10 Best Android & iPhone Games Games – June 2019!
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10 Best Android & iPhone Games Games – June 2019!

September 14, 2019

hey what’s up guys this is someone here
from expert gadgets and welcome to another episode of best android games
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now let’s get this video started now first up we have the Gardens between
Gardens between is a story of Ariana and friend who fall into a series of island
gardens with various objects from their childhood scattered about both of them
will uncover various memories from the past and more through stunning visuals
and nice puzzles you can influence each other’s actions but can’t directly
control their movement though the world they ventured through is full of
creative touches and small magical moments that you character own every
moment from the way they subtly peep at one another while crossing paths to the
adorable gestures they used to point out helpful objects in the distance and
their body language clues you into their special bond it may only take 2 to 3
hours to see everything the gardens between has to offer
but the warm and fuzzy feelings from start to finish ensure that your
memories of playing it will live on next up we have grim valor the game
starts with you wandering through a dungeon and continues in much the same
way monsters have overrun the world and you need to use your massive sword to
hack them back to the hell they came from the controls you have to do this
are pretty simple two buttons to control your horizontal movement then you’ve got
to jump a dodge and an attack all in all it’s a fun to play game next up we have
Apollo a dream Odyssey Apollo is an ordinary girl who lost her dreams while
coming of age one night a mysterious voice draws her into a strange world
where colors sound and memories guide her to rediscovering those dreams as you
journey through surreal landscapes Apollo encounters a series of puzzles
that remind her of the subtle yet important things in life and you need to
solve these puzzles and explore our beautiful world through illuminating
threads of narration and a unique third perspective next up we have traffic’s the highway is
a place where chaos stress and rage are always present mainly in big cities like
Paris Tokyo Istanbul or Las Vegas and aware of this you must control the
traffic light to keep the drivers safe and maintain peace based on simple rules
and minimalist features the way it works is simple tap the traffic light on the
right time to change its color and manage the highway but it’s very
important that you do not make the drivers wait otherwise they’ll get mad
graphics features the busiest cities in the world and as you progress the
highway will get more and more chaotic next up we have top speed – sure you are
a young cop who’s been suspended and now operates on the borders of the law when
the Mafia mobs want to keep the city in their steel grasp you’ll have to work
the night shift to get things done here you prove your racing skills and choose
any car you want from an outstanding selection of 71 of the most is our
supercars cops p2 allows you to upgrade seven different car parts which each
have a tangible influence on your racing performance you can increase your
engine’s power and answer gear exhaust gearbox turbocharger and nitro or simply
change the tire pressure the possibilities are endless
you next up we have dark quest – dark quest
– is a turn-based RPG where you control a party of heroes on your epic quest to
defeat the evil sorcerer and his minions the game features a party based system
where you control a group of heroes and isometric handle an art style dice based
mechanics and much more each map is designed to take you through an
adventure that will test your party strength courage and sanity as you go
deeper and deeper into the castle in search for the chambers of the evil
sorcerer next up we have spirit routes long ago
on the outskirts of a small but undoubtedly very warlike system armed
conflict raged for a hundred years among the system’s inhabitants the game sees
you bouncing through a series of platforming challenges there are gold
coins hanging in the air for you to grab moving platforms and plenty of spikes
and the overall 2d platforming scene is very nice and it really grabs you when
you’re playing next up we have heli 100 here you get your helicopter gunship and
blast your way through flying alien armies in this action-packed
shoot-’em-up game you battle through hundred levels against alien enemies
hence the name heli 100 going through the game you can unlock powerful weapons
planes and mechs unlike the objective the controls here
are also fairly simple users tap either side to turn direction and hold both
sides to stop all in all it’s a fun game to pastime next up we have twaddle paddle this game
is a colorful experience that does its graphics using only smart particles so
it only has one tiny asset the game is intended as a bag of candies giving you
lots of short levels packed with intense action the retro modern looks of the
game matches perfectly with the gameplay filled with subtle improvements that
makes the old feel more lively next up we have night brawl here you grab your
sword and enter the world of wild and wacky gladiator battles your battle
opponents on castle roofs pirate ships and much more and take part in mass
brawls fite 1vs1 or carry out missions for your manager the main goal here is
earning those gold coins so you can buy a nice new helmet or a glorious Colin
axe well that was it for this video guys do leave a thumbs up if you liked it run
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  1. Wow, you included my recommendation: The Garden Dreams! This is an amazing game. I recommend others to try as well. Thanks for reading and appreciating our comments. ❤

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