so I can film them later. – That’s so funny because I
got a Minion notebook to do the same thing. – Wow, that was a dollar? – Yes, it was, actually. – Nice, same here. – You can write all your notes, or you could write down the
items that say if you’re doing like a smoothie challenge or something, – Oh, like ingredients you need. – You can write down all the
ingredients in your little book and then tear it out. All my things have been like purpley pink. – Mine’s been like Valtentinesy. – And this too. It’s all one big theme. Wow. – The next thing I got were
pens to go with it because I mean, you need to write down
your ideas with something. – True. – And these ones were super cute. It says, “To do,” and “Hold it together.” Sometimes it can be stressful,
like, doing all your videos and trying to get them
up because, I don’t know, life gets busy. So, you’ve got to hold it together. – I got some tooth paste. And it’s whitening tooth paste
so that way your teeth can be extra white for the camera. – Oh, yes. (laughing) – And that’s why you need it. – The next thing I got was
glitter for Gertie mostly. – Oh, Gertie. – And plus we do a lot of
challenges with glitter and these are like huge glitter sequins and yeah, I picked it
out because it was cute and Gertie and just crafts… – You could do like
slime, like glitter slime. – Yeah, glitter slime, you
can use glitter in anything. – The next thing I got is a succulent. It’s a baby little plant. – It’s fake though. – Yeah, I know. But then that way you
never have to water it. Because you have to have
something interesting in the background of your videos
and this can keep things interesting because
they’re a succulent plant. I’ll be right back. Set this in the background. Ta-da. – The next thing is, I got this, love you little like jewelry holder and it could be like a little
nice placement thing for your DIY you’re trying to show
off or any craft or like a challenge plate if you have
like mini cooking foods and you want to put your mini foods on here. I thought it was cute. And I like how it’s metallic so it shines. – The next thing I got was
this Oreo chocolate candy bar because you can use this for a challenge because we used it in my video
where we did the candy bar smoothie challenge. So, this is a pretty interesting
candy bar that you can use in a challenge. – The next thing I got was a
unicorn because all Youtubers have to be trendy, they
have to jump on the trends and unicorns are a big trend right now and it’s just so fun and like
you said, like a decoration you could put in your
background and this is colorful and cute so I got this one. – The last thing I got
were these Goldfish S’mores and you can also use this in
a Goldfish challenge because it’s S’more so it’s a
pretty unique flavor. Do you want to try them? – Sure. Okay, I’ve got my S’more. Should I set it on my tray? (laughing) – [Jordan] Fail. – Shove it in. – Yeah. – Tastes kind of like a
s’more but I’d rather have regular s’mores. – Really graham crackery and dry. – So, the last two things I
got were these little nail art stickers they put on your
finger nails and that’s because if you’re doing, if you’re
showing something close up on camera, you want your
nails looking really cute and so these stickers you can
just put them on and decorate your fingers with or if you’re showing a nail
polish tutorial, like nail art. And then, the last thing
I got was silverware. Because, we do a lot of eating
challenges on my channel and so you always need a
fork and spoon and these ones are glitter and a lot of Youtubers do eating
challenges, so, this would be a perfect video idea. – That was for a dollar? – That was for a dollar. – A steal.
– A dollar. – And a deal. – So, who do you think won this challenge? That was hard. – I don’t know. – I got more stuff. – Yeah, but I left room for tax. – Comment down below who you
thought won this challenge. – I feel like we both got
some pretty good items. – Yeah.
– For our money. – And what item you would
get from all of this. I think my favorite item was, oh, this is hard. Probably this one, because
it’ll be a fun game to play and I was not expecting to find this. – My favorite is either the
tooth paste or the chocolate. Probably the chocolate but
the tooth paste for a dollar. That is crazy. – So that’s it for this video. We hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did, give it a big thumbs up also comment down below
what videos you want to see this year in 2018 and subscribe if you haven’t already. Turn it from red to gray
and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a video. I’ll see you guys next time. – [Both] Bye. – [Audrey] …with these pens. And I thought they were cute
so I was like, got to get them. What did you get? (yawn) (bag crinkling)

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