10 Best Video Games of 2018

August 22, 2019

hey guys it’s earnest a whopping eight
thousand three hundred forty three games have been released for the PC Xbox one
PlayStation 4 and switch this 20 18 out of that 622 received their play scores
and today we give you the overall top 10 games of 2018 arranged by play score the
play score is an average of gamer and critic ratings starting off our list is
near automata become as gods edition yoga Taro’s inventive spin off to the
Drakengard series has finally reached the Xbox one this year an absolute unit
of a game near is great for players looking for good story in 10 second
slash action and a wide selection of appealing characters in the become as
gods edition the story remains the same but the DLCs are bundled up together on
the same disk as usual players assume the role of the you’re her units and
other robots as they investigate the now desolate earth to quell an alien
invasion while searching for humanity with multiple endings dystopian themes
transhumanism and the open-world environment there’s just so many good
things that make near automata a one-of-a-kind action G RPG experience in
as a playscore of 9.0 4 on the Xbox one in the 9th place is Monster Hunter World
release on ps4 Xbox one and PC this action RPG revolves around taming and
fighting gargantuan creatures other than the obvious visual makeover MH world
isn’t much of a deviation from Capcom’s long-established formula and that’s not
a bad thing instead it homes in on the addictive thrills of their signature
combat and refines the little details of the overall hunting experience they’ll
aim towards casting a broad net of players it synthesizes well with a
game’s revamped multiplayer MH world is clearly made for the console the PC port
suffered from net code issues and graphical bugs on launch fixes have
slowly rolled out and latest reviews point to improve experience still if you
have the choice pick the console version it has a playscore of 9.1 3 on the ps4
8.36 on the Xbox one and 7.50 on the PC in number eight is Celeste from the
creators of sky torn in towerfall ascension developers Matt forsen and
Knoll berries expertise are on full exhibit with level designs that mix up
basic jump dash and climb in ways that open players up to broad platforming
possibilities Celeste tells the story of Madeline’s uphill battle towards the top
of Celeste Mountain frustration with a charming purpose the game’s narrative
expresses veritably human struggles in a dreamlike atmosphere is one that
resonates with today’s crop teaching lessons on mental health and the upward
struggle of overcoming it Celeste received consistent high play scores on
all platforms it’s released on 9.15 on the PC eight point nine three on the
PlayStation 4 eight point seven five on the Xbox one and eight point five seven
on the Nintendo switch landing into the number seven spot is divinity original
sin two definitive edition Larian studios improves on their already
exceptional title with a new definitive edition described as one of the richest
role-playing games on the market the sequel was praised for its breadth of
customizations interactive environments and fully fleshed out storylines it
brought the creativity of pen and paper adventuring into the digital form
creating a complete role-playing experience no matter how many times you
play with the definitive edition the developers added a fresh perspective on
both multiplayer and singleplayer originally optimized for the PC the
controls for this port isn’t perfect but the adjustment is worth the experience
of a polished isometric RPG on the console it has a playscore of 9.1 6 on
the ps4 and 8.9 4 on the Xbox one standing tall at number 6 is shadow of
the colossus team ICO’s classic action-adventure has been refined
exclusively for the PlayStation 4 bringing together s ie Japan Studios and
Blue Point games they recreate the beauty and heart of the original for a
new generation its visual enhancements are the most striking with improved
textures and smooth frame that turned the desolate world and its
towering colossi into an exhilarating tree as a remaster Shadow of the
Colossus offers the same game with a slapped on makeover other than the fact
that it doesn’t have new content it also means that it keeps the not so
challenging climb and attack gameplay nonetheless bringing a beloved adventure
filled with romance and hope to the latest generation is still a fantastic
experience it has a playscore of 9.1 7 on the ps4 what about you guys what’s
your favorite game of 2018 tell us all about it in the comments section you can
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corner swinging in at number five is Marvel spider-man in this PlayStation 4
exclusive from insomniac Marvel’s web slinging superhero takes center stage
inspired by Rocksteady superhero formula spider-man takes you to a bustling
open-world city of New York dominated by high crime rates super villains and
collectables since your spider-man web slinging is so much fun this time around
it’s easily the best thing about it it’s huge and detailed open-world makes every
web slinging worthwhile especially as you take down the big baddies from Peter
Parker’s rogues gallery that doesn’t bring anything new to the superhero
genre table its execution of open-world tropes and spider-man’s New York is a
joy to experience and it has a playscore of 9.1 8th on the ps4 finishing at the
number 4 spot is forza horizon for one of microsoft’s premier exclusives this
fourth installment culminates all the series technological feats and
sponsorships it’s a crowning achievement of the
racing genre with stunning open-world design shared world experience and its
massive collection of over 400 licensed cars roam around the United Kingdom such
as Edinburgh Lake District cots woods and so much more it’s dynamic weather
lets players witness the changing of the seasons while drifting through the
horizon with its innovative features that caught the attention of both
critics and gamers gaining universal acclaim bagging numerous
and earning a worthy spot on our list with a playscore of 9.2 4 and the Xbox
one and with a provisional playscore of 8.6 3 on the PC and at the number 3 spot
is return of the O burden released exclusively on the PC Lucas Pope’s
mystery game takes players into the Year 1802 worth a merchant ship of a burden
sets out from London to embark on a perilous trading quest a true indie game
experienced players assume the role of an investigator solving puzzles finding
clues and putting together the pieces to find out what really happened critics
and fans adored the games detective elements calling it a satisfying
experience that makes you look like a genius however its art style may not be
for everyone aside from that the music and the atmosphere is breathtaking the
moment players enter into the story the journey begins and the story keeps
pulling you back again and again until you solved the mystery it’s worth every
penny and it receives a playscore of 9.2 5 on the PC bonding at second place is
God of War the next brave adventure of Kratos is taking him on a quest of
humanity and responsibilities Saudi Santa Monica’s latest iteration of the
legendary demigod who ended the Greek pantheon gets a complete 180 character
development with his boy in a father and son duo a soft reboot of the franchise
Kratos no longer serves the Greek gods the Norse realm awaits his presence it
was universally praised for its attention to detail
stunning worlds and the accurate portrayal of the Norse gods but the
game’s best selling feature is its story and combat Kratos is no longer the war
mongering freak everyone knows to be a good example for his boy he needs to be
better aside from that it’s new camera perspective seamlessly puts players in a
completely epic hack-and-slash experience each swing of Kratos acts is
as satisfying as its predecessors blades of chaos it’s short game time however
leaves players wanting for more did we mention that there are no loading times
a technical achievement in gaming we can’t
wait for the sequel it receives a playscore of 9.4 9 and the best game of
2018 is Red Dead Redemption – 8 years after the original game Rockstar follows
up their Western open world series with what might be the go to Wild West title
for years to come release in October 2018 on the ps4 and
Xbox one it gained critical success on both platforms most especially on the
ps4 beating God of War out of first place with Red Dead Redemption –
rockstars reputation for open-world brilliance is carried over in this
western frontier that boasts stunning detail in terms of visuals as well as
historical accuracy assuming the role of arthur morgan assert your law against
the growing government forces this fight as vastness it doesn’t hold out in its
story wildlife and quests whether it’s horseback riding or Wild West duels each
of the series strengths has been refined for this breathtaking latest installment
it has a playscore of 9.5 2 on the PlayStation 4 and 8.9 8 on the Xbox one
and those were 2018 s top 10 games if you loved this video don’t forget to
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