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10 Best PC Games of 2018 | whatoplay

September 26, 2019

hey guys it’s straight out of the 4700
72 games release on the PC this year one hundred and eight have received their
play scores here are the top ten PC games released in 2018 all arranged by
playscore the play scores an average of gamer and
critic ratings at number 10 ninokuni Tzu a revenant kingdom bringing together
level 5 and Bandai Namco entertainment the second installment is the colorful
should be filled RPG finally released last March 23rd for the first game the
series has been renowned for its Ghibli like presentations owing to the said
Studios collaboration although ninokuni 2 isn’t a direct collaboration it
maintains the same kind of charm throughout thanks in part to the return
of designers and composers from the original game invoking a sense of
childish wonder childish was also the word some people would use to describe
the story which some felt didn’t bring enough gravity our consequence to the
matter being a fairy tale story aim the kids it can be forgiven for its naivete
and idealism if only for its mix of traditional G RPG tropes RTS gameplay
and engaging world filled with memorable characters a visual and relaxing treat
for the JRPG fans it has a playscore of 8.3 8th at number 9 of all Korea
Chronicles 4 from level fives fairytale JRPG we now come to the tragic animated
take on the tactics and tragedies of war coming from sega this is the fourth main
entry to the strategy RPG series building their legacy out of tactical
freedom off their gameplay Valkyria chronicles 4 doesn’t stray far
from the spirit of their first outing a return to roots to the new characters
and the same style shaded graphics in a brand new engine it’s small changes
bring in just enough elements to make the game like neo in many ways it’s been
described as the perfect sequel as it refines the details of its addictive
turn-based combat while staying true to its creative storytelling
however appreciated its return to the original is there have been some
complaints about how little surprises it offers it’s a game that’s far from
perfect but it delivers on the strengths of the
first title with the added benefits of the awesome new missions and an improved
AI it has a playscore of 8.4 at number 8 pillars of eternity – a dead fire from
the makers of outstanding RPG experiences like Fallout New Vegas
Pathfinder and even the stick of truth obsidian entertainment channels all of
their RPG expertise into this newest entry to the series already acclaimed
for its beautifully written narrative and immersive lore dad fire expands and
all that in their brand-new nautical environment and it’s bigger than ever –
despite the larger scale it’s still so packed with content and plot although
their main narrative is linear and simple it’s almost too easy to get lost
in the side quests and many branching conversations it translates all the good
of their strong RPG foundations into the relatively fresh pirate environment
drawing ever closer to the Dungeons & Dragons game we never had and dad fire
is well crafted and complex but never tediously so blending humor strategy and
classic imagery it’s an RPG thrill for both newcomers and veterans alike it has
a playscore of 8.4 1 coming in at number 7 a Yakuza zero witnessed the origins of
the Yakuza lure in Sega’s brutal prequel to their popular beat’em of action
adventure returning players to the rich aesthetics of 80s Japan Yakuza’s
open-world is rife with violent delights and of course cut out a taking with it
all the weirdness of it setting this Yakuza origin story is from the doesn’t
take itself too seriously injecting humor into the otherwise violent world
of time it nails both the action and excitement of gangster side while
leaving enough to uncover in the side a port from its old home Sony this PC
version may not be the most stable with its stutters and thesis but offered at a
low low price of $20 yahooza zero is worth the trouble if only to bring the
drama action and eccentricity into every preferred platform an action adventure
with enough content to let you create your own Japanese drama it has a
playscore of 8.4 3 at number 6 Mega Man 11 following in a Funes departure from
Capcom things just hasn’t been the same for the Mega Man series taking their
precious time with this 11th title Capcom definitely gave their mega fans
something to rejoice over while they’re shipped to the 2.5 the aesthetic was
something to get used to the visual tweak ultimately added to the newness of
the world while it got high scores from gamers megamans readings have been
significantly bogged down by critics disappointed by the lack of new ideas
and the repetitive nature of its gameplay still as it makes up for a
rehashing of the original formula the eleventh installment with its double
gear system and new level of challenge effectively sets the stage for the
cunning Mega Man titles mostly though it managed to deliver what fans wanted
while sparking new hope for the series definitely worth the 8-year wait it has
a playscore of 8.4 5 hey what about you what’s your favorite PC game of 2018
tell us all about it in the comment section below you can also get the games
listed in this video in the description box below there you will also find the
link to our complete and updated list of all the PC games if you want more of
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the awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit don’t not entertainments free prequel
demo of the life estranged 2 is a short somber and sympathetic experience
proving that the game engines they’re using
the same as the first life estranged game captain spirit flies with grace and
ambition with better visuals and atmosphere by the way life is strange –
didn’t make the cut due to the short amount of critic and
gamer reviews overtaking the Diaz brothers on our list meeting Chris
reminds all of us that we’ve been in this kind of moment during our childhood
in this 2 to 3 hour adventure players control Chris’s alter ego cuts in spirit
as he goes on a super powered press to do his Sunday chores it’s creative fun
and it adds so much potential to the life is strange universe its praised for
its emotional story and its perfect use of soothe tensed events in the
soundtrack it has a playscore of 8.4 6 at number 4 blood stain curse off the
moon inti creates platformer is definitely one of the most convincing
8-bit platformers out there taking the pixel art style of the old console
limitations blood stain detailed levels and sages look absolutely gorgeous even
by modern standards other than perfecting the classic
visuals 2:18 the game’s platforming mechanics are equally impressive players
conquer vast lands and dark hassles Aslan get suit and fulfill his quest of
vengeance against a powerful demon unlock new paths us different playable
characters along the way and discover new endings for each playthrough it’s
praised for its retro platforming elements reminiscent economies
Castlevania series with a bit of edginess in between aside from that at
strategic gameplay doesn’t associate itself to the old retro elements it’s
modern and it gives room for challenge seeking players out there
however it’s short game time can be a bit frustrating to some players it
receives a playscore of 8.4 9 on the 3rd place hit man’s who the assassination
contracts continue in the sequel to the IO Interactive stealth action-adventure
game literally and nowhere is safe from the world’s greatest assassin whether
they try to flee from a flying briefcase or a sniper shot from miles away
following the events of the first hitman everyone
favorite version of Jason Statham’s hunts a mysterious new organization as
for usual the players main objective is to stabilize the organization with pure
espionage its best features lie in its massive locations to infiltrate be it as
a disguised racecar driver set in a race track in Miami or a civilian casually
dressed to kill as he eliminates the head of a cartel in Colombia not to
mention the game’s massive collection of high-tech gadgets James Bond ain’t got
nothing on agent 47 when it comes to these bad boys it’s in the moments of
execution where hitman 2 excels at and it’s possibly the most refined game of
the series it has a playscore of 8.5 0 frozen number 2 Frost punk the icy touch
of 11-bit Studios latest IP comes to the return of their excellent design and
depressing state of society’s just like this war of mine prepared to make huge
sacrifices in a world consumed by ice think of this game as a dark and gritty
version of SimCity Frost punk is set in an alternate history where the world is
on the brink of extinction humanity is pushed to the edge to develop steam
powered technology to survive players assume the role of a city ruler and
build a city that can brave through the endless Blizzard players make tough
choices including sacrificing survivors limiting rations finding resources and
even go down a dark path as a religious zealot or a dictator the game was
critically acclaimed due to its unique take on the survival genre however some
of the critics disliked its optimization the game can get a bit slow and players
construct more buildings even for high-end pcs for that it receives a
playscore of 8.5 2 here are the runners-up before we reveal the number
111 overload developed with the same team that gave us descent this modern
revival of the 90s FPS classic captures the high-octane
atmosphere of the original the world of virtual reality immersion
at its fullest it has a playscore of 8.3 412
Warhammer 40,000 mechanicus a Warhammer game from bulwark Studios engaged in
their turn-based tactical combat as you take control of an advanced army of
adept asleep Anika’s difficult decisions await in a story written by black
libraries been countered it has a playscore of 8.3 415 a final fantasy 12
the zodiac Age the International Java system enters the Western Hemisphere
alongside a needed make over for this ground up remaster take your pick from
12 different license boards in this all new FF 12 experience it has a playscore
of 8.9 14 and Dragonball Fighters Z Arc System Works works their cinematic magic
in this fast-paced Fighter set in the Dragon Ball universe rendered in their
suite cel-shaded style it has a playscore of 8.3 117 f1 to any 18
codemaster adds more realism with his state-of-the-art racer challenging
players to build their racing legacy on and off the track it has a playscore of
8.7 18 Katamari Damacy re-roll the 2004 third-person puzzler from Playstation 2
days comes back in renewed form looking better than ever in the modern platforms
it has a playscore of 8.1 9:19 Shenmue 1 and 2 this timeless open-world action
RPG that’s a rerelease to the modern age packing together two of the beloved
classics into one story driven tale of revenge it has a playscore of 8.1 for 13
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey ubisoft’s AC series slowly whoops or the RPG formula
with bigger worlds and even more choices an action-packed exploration of ancient
Greek myth and civilization it has a playscore of 8.3 soon
sixteen Soulcalibur six bandai namco rediscovers the glory of the sixteenth
century in the sixth installment of their weapon based fighting game an epic
new chapter in celebration of the 20th anniversary it has a playscore of 8.2
820 in football manager 2019 the latest in Sega’s football simulation series
build up your football Empire and take the winning pup it has a playscore of
8.7 and the best PC game of 2018 is dragon quest 11 echoes of an elusive age
a surprise to be sure but a welcome one Square Enix’s latest dragon age title in
the long-running series take the number one spot on her PC list the age of
turn-based combat isn’t coming to an end anytime soon Square Enix is loved
through this kind of game play proves that they can always improve and tweak
the tried and tested formula players embark on a traditional RPG quest where
they fight bad guys explore dungeons and find treasure this trifecta of JRPG
design makes echoes of an elusive age a wonderful treat for fans considered as
one of their best entries ever in the game is a combination of all the good
things Dragon Quest was known for including a fantastic story memorable
characters great jrpg elements and a fun magical world to get soaked in zero with
its success it’s sold over 4 million copies worldwide on all platforms it
receives a playscore of 8.6 six and those were the top ten PC games of 2018
if you loved this video don’t forget to Like share and subscribe to become a
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    This is a link to the complete and UPDATED* list of the BEST PC GAMES So Far.

    *The playscore is dynamic, and it gets updated every hour. When the gamer/critic ratings change, so will the playscore.

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  2. ehm… someone in the edit room needs to learn how to count… 11, 12 15?, 14? 17?, 18, 19, 13? 16? 20? wow your counting ability is worse than windows 😛

  3. Forza Horizon 4,Assassin's Creed Odysseus,Battlefield 5,Subnautica,Shadow of the Tomb raider,Red Dead Redemption 2,Dragon Quest XI,Yakuza O,Vampyr,Hitman 2,To 10 Games PC

  4. Hi guys. Sorry but we made a mistake on the order of the runners-up. The numbers, details and playscore are all correct. It's just that the order is mixed-up. It was a mistake during our editing process, with all the layers being moved.

  5. Oh my God!! While the information may be good, couldn't you get someone who didn't sound so RIDICULOUSLY SCRIPTED?!?!? It doesn't even sound as if she is interested in or preread the script to get the words right at times. AWFUL!!

  6. I don't get it. Why you separate this video with indie? while we can see some games in this video are indie games (frostpunk & bloodsteined)

    Btw I like these list but I don't agree with the rank. And I think you missed some pc games that should be on the list (monster hunter world, far cry 5, final fantasy XV, AC Odyssey, insurgency sandstorm, etc)

  7. No subnautica?? Wtf it was PC game of the year, to be honest most of the games in the video are Play station remakes or games not even PC gets only this list sucks.

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