💰HUGE DOLLAR TREE HAUL | 🏡Homemaking, 📓Homeschool, ✂️Crafts! 🚐 Large Family Mom Style💗!
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💰HUGE DOLLAR TREE HAUL | 🏡Homemaking, 📓Homeschool, ✂️Crafts! 🚐 Large Family Mom Style💗!

August 19, 2019

– Hey guys, I am out and about a couple hours on my dedicated work day. I filmed a bunch of vlogs in my van. And I’m going into this Dollar Tree. And then I’m going to a coffee shop, and I’m gonna work for
like eight to 10 hours. So I’m enjoying myself out this morning. So we’re gonna go in this Dollar
Tree, see what we can find. I know they have lots of
Spring and Easter stuff out. I only have about 15 minutes
left on this SD card. My poor camera is overheating from all the Q&A, and Big Van Therapy vlogs that I filmed while sitting there. So we’re gonna go in and see what this Dollar
Tree has to offer. (mellow music) So big, overflowing cart
from the Dollar Tree. Yes, I have no problem doing that. They had so many of those beautiful, what I’ll say, Fiestaware knockoff plates, and mugs, and bowls. So I got the blue, and
the orange, and the green, and all three of those. I got the kids a lot of home
school art supply refills. Tons of crafty stuff, some kitchen stuff, some junk food for my teen boys because, you know, they just don’t care about glue on pom-poms, and
colored Popsicle sticks for arts and crafts anymore. So guys, it is several days
since I went to Dollar Tree, and we’ve just been riding around with my Dollar Tree bags
in the back of the van. I haven’t been able to bring
stuff in, and process it. So the kids are here working on some different school things, got lots going on, and
we have a few minutes. I figured, well everyone’s settled. (Daniel babbling) Daniel, are you gonna help mommy? Yes. Daniel, come on, let’s
get out of the stool. Daniel and mommy, we’re
gonna go out to the van. Daniel is gonna help me bring in our bags. I’m gonna lay it all
out and show it to ya. You’re gonna help me. Okay, here we are. Daniel keeps saying, “I’m going to the Dollar Tree with you.” But no, mommy already went. But I got you stuff. You’re gonna help me
carry in our stuff, okay? Can you open the door for us? Open the kitchen door. Okay, we’re back in the house. We’ve got everything unloaded. Miss Emilia and Mister
Daniel have been helping me, and you guys are gonna
work so hard sitting there and watching mommy film this stuff. And then what do you get when I’m done? – All the treats. – You get so many treats, don’t you? Anyway, so everyone else
is still out working, I think Zion’s taking a break, and Jayden’s been out filming. So we’re moving on in the day. And then we have archery tonight. So that always cuts our days short. But I’m gonna show you this
haul that I got out Saturday when I was out having my
one dedicated work day. So here’s a quick overview of this haul. So many good stuff. This is Jayden and Zion’s treats. Because of course, they don’t
care about arts supplies, and workbooks, and glue
sticks, and paper anymore. So the Dollar Tree had
beautiful, beautiful, what I call imitation Fiestaware in stock. I have not seen these colors there before. And we always need
replacement bowls and plates. I thought of this the other day. So, I love this blue, and I
bought what they had in it. They didn’t have the bowls in that blue, so I got three of the
green, three of the orange, two green cups, two blue
cups, two orange cups. Somehow I only came home
with two green plates, so I wonder if I’m gonna
find another one in the van. But then, I was trying to
get threes of what I could. Three orange plates,
and three blue plates. So for $20 worth of
plates, bowls, and cups, I was thrilled to add this in. Because naturally, I go towards
these Fiestaware knockoff type bowls and plates when I can. Also at Dollar Tree right
now, they’ve got a bunch of really fun Betty Crocker kitchen items. I didn’t need too much, but
I always need slotted spoons. So I got two Betty Crocker slotted spoons, and I’ve heard good things
about their scissors. My kitchen scissors are
about to go be with Jesus, so I got two of these. Because if I love ’em, that’ll be great. And for a dollar, if they,
I don’t know, die on me, or don’t work well, or
whatever, then that’s that. I also got this microwave egg cooker. And then the rest of
this haul is obviously a whole lot of home school
stuff from the Dollar Tree for the kiddos. You’ve seen in my recent
book haul, collecting these. Level 2 readers for Liam in particular. And we have this book
with these silly farm dogs in our collection, but I
thought he would have fun reading this. And then, as I always do, I
picked up all the interesting early learner workbooks that they have. Because these are great
for like Miss Emilia. And then Daniel, he pretty
much plays with one now, ’cause you’re three, right? You’re three and you’re
starting to do your school. So these are just good to have on hand. And I didn’t see any
multiplication or division ones. I’ve been getting those for like Gabriel. They didn’t have any of those. But they had a lot of Early
Learning ones that are good. So this, numbers and counting,
I was gonna let Daniel start just playing, and coloring with. Here is some printing practice,
that’s more for Miss Emilia, who just turned five. This is, I love the sticker
books that they have, because they’re just, for a buck, they have the best stickers. This is also for Emilia. Spelling puzzles. Now, Liam has worked
through this workbook. I think he’s done this workbook twice. And I thought he could, for
his writing and spelling, he could do it again. Because it’s a good one for him. And then this is for Miss
Emilia, so you have pink, Emilia. And of course, this is not all that we use for our homeschool, but
these little add-in workbooks are great, and I’ve
used them even way back in the olden days with
Zion, I would mix these in. This is another spelling one. I was gonna have Liam work through. These are also good, in
the in-between times, like if, say Liam is waiting for me but I’m working with Naomi. He can get this book and work through it, or begin working through it
while he’s waiting for me. Emilia, look who I got. – Oh yeah, I love that girl. – Uh huh. Look at her, yes. And so that’s right where Emilia is. (Daniel babbles) It’s Doc McScruffins. I got you the Cars one. Did you see the Cars one I got for you? (Jamerill gasps) (Daniel gasps) You want to say Paw Patrol,
they didn’t have Paw Patrol. But it’s Cars. Do you like Lightning McQueen? Uh huh. You may see our Star Wars
little poster on the wall. We got one of those thousand
piece mosaic puzzles over Christmas, we were
working on it the other week. And so we just hung that
up to get a look at it. Haven’t taken it down. So that’s for Emilia,
here’s another Pre K, K, with again, lots of great stickers. And then I did find a subtraction one. So Liam, I figured, yeah, he’s
pretty much done with this. So this may just be
something in his notebook that he runs through in like a day. I don’t think so, I think honestly, I’m going to just put
this in Emilia’s stack. And then just for fun, outside stuff. We’ve got a jump rope, and also got all kinds of craft stuff. So we’ve got googly eyes,
we’ve got little foam stickers, yes, we’ve got pom-poms, we’ve
got colored craft sticks, we’ve got pipe cleaners, and
then I got a ton of stickers for the kids. We have some Minions, we
have, look at this, Emilia. We’ve got princess stickers. I got it with you in mind. We got some Ninja Turtles. – [Daniel] You got that for me! – Oh yes. Well, for everybody. And then for these, (Daniel babbles) for a dollar apiece, I mean, I might have spent $20 on stickers. But these, this is what they’re for. They’re for fun, craft projects, 96, and then the kids really are,
they love the Emoji movie. So it’s just all Emoji things right now. And then that looked like a good variety. And they have glitter on them and such. And we haven’t had any of these big pads of paper for awhile, so I got eight of these, just so that they can spread out with. Everyone’s been using our
electric pencil sharpener well, so I got everybody another
fresh pack of colored pencils. And then, grand finale. I found these Emoji movie tote bags. So they may not be the best quality, they’re better than a Wal Mart bag. I mean, it looks like, I told Naomi they would hold
up for her to carry, like, her crochet stuff in. And the kids could put their, put some colored paper,
or books, or like books, like some notebook paper. And then we have this Emoji bag, Life Goal: Be Meh, ha ha. And they have the cloth
handles, you see those Naomi? And then, so I got four
with Naomi, Gabriel, Liam, and Emilia in mind. So guys, this was my quick Dollar Tree haul from this weekend. All kinds of great homeschool
arts and crafts stuff. And even some more bowls, and
cups, and kitchen scissors. So thank you so much for watching, my memory card only has 30 seconds left. So I’m gonna close this out, and I’ll see you next time
with another brand new video. If you’re new, please subscribe. Bye bye.

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  19. I love those scissors! I’ve had mine for years. I love them for cutting pizza. I know that might sound crazy, but it works well!

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    – I so, so admire your kindness and calm demeanor toward your kids. I know that is not by accident but is a by product of some serious mama wisdom from the Lord. I know you are so busy- can you dish on this at all? What has the Lord taught you about keeping your cool and dealing with your kids in kindness? Thank you from San Diego! 😘

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