🧱 The Password that BRICKS Nintendo Consoles | Fact Hunt Special | Larry Bundy Jr
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🧱 The Password that BRICKS Nintendo Consoles | Fact Hunt Special | Larry Bundy Jr

February 24, 2020

This video is sponsored by Manscaped. Passcodes are truly a strange and wonderful thing, originally designed to skirt around the expense of having to include battery back up in a game, they’ve gone on to unlock all manner of strange quirks and features, some of which the developer never even intended to happen. Case in point, Nintendo’s MetroidVania classic… …erm, Metroid. The NES game that turned backtracking into
an entire genre! Now, long-time viewers may remember the Offensive Passcodes episode from my Fact Hunt series, where I go into detail all the rude words
that you can enter into the game’s password screen. With the most infamous of all being the code: Engage Ridley Muddy Funster. (I’m not getting demonitized for that word ^_^) Essentially, the game ironically does indeed
begin with Ridley already defeated, But it not only starts you off in an invalid location
(inside a wall in Brinstar to be specific) but it also tells the console you’ve been
playing non-stop for 2,755,656 consecutive hours of game time, AKA a staggering 314 years! So, this HUGE number of hours logged in the
game’s memory renders scrolling impossible and a ton of graphical garbage on screen. Now, amazingly the original hardware CAN actually
handle this mess, you can’t do anything in the game, but it’s still playable. However, playing the earlier released five
screw version of the cartridge DOES actually crash the hardware. Strange really, as for all Intents and purposes,
the game inside is the exact same code as the later three screw version. But, the bricking began when Nintendo decided
to re-release the game on future systems. So, let’s have a look at what happens when
you enter the code on all Nintendo systems Metroid has been released on over the years… Entering the code on the Nintendo Switch version
will result in an error message appearing on screen, booting you back to the main menu. While, entering the code in the NES Mini Classic
release can result in a similar error screen, which once again boots you back to the main
menu. However, this error occasionally even soft
bricks the entire device, resulting in you having to unplug the machine, then holding
in the power button for several seconds to reboot. According to Nintendo’s website if this
error persists, then you need to return the unit as it’s now deemed defective. Nintendo re-released a number of NES games
in their classic line for the GameBoy Advance, and Metroid was one of those titles. However, the code simply crashes the game
once more. Could this be using the ROM from the five
screw NES release perchance? Not known to too many people, but the GameCube
ALSO had a port of the game. Hidden inside Metroid Prime is a secret playable
version of Metroid, that’s accessible if you plug in a completed copy of the Gameboy Advance title, Metroid Fusion into one of the controller ports. However, entering the Engage Ridley code into
this version, simply resets the game. Interestingly, the game was removed from Metroid
Prime Trilogy when it was re-released on the Wii, but that’s most likely because Nintendo
wanted to nickel and dime you into buying the Wii Virtual Console version instead. Speaking of which, the Wii and Wii U’s virtual
console versions both come up with the same result, with the console once again resetting
the entire game back to the title screen. Not surprising really considering the GameCube,
Wii and Wii U all run on similar architecture and thereby, probably the same emulator as well. However, I’m saving the best (or rather, worst) till last, as THE most damaging version of the game is most definitely the 3DS release. Entering the code this time brings the entire
system to a standstill, completely soft bricking the system and forcing you to hold the power
button down for five seconds to perform an emergency reset. Now, this is bad enough as it is, especially
if you didn’t know about the emergency reset. But if you were foolish enough not to have
updated your firmware since 2016, you’ve essentially just made yourself a very expensive
paperweight as your system is forever locked on a blank screen. You’ve only gone and forever bricked it
my friend! But, all in all, it is truly quite fascinating
that not only have Nintendo never patched the Engage Ridley code out of the game for
future releases, something they have previously done to some other Virtual Console ROMs. But, they had such faith in their emulation
software used over several system generations, they never took into account such a primitive
title could not only crash, but also cause permanent damage to a console. But I suppose this is Nintendo we’re talking
about here! (Subtitles provided by Larry Bundy Jr) Drop
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  1. I found an old commercial at the end of this episode. Larry hopefully gets some new sponsors and gets some of the sweet HD ad revenue.

  2. I have no gonads to groom but nice commercial, I especially liked the Shantae-esque boxer short dance at the end
    Games lost to the ages would be an interesting video though I think you did one before I’m sure there’s other games that are now considered “lost media”

  3. I always have subtitles turned on since my phone is too quiet to be heard above, like, basically any background noise, and my headphone port is broken. So I saw and appreciated!

  4. I read the subtitles, so apparently if you put MF in the subtitles you can get demonetized, but you can say it as much as you want in the video, while also showing it on screen?

  5. Larry my man, you're looking good after your weight loss, but excuse my forwardness, that haircut makes you look like the guy from The Shining…

  6. I forget what code it was, but a long time ago, I entered a code into my Zero Mission version of Metroid that I had gotten from an online code generator, and it completely factory reset my game cartridge. Luckily Zero Mission is fun and pretty quick to replay so I didn't mind it too much, but it was still annoying, not to mention surprising.

  7. I'm not sure but did anyone in the comments section mention all intensive purposes yet? Or just everyone? Great vid larry!!

  8. Its likely what happened with the later releases the garbage room was removed altogether, though they forgot to disable the code, save for the times it reset.

  9. 3:35 It was removed because it was put in the game without Nintendo's knowledge and not supported to be there in the first place.

  10. From what I know, the problem is not so much that any part of the code itself is invalid on it's own, but rather that it clashes horribly. Basicly, it has the resetflag enabled which boots the player to the first room, but the location is a diffrent area(I think it was tourian, but does not really matter). Once one of the two aspects are fixed, the code performs normally. Why nintendo did not think to make it impossible for the game to run illegal instructions in the first place is beyond me, but eh. something like that also happened in the japanese version of pokemon gen5, where one pokemon that was shinylocked was able to spawn shiny and thus just crash the game.

  11. Regardless of system version, the 3DS never bricked from the engage Ridley code, and a power cycle would fix it.

    I'm not sure where the rumor of 3DSes mcu bricking from this comes from, but it is false.

  12. 3:46 To be fair: The method of accessing it properly didn't work anyway.
    Most GC-Games with GBA-Connectivity don't work on the Wii. Some do for some reason though.

  13. I love how because of the ads its really clear that these types of videos are aimed at male audiences. Am I really the only female out here? I doubt it

  14. The only bricking that happens is the 3DS version, everything mentioned before that, while mildly interesting, isn't "bricking". I thought when you said "brick", we were talking like, using Gameshark codes on Donkey Kong 64 and then trying to save the game kind of bricking, making the game cartridge permanently damaged in the process. That would have been far more interesting to cover, Larry!

  15. 01:11 – Ok; if it were even possible would you actually play the original Metroid for 314 years?
    Would you play ANY game that long?? If you couldn’t die that is XD

  16. I've never heard anyone use "soft brick" before. To brick something is to make it as usefull as a brick. In other words non-recoverable. All of these systems can recover, even the old 3DS firmware (just takeout the battery or wait for it to completely drain).

  17. Manscape looks like a good shaver but I would need to buy 2 so I can have 1 for my face. Only problem with that is remembering which one to use where 🙁.

  18. Obviously either the code isn't identical between the 5 screw and 3 screw release of the game or the cartridge hardware is different. Otherwise there's no way for the code to have consistently different results…

  19. 1:49 Did you purposely say "all intensive purposes" just to bait people like me to comment and drive up engagement? Because if so… it worked.

  20. Great, I just bought a Switch and now I discover it can't handle me playing Metroid for three-hundred years. What a piece of junk.

  21. I don't know what's scarier, a password to an old game that crashes the entire system or the fact he uses a facial shaver on his balls…

  22. 5:32 Manscaping Larry's balls and taint should become a game reminiscent of 'Bad Mojo', 'Masters Of Magic' & 'Frogger'.

  23. Holy crap you got skinny. Good for you Larry we need you in good health so you can continue to produce quality content.

  24. lol Manscape sponsered! Argh, man, well, thanks for the warning. 🙂 I dunno if just me, just is a service I personally dont like hearing about…but Im not mad, cause long as am told I know to skip it. I still love watching your vids and not telling you who to get sponsers from….just long as they are the up and up naturally 😀

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