?MAN CITY vs MAN UTD 1-2: The Album Advert!? (Parody Goals Highlights Rashford Martial 2019)
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?MAN CITY vs MAN UTD 1-2: The Album Advert!? (Parody Goals Highlights Rashford Martial 2019)

December 8, 2019

The Manchester Derby 2019 – The Album! Away in a derby!
No chance they all said… Then little Lord Marcus…
Made Manchester Red! The blue moon in the bright sky…
Turned red on derby day! Thank you, VAR! Thank you, Jesus!
We beat City and Jose! Featuring some huge guest appearances. Deck the Walls with pics of Ole! Shocking season – but let’s be jolly! Featuring the smash hit song about England’s 4th best right-back! Aarron Wan-Bissaka looked down, in his pocket Sterling! And a special song dedicated to the Man City fans! “Silent night”
Your fans are sh***! And an epic duet! Noel Noel!
Noel Noel! He’s a Manchester City fan and a total feckin’ bell…
It’s time to look back in anger. And a special track from Liverpool’s greatest ever icon! The race is over, City’s blown it!
The race is over, now! Thank you Manchester – and goodnight! Not yet you langer!
Come on you fecking foxes! The Manchester Derby 2019 – The Album! Dropping this Saturday! Just like Man City’s chances of winning the league!

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  1. How many handballs did liVARpool have?

    Pep: TWISE TWISE!!

    How much did Man Utd score?


  2. They said it could not be done but we did it.

    This shows how money can’t win you games, only hard work, talent, determination and team work

  3. So they couldn't even win against newcastle or aston Villa but they won against Manchester City, Tottenham and it's right now the only team that didn't lose against Liverpool…what is the opposite of bottle job? Well manchester united is surely that this season

  4. Guardiola be like: i blame mahrez for this loss he was out of position all thé match he should have sit in thé back seat not thé front one what a shame

  5. when they announced ole would be sacked if they lost to spurs
    Me: oh yeah boi

    ole wins to spurs and city

    ah, piss.

  6. Song Idea:
    Manchester is red hahahee hahaha
    Tiki taka is dead hahahee hahaha
    They couldn’t break our defence hahahee hahaha
    Man U’s spider was the best hahahee hahaha

  7. Who will win the league;
    Like=Man City
    Dislike=Arsenal, Man Utd, Spurs or Everton (LOL!!!)

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