10 Best Android & iOS Fighting Games 2017
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10 Best Android & iOS Fighting Games 2017

September 13, 2019

Hello guys. I am Ace, And Today I am here with best Fighting
games you can play on your android device. Well Fighting games may not be the most popular
genre anymore, but the people who still love the genre are among the most loyal of any
gamers. Unfortunately, fighting games haven’t been
as rampant , on Android as many would have hoped and there aren’t many amazing options
available. That said, we found some of the best fighting
games for Android that we’d like to share with you. But before we dig in, dont forget to hit that
subscribe button so you dont miss any future updates. First on our list is. Asura Cross –
Asura Cross is a two-dimensional fighting game in which the players control different
characters and participate in different game modes, including a very complete story mode. Players can use three main characters from
the beginning, but they can only unlock the rest of the characters by buying them separately
by earning in game money. However, even if you can’t play with certain
characters yet, you can still fight against them. The most interesting part is certainly the
game’s complex story mode, in which you create your own path by making a series of decisions,
that normally end in fighting other characters. Aside from the awesome story mode, Asura Cross
lets you play against other human players using Bluetooth, which means you can play
against anyone who also has the game installed on their Android device. Asura Cross is a 2D fighting game with powerful
graphics, a long, entertaining story mode and, above all, great game mechanics that
are perfectly suted to playing on touchscreen devices. Samurai Showdown 2 –
Samurai Showdown II is one of the few “pure” combo fighting games on Android. It has a single cost so there are no freemium
traps to get boggled up in. It comes with 15 characters that you can play
with along with an expansive list of movies, special moves, and other mechanics. It also has two control schemes so you can
play casually or for real if you prefer. It also comes with local online multiplayer
over Bluetooth if your friends have the game installed. It’s a classic and is one of the console
ported fighting games worth playing. Shadow Fight 2-
Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D fighting game where players control a shadow warrior who arms
himself with loads of different weapons to try to defeat all the enemies in his path. Although you can fight barehanded using just
your legs and fists to attack your enemy, in Shadow Fight 2 you can also buy and use
dozens of different weapons and spells. The battle system for Shadow Fight 2 differs
quite a lot from that of most 2D fighting games. To control your hero, you have to use a joystick
that lets you move in all directions. In addition, depending on where you have the
joystick when you press the attack button, you’ll do different movements. Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D fighting game with
fantastic graphics where both its aesthetics, and character animations stand out. The enormous number of enemies and weapons
also gives loads of variety to the game. And If you dont know let me tell you that
Shadow fight 3 will soon launch on Android, iOS and Windows devices. Ultimate Fighting ChampionShip –
UFC is the official video game of UFC which is the biggest and most important mixed martial
arts company in the world, and the meeting point of some of the most prestigious and
dangerous fighters in the world. In this video game, you can control more than
70 fighters from the UFC circuit. You’ll only have access to one fighter at
first and have the opportunity to unlock more as you progress in the game. Once you choose your fighter and jump into
the octagon where you can control your fighter with the intuitive control system created
by EA. Through a combination of taps and swipes on
the screen, you can carry out all types of attacks; from jabs and upper cuts, to combos
and floor attacks. Slashers : The Power Battle – Slashers slashes
its way to bring back the old 2D fighting games’ spirit and challenge with simple game
mechanics and tactical game play. Its an unofficial remake of Dual Blades of
Game Boy Advance. Game has Cartoon-like Graphics which are not
that good. For battle you can Choose from 10 unique fighters
with different abilities. Controls of the game are Simple. 4 attack buttons (Slash,Big Slash,Kick,Power). Ultra responsive smart virtual pad makes a
fighting game playable on touch screen devices. Game also features cross platform Online versus
play and ranking system where you can fight players from all over the world. Combo system is very good in the game, you
can create your own combos with features like Parry, Recovery , Power Recovery, Free Cancel,
Power Cancel, Power Escape, Throw Escape and Limit Break attacks. The King of Fighters 2012-
Popular 2D versus fighting game “THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2012” returned as a free app to
celebrate King of Fighters 20th Anniversary! If you like classic fighting games, The King
of Fighters 2012 should be on your list of titles to download. . This game features a really good old school
graphic and 2D fighting style system. There are 32 characters that you can play
with. Game features 6 game modes that includes SINGLE
BATTLE, TEAM BATTLE, ENDLESS Mode, CHALLENGE Mode , TIME ATTACK and TRAINING The Virtual Pad perfectly reproduces KOF’s
smooth controls. And Even novice players will be able to release
various Special Moves, Super Special Moves, NEOMAX Super Special Moves, and other complex
moves in one touch. Street Fighter 4-
Street Fighter possesses highly detailed graphics and worked animation where each character
has a large supply of blows. Fights happen in 11 various locations and
You can battle with your friends via Bluetooth. Fight in an intense martial arts tournament. Choose from many heroes, each with a unique
fighting style. Punch, kick, jump and throw, block enemy attacks
and perform combo attacks to inflict more damage onto your enemy. In this Android game you will meet the heroes
of the famous series of games again. Practice and fight players from around the
world. Win fights and increase your rating. Face increasingly stronger opponents and become
the best in the world. SoulCalibur –
SOULCALIBUR is a classic console fighting game from one of the best fighting game franchises
that ever existed. This is a complete port of the first installment
of the series and features all of the characters, game modes, storyline, and controls from the
first game. The touch screen controls work well and it
doesn’t take long until you’re belting out combos. The five game modes and 19-character cast
helps keep it interesting. It’s one of the more faithful console ports
that we’ve ever seen and it’s worth a shot if you don’t mind the price. Street Fighter Alpha 3 –
Street Fighter Alpha 3 is mostly the traditional one-on-one fighting game battle you’d expect,
but with a few twists. Alpha 3 introduces some new tweaks to the
combat that make it feel quite different from other Street Fighter games. You’ve got recovery moves for use when on
the receiving end of an opponent’s attacks, which let you escape additional damage. There’s also a guard meter that prevents overly
defensive players from doing nothing but block while pecking away at their opponents with
light attacks. Defend too much and your guard will be shattered,
leaving you completely vulnerable for a dangerous instant. Alpha 3 discards the Manual and Auto modes
from the previous Alpha games by offering the player three different playing styles
known as “isms.” Additionally, each of the three fighting styles
profoundly affects the speed, strength, and damage-resistance of a player in different
ways: X Ism provides the highest overall strength
of the three styles, with the slowest speed and the worst defense,
V Ism has the highest speed and defense, but attacks deliver the least damage; and A Ism,
ostensibly features the middle ground on all three factors. For battle you have got one of the biggest
selections of characters the series has ever seen, clocking in at around 40 different faces. Infinite Fighter – Infinite Fighter is a game where you do not
have to memorize hard commands to perform combos of different characters. Infinite Fighter has Slide Action Control
System which allows you to easily and intuitively action control the character. Just Touch & Slide! The game has Story, Arcade, Survival, Ai Battle,
Raid and Training Mode. Though, devlopers are still working on online
multiplayer battles but you can still fight and enjoy with your friend via bluetooth connection
battle. So guys this bring us to the end. Thank you guys for watching video. Be sure to leave a like and
subscribe to my channel so you dont miss any future updates. Also don’t forget to share this video with
your gamer friends. If you have any suggestions, be sure leave
them in the comments section below. I will be back with another video soon. Till Then. Peace

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  1. Great list! Im playing The Bleeding Gum Tournament on IOS right now. It is quite nice.
    Can anyone recommended me a great fighting game which is not on the list?

  2. There is also a fighting game called Skullgirls thats pretty good. graphics are awesome and overall its a fun game

  3. Clickbait because He used the graphics and game play from console KOF12-13. Could've just used the normal one it still looks good,

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