10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games – Part II
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10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games – Part II

August 27, 2019

Sometimes we come across a location in a
game that we’re not supposed to get into. And if you’re anything like me it
becomes difficult to resist the urge to break the game and find out what’s on the
other side. And sometimes what we find on
the other side can be pretty surprising. Thanks to the many out-of-bounds
discoveries I found out about since making the last video, today we’re diving
into the top 10 things that were found out of bounds in a video game, part 2. Super Mario Sunshine. This is one of
those things where you have to wonder how the hell did anyone notice this? Outside the bounds of Pinna Park in
Super Mario Sunshine, there’s an odd discovery to be found if you glitch
yourself underneath the map. Sitting next to whatever the hell this thing is, if you were to angle the camera just right
while underneath the intended playable area, a question mark is suddenly
revealed underneath the surface of the ground… and if Mario were to touch it. He gets zapped? Well it gets even stranger
than that. If the player can angle the camera underneath the surface of the ground, the question mark actually
transforms into this thing. What the hell is this? Apparently this is a cut enemy
referred to in the files of the game as Kug. The weirdest thing about this is
there’s no other 2D enemy like this anywhere else in the game which makes
for a sharp contrast in a fully 3d game. Further fueling the mystery the shock it
gives mario upon touch leaves some players speculating the Kug’s placement
is actually a placeholder for a totally cut enemy. One that assumably has something to do with electric. What that enemy’s supposed to be and why it was sitting underneath the map in the first
place is still unknown. Timesplitters: Future Perfect. In the level Breaking and
Entering, there’s a sequence where you have to hack into this security system
and through the use of first-person views through mounted cameras, you watch
and remotely defend a mysterious woman breaking into this facility. In this scene, a room appears that the player never actually physically enters – only
appearing through the temporary view of this camera. That is of course unless
you’ve obtained a Codebreakers disk and use the disable collisions code to get
yourself inside this room before ever reaching the security camera scene at
all. Once you’re inside the room, you can
explore the room from every possible angle that you couldn’t see through the
view of the camera. Right underneath
where the camera was you can find what else but… uh… bananas? Now why would this be
here in a spot that no player could ever possibly see without hacking the game? Some investigative players have
suggested the bananas may be here as a target for the enemies to shoot at when
they enter the room but the question still remains: why bananas? Although the theory that the enemies may be shooting at the bananas makes sense,
it doesn’t fully look to me like they are shooting in the direction of the
bananas. Maybe.. This is another one for
the ongoing list of unsolved mysteries. MX vs. ATV Unleashed. In MX vs. ATV Unleashed if a player manages to get far enough out of the bounds of the
playable environment, the game has an interesting way of ejecting the player
back into the game world. What’s awesome about this out-of-bounds
easter egg, not only is it fun as hell, it’s actually a running gag in multiple
Rainbow Studios games, appearing in the games Motocross Madness, ATV Off-Road
Fury, and even features an interesting change up in the game Splashdown. That’s a little creepy.
– “Dudddee!” Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If you saw my last video
on this subject, I covered a still interactive RPG weapon sitting out of
bounds on top of the building in Advanced Warfare that belonged to one of
the older titles in the series. Well, strangely enough a very similar instance actually happened in the original Modern
Warfare. First you have to get on top of
this dilapidated wall, strafe jump to the top of this roof, and boom, you’re out. Not too shabby. Now you just make your way all the way
to this spot and you can find a fully operable World War 2-style machine gun
floating in the air just like the other gun was. Why’s this keep happening? Funny enough there’s an extremely easy to miss reference to this glitch in the 2016
remaster… if you were to try to get out of the bounds the same way as before on
this rooftop, you’ll notice how they put a caution sign right in the spot you
could originally slip through the level. Nice little nod to that original mistake. I also read in a lot of places that
they sealed the spot with an invisible wall but not sure where they’re getting
that from. Turns out all they did was add
the sign. As you may have thought, the
misplaced gun was removed from the out of bounds spot and the remastered
edition, but there’s still a number of interesting things that you can find out there. Pokémon Crystal. I had a comment from
the last video telling me to cover the ghost girl of glitch city. While the name
certainly piqued my curiosity, it sounded to me like one of the many, many
ridiculous Pokémon creepypastas out there circulating the internet. But I thought, hey, I’ll look into it. Maybe this one is different. Unfortunately, Gameboy Pokémon games in
cartridge form are pretty airtight when it comes to breaking out of the bounds.
But with the use of an emulator you can disable collisions at the beginning of
the game and walk right through the walls. Now you just save the game at this exact
coordinate, shut the game off, reload the save file,
and boom – welcome to glitch city. As the
name suggests, this is a pretty, glitched city. But if you manage to navigate your
way through glitch city without the game crashing on you, sure enough you’ll find…
the ghost of glitch city. Wait a second,
is that the same ghost from Pokemon X&Y? “No you’re not the one.” Ugh. In certain instances you can even enter
a battle with her, but the text string for her name is so long it instantly
crashes the game. But with some
additional hacking the ghost girl’s character class can be reassigned and
auto-input can be disabled, which will reveal to us the real identity of the
ghost girl. Leader Cara? Oh well, she doesn’t seem so bad. Cara is a character who appears later in
the game in a location called the Dragon’s Den… but what she’s doing here
in Glitch City is totally unknown… And if you manage to defeat her – you’re suddenly
teleported to this location where eerily you’ll hear a phone ring… And then the game crashes. We can only
wonder what that phone call would have been… Borderlands 2. This player found if you got out of
bounds on the map the Rustyards and looked up in the distance at the boat in
the environment at an angle you were never supposed to look at, you can spot
an unusual flashing texture on the model that never appears anywhere else in the
game. If we zoom in on this image we can
actually see that the texture says missing material. Ok well nothing weird about that, right? Just a missing placeholder texture. Well, not so fast. Borderlands 2 actually uses the Unreal
Engine 3 which means it already uses its own default placeholder texture for any
missing files, which even appears during this fail if you take a peak in the mineshaft of Caustic Caverns. As you can see when it’s the Unreal Engine 3, it places this checkerbox when there’s a
missing texture. Considering the developers of Borderlands 2 would have had to go out of their way to create the
additional placeholder texture and gave it an unnecessary animation only in this
exact spot, the common speculation is that this was put here as an easter egg. But based off of the other things that
I’ve covered on the channel, I’m more inclined to believe this is yet another
form of developer motivation from one to another in reminding someone into doing
their job. I mean look at that they made
it flash and everything, I wouldn’t think anyone would be able to miss that, but…
well.. Wait a second did Alan work on this game? Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Players found a hidden treasure chest
sitting a short distance out of bounds of Karine’s room if you were to walk in
this direction, but honestly I wouldn’t open tha – – oh, you did it anyway. Sorry, Link, I tried to warn you. Battlefield 3 Shoutout to life is for living for letting me know about this in the comments of the last video. In Battlefield 3, players discovered if they got far enough out of the bounds on the
first level of the single-player campaign… a helicopter randomly comes
crashing out of the sky. The player can actually enter it and
then explore the level at every angle. The weird thing is is a pilotable
helicopter was never intended for single-player campaign at all, with no
other copter you can pilot ever once appearing in the entire single-player
campaign besides this hidden out-of-bounds moment. Even stranger
enough, the helicopter is completely indestructible. Everywhere you look with
this thing there’s something you weren’t supposed to see. Additional thanks to
commenter Jason Dupree who shared with me an even crazier out-of-bounds
discovery in Battlefield 3. If you were to get out of bounds in a multiplayer
match. You can actually find the end
screen and customization screens physically sitting underneath the map,
which can make for an unusual sight on the other players screen. Resident Evil 2. A very odd discovery was found just out
of bounds of Resident Evil 2 that once again can only be seen with the use of
an emulator. After the scene where you
encounter the Licker for the first time.. Ew, get out of here. If you were to
switch the resolution from standard ratio to widescreen while standing on
this screen, you can suddenly see a disembodied head floating out of bounds
of the frame of the screen… which normally can’t be seen with the normal
4:3 aspect ratio of the original game. Well that’s certainly an odd head. Jokes aside, there’s an explanation for this fellow odd header up in the ceiling. Originally when the player was to
encounter the licker, this scene was supposed to be introduced with this head
dropping from the ceiling. Which some
crafty gamers have managed to hack back together for us to see. The story goes
the developers decided the human head wasn’t going to fly with the publisher
or the ratings board, so the head’s animation was disabled at the last
minute to avoid any censorship, but just the animation was disabled. Since the head in the ceiling goes unnoticeable in the normal aspect ratio of the game,
its unknown if the developer who disabled it failed to notice it was still left in the ceiling, or knew it was there and
didn’t give it a [bleep]. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. In Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation, after
sliding down the Great Pyramid and the next level loads…
you need to make your way to the edge of this pit facing the platforms from the
previous level. Now unfortunately there’s
no way to just get to that platform in the distance without modding, so we’ll
have to save the game from here and then use the position editor from TombRaiderChronicles.com
to edit yourself to the position of that platform. Then you can
continue making your way backward through the previous level as you
progressed before. Once you get to this
part, however, there’s an interesting temple sitting here that wasn’t there
before… and when you go inside… Wow. Turns out this is just a default missing texture in Tomb Raider 4, but being
inside a room covered in such an unusual texture certainly makes for quite a
striking scene. Well I guess it turns out
Tomb Raider did have a hidden nude scene afterall. If you enjoyed this video and want
to see more videos like this, please subscribe. I got more videos like this coming at ya here soon. If you know of another crazy out-of-bounds discovery that hasn’t been covered in either of the 2
videos yet, let me know in the comments below, or come join the Discord. Shoutout to pestlentsleeper, Kevin, and Dr. love for their contributions on patreon. Stay tuned!

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  1. In Xena the Warrior Princess for PS1, when ur playing the level with the Minotaur charging at u, u can roll urself into the corner of one of the hallways while he's running at u, and u will cross over into a computer room. It starts making that horrible internet loading sound that all 90s kids r haunted by

  2. U know the old Skyrim out of the map glitch with the secret blacksmith chest and wired out of map animations

  3. In Skyrim there is Cage that traps you in some Dwarven ruins. After something cool appears the floor opens and you fall far. Through a mountain it seems. Landing in water inside a cave. Well if you swim under the water to a certain corner you go through the game and end up back where you started. Fucking weird. It blew my mind when I did this on accident. ?

  4. In twisted metal (ps1) I remember discovering that if you put jump mines directly next to a wall, then at full speed run over them INTO it, the game glitches you through map boundaries. You can attack enemies as well and they can't attack you

  5. The modern warfare gun was the browning machine gun possibly a nod to the following world at war game that the browning was a pretty badass gun.

  6. I still remember when my sister and I found the barrier punt in ATV Offroad Fury; seriously extended that game's play life.

  7. Legends has Always said Tomb Raider had Nudity. Legend saids Tomb Raider 4 will have Nudity, 2021. They make one every 2-3 Years.

  8. Halo 2 after the pelican crashes you can grenade jump in crouch to section I mean right when you leave the pelican to get the skull then you can jump crouch to the ledge above the skull and get out of bounds and run for miles! Even finish the level in under 3 minutes

  9. At 3:10 there was another game that did that but you only played as a 4 wheeler it was the one game where you could jump on a train and ride on it and also you could here like a yeti or something if you when to the snowy mountain map

  10. no one is gonna care but years ago I played Halo 3 online allll the time. One time whilst playing I somehow ended up in some entirely new bright orange world/map that didn't look like Halo at all and didn't abide by the same rules. There were a couple of other players in there and we were all just running around super confused, unable to do anything. Forgot about that until I watched this, no idea what it was

  11. Modern warfare 2 theres a map where u get on top a of a building and there bears from zombies even though zombies hasnt came put yet ☺

  12. The goomba was obviously going to be a type of painted enemy on the wall. You would most likely have to clean them to destroy them like with other graffiti things.

  13. Would be dope if you were to go out of bounds in one the cod games that a bunch of glitchy zombies would chase u

  14. This is a ripoff of Boundary Break only boring as fuck because you can tell this guy has no business being on camera or on a microphone. Stick to Boundary Break. So much better than this guy's stolen bullshit.

  15. check this out. This was 10 years ago. It's an easter egg I found while exploring a CoD: WaW map called Asylum with some friends. https://youtu.be/STN78caYWFc?t=334

  16. Did anyone else here mention that the owl looking lil bad thingy named kug or whatever is a goomba from the original super mario from nintendo?

  17. 1:07

    For me, it looks like a very early concept art of the Strollin' Stu. I say this because of the shape of the peak of its head and the blue feet it has. It's face expression and teeth look like a goomba's probably because of inspiration.

  18. likely explanation for borderlands 2: the blue checker texture is not a missing material texture, but just the default texture. meaning that the texture in the boat was likely a texture that either didn't exist that was just applied for some reason (mistyped texture directory) or the texture just didn't get packed along with the rest of the assets.

  19. Not really a eater egg or whatever but my brother can jump to a platform in Mario 64 multiplayer on the carpet race thing level (can’t remember what it’s actually called)

  20. Kug looks like a strangely shaped 2d goomba, maybe they tried to have the game turn from 2d to 3d sections like In Mario odyssey now

  21. KUG's 2D look might be they just used a concept art or a 2D "Sprite" just to test the enemy until they model it in 3D. we do that often in game developments.

  22. There is a goats mmo out of bounds Easter egg but I forgot how I got to it, it was like an office area with items you could grab. Now to think of it it’s under the map.

  23. Oh shoot, I remember that Splashdown tentacle thing. Loved that game back in the day… Once for some reason the tentacle didn't appear and basically I could ride indefinitely out of the map. It was literally just water though. On the original Metropolis Mania game it was similar: if you walked out the city border it was an unlimited grass field. I left the playstation on for a week with the movement stuck down and my character was still walking, though the framerate was super choppy.

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