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10 Best New iPhone Games 2019 | You Must Play

August 27, 2019

hey what’s up guys this is someone here
from expert gadgets and welcome to another episode of best iOS games and
this time is the month for February so without any further delay let’s get this
started so first up we have mushroom Wars – the whole thing about this game
is about building up your army so you have got more shoulders than the other
side you will win win all of the bases on your map are your color and you will
lose when the opposite happens there are different types of buildings that change
how the game works a little and you can select a bunch of your buildings by
typing three fingers on the screen overall this is a solid strategy game
that is all about the numbers next up we have in got crush here you have to spot
and sort special ingots as they approach on a conveyor belt and eventually fall
towards you and if you want to do well and achieve some impressive scores you
should always be aiming to match at least three either vertically
horizontally or diagonally visually the game is very colorful and pleasing on
the eyes and the gameplay is very engaging once you get higher scores the
game starts out easy but once it gets going it speeds up and new rules are
introduced making it a lot more competitive all in all it’s a great game
to play next up we have this as the police this
game has you playing the role of the police chief Jack Boyd who must somehow
get $500,000 for 280 days which is the time his forced retirement kicks in how
you earned this money will come down to some tough moral choices as you try to
manage the crime in your city and juggle dealing with the Mafia corrupt cops and
steady politicians next up we have evil n2 here you have
been flown through time and you must find your way back and of course go on
many adventures defeat foes and make friends along the way what sets the evil
land franchise apart is the fact that you won’t be playing in just one genre
of game or graphics engine your view and interface with the game will be changing
from locale to locale and while you aren’t necessarily going to thrust into
a new situation each moment the story will keep you fixed
you next up we have medieval tycoon idle
clicker here you will become a medieval tycoon by managing your Kingdom for idle
profit eventually you will have to grow your empire and make it even greater
with the advisors who will help you manage it and you’ll have to make smart
decisions to boost your economy catch goblins that take over your people and
collect achievements and receive gems and the best part about this game is
that there is no internet connection needed
[Music] [Music]
next up we have Retro City Rampage DX the setup here is very similar to Grand
Theft Auto as you either go on missions for various shady characters like with
the main guy you’re working for you can advance the story with him complete
missions for others or just run around town and blow stuff up
what makes waitress City Rampage so impressive is the way that it really
nails the whole grand theft auto experience while being more compact next up we have beat cup this is a
point-and-click style adventure game that has you patrolling several blocks
of 1980s New York City you will do all the expected things a beat cop might do
like writing parking tickets or chasing down a bad guy but what’s so interesting
though are the moral choices you will encounter during your shifts and you
will have to make tough decisions and each path has its own consequences next up we have city vandal here you
help a guy ride a hoverboard and avoid the cops as he’ve analyzes his way
through New York City you’ll have to score mischievous power-ups complete
tons of challenging levels and discover tons of graffiti designs but the police
are trying to catch you in the act with a police drone so watch out
[Music] next up we have beach buggy racing –
here you will have to race around the track and win and as you race around the
track you will come across power-ups and weapons that can be used to your
advantage the goal is of course to race across the finish line before anybody
else all while blasting your opponents with whatever weapons you can pick up next up we have Tony Hawk’s skate jam
the game starts out easy various on-screen buttons that are used to
control the game slowly appear on the screen as ski Jam introduces you to
their functions you’ve got a virtual joystick for movement on the one side
then buttons for jumping grinding flip tricks and grab tricks on the other like
other Tony Hawk games you combine these buttons with moving the virtual joystick
in different directions to do different moves and it’s a lot of fun just running
around doing different stunts so that
was it for this video guys do leave a thumbs up if you liked it don’t forget
frypan hit that Bell icon if you don’t want to miss out on some more upcoming
content and as always thanks for watching this is someone signing out

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  1. Games in this video :-
    Mushroom Wars 2: https://goo.gl/2YUVcW
    Ingot Rush: https://goo.gl/mRX7wY
    This Is the Police: https://goo.gl/2tffR1
    Evoland 2: https://goo.gl/NcLhnd
    Idle Medieval Tycoon: https://goo.gl/xREgEJ
    Retro City Rampage DX: https://goo.gl/Yjcq7u
    Beat Cop: https://goo.gl/i3SJU8
    City Vandal: https://goo.gl/UzQJzt
    Beach Buggy Racing 2: https://goo.gl/zGs4FX
    Tony Hawk's Skate Jam: https://goo.gl/a5JWgh

  2. You have any videos whether old or current for the best word games? Love your videos from since 2 years ago. Please and thanks!

  3. Bro the police games are paid and also these are the ones I like it. Can you please upload a vid on free version? eg: New games in March (free version)

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