1 minute FAQ – Episode 1 – Cabal Online
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1 minute FAQ – Episode 1 – Cabal Online

August 21, 2019

Ahoy! This is the 1st episode of the 1 minute frequently
asked questions video series. These are the questions I’m going to answer
in this one: How do you prevent the screen from shaking
so much? Go to the game tab of the options menu, and
look for the tickbox called stabilize image. This is what it looks like without stabilization. And this is what it looks like with stabilization enabled. How do you get skill amp, critical rate, and
maximum critical rate scrolls? One way is to extract items. From what I’ve heard they can only be obtained
if the item you extract is +7 at least. I’m not entirely sure if they have to be +7,
but they are certainly rare. Another way is opening scroll cubes, like
the ones you can exchange your DP for, the ones you get for finishing 10 runs of certain
dungeons, and the ones for the daily quest of Tower of the Dead B3F. And of course there are various events that
give you bosses to hunt or loot boxes to open which might have those in them. How many people can enter that dungeon? How many DP does it give? Well, if you are confused about any of that,
open the cabal menu, look for the dungeon tab, and open the dungeon info window. You can find those values for every single dungeon in the game. How come you can zoom out your camera so much? Go to options, select the game tab and uncheck
the “limit maximum zoom out” option. Now you can also do this! Just to compare it a bit, that’s how much
difference it makes in certain places, but remember, some dungeons
or maps have roofs that prevent you from zooming out more even with this option! Why does my FPS drop low after playing for
a while and how do I fix it? Well I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s usually
caused by guild emblems. Go to options, display, and disable the option
to see guild names and emblems. You will still see it if you hover your mouse over someone, and
that also might cause FPS drops if you are one of the few unfortunate players who suffer
from this issue. Why did you switch back to Wizard again? How did you do that at lvl 200? Which class is better? Well, the answer is simple: after playing
Force Archer for a while it turned out I just didn’t like it as much as wizard. So there’s nothing wrong with archer, it’s
just a matter of personal preference. As to how I did it at lvl 200, the battle
style change kit in the European server can be used at lvl 200, and I am aware that some
other servers have level limit for that. Which one is better? Well, neither! They are entirely different and there are
areas where wizard can easily beat archer, and other situations when an archer would
beat wizard. The main difference is, Force Archer is a
support class that is focused on buffs, healing, and staying outside of the attack range of
most enemies. Wizard can deal a lot more damage with the same set,
but also dies a lot more easily and can’t support the party so much. Anyway, that’s it for today! If you have any questions you’d like to see
featured in the next episode, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments! Ahoy!

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  1. Bout the scrolls obtaining by destroying items
    Max crit rate + rate scrolls can be obtained by any +of the item
    However magic amp and sword amp can be only gained by a +7 item or higher

    This case is the same for armor and weapons, just that you cant get weapon scroll max crit rate.

  2. my question: when i open the map during the mission war by pressing "M", i only see the map but without the area code (like e2,e3, w9, …). Which option should i activate in order to see the area code in the map table ??

  3. The FPS drop have nothing to do with the guild names. Just graphics card after a while of gameplay – became too hot. So what I do: I have MSI afterburner, I open it every time before I start a game. I uncheck the "auto" option for the fan speed of the graphic card and I made my fans work at 60% . That way my card never pass 48 C and my FPS is stable. If I play with fan speed set to auto – my graphic card temp go to 69/70 celsius and I have frame drops.

  4. What are your thoughts on FGs? Are they like a hybrid, a mixture of a wizard's AOE, an archer's 2nd and 3rd BM,and blader's critical damage on spells? I woner if RGs are any good, been hearing al around that they don't perform well. I gues it is up ro gear and preferance. If you could give me you opinion on FGs and how they do in pvp/pve and maybe compare them to other classes,I would be grateful! Also, thank you for the video.

  5. can you make a video on merc for example which are the best ones cause i am wondering if yuan is worth it for the dmg

  6. hi! I have one question to come – what kind of character is better (have higher dps) to run Map Part DG at 100 lv or a bit higher? I understand that all depends on your gear, but, anyway, there should be two-three chars that can run it faster, like WI have "blink" or FA/GL have fast casting spells which gives them an opportunity to run DG faster. Maybe you did some research like this or have the answer? Thank you!

  7. AHOYYYY ! ! please tell me or help me to delete the that i never use again can make some video for that im you big fan and always watching your 1 minutes cabal tutorial

  8. Ahoy, May I ask something? I'm a newbie in the game. Do you have an idea what is a Midman? I always hear that word when players try to buy or sell something?

  9. @1:39 This is more likely to be something related to user hardware such as CPU/GPU overheating that causes the famous thermal throttling. By over time playing the overheating of the components reduces more and more the PC performace. Another likely cause would be the lack of GPU VRAM.

  10. Hi, I have a question regarding any potential tips or advice you can provide for completing those "battle" boss achievements.The fact that it requires you to be at 5% hp or lower is pretty annoying. I understand that when in a party, you are able to initiate a pvp with one of your other members to intentionally lower your hp before killing the boss but that is not really an option when trying to complete the solo achievements. Lowering my hp to that range before entering the dg is not a problem actually but more the challenge about retaining it till you reach the boss, especially for the low level dgs. The biggest issue seems to be the hp steal essence rune which I've learnt. I'm wondering if there's any other way to complete these achievements easily without having to unlearn it?

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